Wrap-up: EU 'Spitzenkandidaten' debate in Brussels

Europe's Spitzenkandidaten for the 2014 European elections [EurActiv/European Parliament]
Europe's Spitzenkandidaten for the 2014 European elections [EurActiv/European Parliament]

On Thursday evening (15 May), five contenders for the European Commission presidency faced each other in the 'Eurovision Debate' in Brussels. Review the debate and read up on the discussion as it happened, in our wrap-up below.


  • 28 April: 'First European Presidential Debate' at the Maastricht University, broadcasted by euronews
  • 29 April: 'Big Crunch' radio debate on euranet, at the EU Parliament in Brussels
  • 8 May: 'Duell' between Schulz and Juncker in Berlin, by ORF and ZDF
  • 9 May: 'The State of the Union' full debate in Florence, broadcasted on RaiNews24
  • 15 May: Date for a presidential debate in the EP in Brussels, organised by the EBU.
  • 20 May: 'Die Wahlarena' debate between Schulz and Juncker in Hamburg, on ARD
  • 22-25 May: Elections for the European Parliament in all 28 EU member states 
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Joe Thorpe's picture

Like it or not only a die hard Europhile will be watching it in the UK as it will be up against Emmerdale Farm & Coronation Street which are two of the biggest & longest running soaps on British television so the message will not be getting through to anyone that doesn't already have it.

evad666's picture

Glorious a debate of EU Commission Presidency Candidates, not really much use advertising it in retrospect is it.
Where was it advertized nationally?
The EU and its debates smacks of the communist trade union meetings when decisions are made after the workers have gone home to bed.
You would have to have been a die hard Europhile extremist to have picked up this debate.
Do I get communication from MEP's other than UKIP?No.
Do I get a say on Commission members?No.
Do I get a say on Commission Presidency Candidates? No.
Do I get a VOTE ON EVER CLOSER UNION? Only if I vote for it if I vote against I must vote continuously till I vote for it.
The whole mess seems very Kafkaesque.
Oh and do not get me going on the home grown pro eu parties with their EU conditioned political wonks.

evad666's picture

What a completely uninspiring debate, too little too late for me. The EU is like the dead Parrot in the Monty Python sketch guys it is a dead parrot.
Schulz and Verhofstadt in Parliamentary debates are supporters of the dead parrot.

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just in case anyone is still following this thread:-

It seems the pro EU Cartel political parties here in the UK
are feeling threatened as the UK moves back towards real democracy.

Remember the EU only pays lip service to democracy


and spends taxpayers money to silence opposition to EU excesses.