Romanian Orthodox MEP candidate campaigns on anti-gay ticket

Iulian Capsali
Iulian Capsali

Iulian Capsali, a Romanian Orthodox priest, has gathered the necessary signatures to be registered as independent candidate for the European elections, the Romanian press reports. He presents himself as “the candidate of the Romanian family”, campaigning against abortion and against “homosexual culture”.

Capsali admits that the Orthodox Church has helped gathering 120, 000 signatures for his registration as an independent candidate. Romania is one of the seven EU countries where independent candidates are allowed to compete in European elections. These include also Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom.

In Romania, independent candidates for the European elections must provide at least 100, 000 signatures. Since 1979, there have been twelve European Parliament elections in which independent candidates have obtained over 2% of the vote. So far independent candidates have obtained an EP seat on 12 occasions. In Romania, the daughter of President Traian Băsescu was elected as an independent MEP in the last 2009 European elections, in what was seen by observers as a transfer of votes from her father’s party PDL to her list [read more].

Capsali, who lives in a three-bedroom apartment with his wife and his nine children, say he decided to be a candidate when a Protestant priest of Romanian origin from the USA, Peter Costea, announced his intention to run for MEP.

“When I saw that he is a candidate, I said to myself that an Orthodox country should have an Orthodox representative”, Capsali says, as quoted by the daily România liberă. Costea, too, is running on an independent ticket, and has claimed to be the richest Romanian candidate, with a personal fortune of €1.6 million which he earned as a lawyer in the USA.

Capsali says he has normal relations with Catholics, but not with Greek Catholics, which he says are “aggressive” against the Orthodox. He also says that he is not bothered by the fact that the Romanian Orthodox Church prohibits its priests from party policies, or electoral campaigning, adding that he relies on the Church to bring him votes.

Asked about his motivation, Capsali says that he wants to be an opponent in the European Parliament of those who contest the family, and named the socialists, the neo-Marxists and the Greens as detractors of the traditional family values. “Even Mr. Barroso has been a Maoist in his youth”, he said, referring to a well-known detail of the biography of the current Commission President.

The “homosexual ideology” leads to the destruction of the family at global level, Capsali says.

“They want to be given some rights at the expense of our rights, of the Christian families’ rights. The famous Lunacek report [Ulrike Lunacek is an Austrian Green MEP, author of the LGBT Roadmap report] says that a child at birth doesn’t have a clear identity. That it is something fluid. And that family, culture, the environment give the child its sexuality, which is a fallacy. They says boys should be wearing skirts”, Capsali says.

The Romanian Orthodox Church is by far the biggest religion in the 21 million person country, but it has so far stayed out of politics. Anti-gay feelings are also strongly rooted in Romanian society. Political pundits say that the attempt to send an Orthodox Church MEP to Strasbourg is in fact a test for the possibility to set up an Orthodox political party for the national elections in 2016.

In the European Parliament, there have been attempts to create some sort of “Orthodox unity” involving MEPs from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania, but not much has been achieved.

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The EP needs to have some kind of filter to ensure the clinically insane are not allowed into the parliament. Given his statements Capsali clearly falls into that category.

He "named the socialists, the neo-Marxists and the Greens as detractors of the traditional family values."
Examples? (oh let me guess - they support the idea of working women? - even those that have a family?)

The “homosexual ideology” leads to the destruction of the family at global level,
Since when has being "homosexual" been an ideology? - it is a sexual orientation (QED). How does a sexual orientation lead to the destruction of familes? It is no more likely than ... a tiddly wink orientation (it's a game) would lead to .... etc.

“They want to be given some rights at the expense of our rights, of the Christian families’ rights."
How have homosexuals gained rights at the expense of "Christian families"?

Capsali is more full of bullshit than a farm full of bulls.

Capsali - if you don 't like it in Europe why don't you bugger off to some other place you nasty nasty piece of work.

& for the record I am not homosexual, but have met such people - who for the most part seem like well adjusted people - unlike the odious Capsali.

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Next to priest are coming the bishops for more political failures...
We need economists and federalists and not a farm of bishops Meps explainin' us what is good and bad or the way to holy sky ...
Oh ..forgot ... Jesus Superstar ....where are we heading ?....

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The information in this article is false.

Julian Capsali no priest.
Shame it will not properly informed, and spread untruths!

Andrei's picture

False information. Capsali is NOT a priest.
This is not professional journalism, but cheap slander. Publishing wrong information, without any verification whatsoever, is called manipulating, not informing, the public.
Shame to EurActiv for resorting to such base methods and misinforming the readers. There is no excuse for disseminating lies. Who is the "source" that gave such blatantly wrong 'information'? Journalism must be objective and present truths, not spread fabricated rumours claiming they are "facts." Have editors of EurActiv ever heard of something called "deontology"? i.e. the responsibility to stick to facts and never distort truth? By allowing such deception to proliferate, EurActiv is only making itself a bad reputation as an unreliable source of information. Don't you realise everything is found out, how do you think you can get away with such gross untruths? Information travels fast, and this sort of biased "journalism" is exposed as an offensive and deeply disturbing symptom of media-lynching a candidate before even starting his campaign. And you speak of free press and right to free speech? Where are the democratic values of Europe? Aren't you ashamed to deceive the public like this? Unless you resort to censorship and delete this comment because truth bothers you - but then you will only confirm my point, that this is a totalitarian attempt to mute any inconvenient truth.

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@ Eugenia
You're ying here to mention here european anti democracy hpocrrisies without still to mention Capsali IS??
Your reactions ...hypocrites !

Needed to clarifiy ....

As i've informed myself :
Quote "Julian Capsali is running for European Parliament on a platform of eradicating gays"


"Once in office, he plans to somehow turn the European Union away from tolerating gays. Good luck with that, because there’s nothing gayer than a European"

"The unsettling part of all this is that Capsali might have a good shot at winning. Not only do most Romanians favor criminalizing homosexuality, but by some accounts he’s also super-wealthy. One news account says that he has a $2.2 million fortune to help him manipulate a lot of people into voting for him.

Oddly, though, another report says that he lives in a three-bedroom apartment with his wife and nine kids. Maybe he’s not rich after all? That same news report says that the candidate with the $2.2 million fortune is actually Peter Costea, an American Protestant priest and former lawyer who is also running for office. Whatever the case, Capsali is dangerous.

Fortunately, once he’s in office, there’s not a huge amount of damage he can do. There are 765 other members of European Parliament, and the conservative religious members have tried to form a formal alliance in the past but failed. He’s identified Socialists and Greens as his enemies, but they have a lot more support in Parliament than he does — so even if he makes it in, he could be out-gunned"

Wikipedia !? NOTHING


Non-STOP obsessed SEXUAL LIBIDO "PRIEST" (Priest when not priest) with a F*cking DOLLAR OWNER !
Guess , known that such people buy others !

Have a nice day