Wrap-up: Leaders choose Tusk, Mogherini at Summit

Jean-Claude Juncker with European heads of state [European Council]
Jean-Claude Juncker with European heads of state [European Council]

EU leaders gathered at the European Council in Brussels, on Saturday (30 August), to break the deadlock on EU top jobs and to respond to the escalating conflict in Eastern Ukraine. An overview of events, as they happened, is below.

The summit follows an earlier attempt on 16 July, to choose the EU's future leadership, when heads of state gathered in Brussels to discuss who could replace Herman Van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton. 

The July summit ended in a deadlock and Juncker asked heads of state to reconsider their stance over the summer. National leadership now returned to the table.

Main conclusions:

  • Donald Tusk, the Polish prime minister, will replace Herman Van Rompuy as European Council president;
  • Federica Mogherini, the young Italian minister of foreign affairs, will take on the role of High Representative, despite earlier criticism of her weak stance on Russia;
  • Leaders agree on a roadmap towards new sanctions against Russia, for its involvement in the Eastern Ukrainian conflict. 

An overview of EurActiv's live coverage at the summit:

Wrap-up: EU Summit on EU top jobs (with images, tweets) · euractiv on Storify

Wrap-up: EU Summit on EU top jobs (with images, tweets) · euractiv

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  • 22-25 May: EU elections in 28 member states
  • 27 June: First Summit meeting on EU top jobs. European Council nominated Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission president
  • 15 July: Parliament elected Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission president
  • 16 July: Second Summit meeting on EU top jobs
  • End July: Tentative deadline for member states to put forward their commissioner(s) name(s)
  • 30 August: Third EU Summit on EU top jobs
  • 9 or 10 September: Jean-Claude Juncker aims to present his team of EU Commissioners
  • September: Commissioners are scrutinised in individual hearings before Parliament committees
  • October: European Parliament votes to approve or reject new Commission College as a whole
  • 1 November: Target date for new Commission to take office
  • 30 November: End of mandate of Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council.


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So presumably your timeline will need to have a fourth EUCO summit to agree the nomination of the full commission? When do you think that will be?

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There is only one reason to appoint Moscovici:

Make everything collapse
in order to rebuild everything on new bases.

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Why has it become acceptable for politicians to use twitter in the dissemination of 'crucial' information? Am I the only one who thinks that gossip has no place on this table? Politicians' current task is to select those candidates whose personal, professional and academic (though the last one has obviously become immaterial in politics) qualifications would be suitable for a given portfolio. Not to keep us constantly posted on who has tied their shoes the wrong way! The average citizen hasn't even heard of Georgieva, Mogherini and Tusk, let alone care about which one of them is more likely to become President or Foreign Affairs rep...