Wrap-up: Leaders nominate Juncker - as it happened

Jean-Claude Juncker [Reuters]

On 26-27 June, EU leaders gathered in Ypres and in Brussels for a European Council meeting. On the agenda were strategic priorities for Europe in the next five years, who will lead the EU executive and more. Read up on recent events as we covered them, live.

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  • 26-27 June: EU summit expected to designate new EU Commission President
  • 1-3 July: First plenary session of the newly constituted European Parliament. Informal negotiations with EU heads of states
  • 14-17 July: Parliament votes to approve or reject Commission president nominee in Strasbourg plenary session
  • Summer: National leaders designate their commissioners to Brussels. New president distributes portfolios within his team of 28 commissioners
  • September: Each commissioner is scrutinised in individual hearings before Parliament committees
  • October: European Parliament votes to approve or reject new Commission College as a whole
  • 1 November: Target date for new Commission to take office
  • 1 November: End of mandate of Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council.
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