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Ingredient and Nutrition Information to Consumers: What role for alcoholic beverages?

Health & Consumers

Special Report
Health & Consumers 08-12-2016

MEP: Accessibility laws ‘benefit everyone’

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Accessibility Act has the potential to create new opportunities for European business but should avoid creating “barriers” to innovation, according to Helga Stevens.
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Digital 08-12-2016

Technology opening new doors for people with disabilities

SPECIAL REPORT / With almost 15% of the world’s population living with a disability, building a more inclusive society is a key priority.

The impact of REACH authorisation: Costs and benefits

REACH is the European Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.
Health & Consumers 20-10-2016

The carcinogenic substance in the food we eat

Big corporations want to leave a dangerous substance, acrylamide, in everyday foods such as bread, breakfast cereals, coffee, crisps and even baby food.
Health & Consumers 18-10-2016

Key highlights of the first EU Blood Cancer Policy Summit

A distinct lack of awareness means that blood cancers are not being treated as a priority health challenge at the EU level or by many national governments.
Health & Consumers 22-08-2016

Are young professionals ready to face demographic challenges – and recognize opportunities for health?

The European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) goes into its 19th edition this year. The topic: Demographics and Diversity in Europe – New Solutions for Health.
Health & Consumers 16-06-2016

Discover the European Cancer Patient Coalition

The ECPC is the largest cancer patients’ umbrella organisation, supporting and speaking up for all cancer patients across Europe.
Health & Consumers 14-06-2016

Why food and drink taxes don't work

Tax will not make people healthier.  Education, not tax, is the way to support people in eating balanced diets and leading healthy, active lifestyles.  Watch here to learn more.
Health & Consumers 23-05-2016

Creating a better future for health in Europe – Join the 19th EHFG!

There is more to demographic change than “only” ageing. At the #EHFG2016 we will discuss the full spectrum of what dynamics create a stir in Europe’s populations – and Europe’s healthcare systems.
Health & Consumers 21-04-2016

Hearing awareness: professional hearing care makes you smarter and healthier

Around 16% of adult Europeans experience hearing loss severe enough to have a negative impact on their daily lives.
Health & Consumers 08-02-2016

StandarDays: Your chance to discover European Standards

StandarDays is a two day information session aimed at newcomers to European standardization, as well as those who would like to understand the CEN and CENELEC systems better. StandarDays is organized twice each year.


Health and safety at work: Priorities and gender challenges

ETUI Senior Researcher Aida Ponce talks to ETUC Confederal Secretary Esther Lynch about the priorities and gender challenges that employees face at their workplace.
Health & Consumers 04-11-2015

The Use of Lead in Ammunition

110 delegates, including journalists, politicians, scientists, members of environmental institutions, hunting and sport shooting organizations and food agencies met at the Symposium “The Sustainable Use of Lead Ammunition in Hunting and Sports Shooting: Facts and Emotions” held on 20 October 2015 in Brussels.
Health & Consumers 22-10-2015

Health expert: EPODE methodology can reduce health inequities in Europe

In an interview with EurActiv at the September European Obesity Forum in Brussels, EPODE methodology founder Dr. Jean-Michel Borys stressed the importance of the implication of decision-makers at all levels in childhood obesity prevention.
Health & Consumers 22-10-2015

Childhood obesity prevention: coordinated approach gets results

2,1 billion people, or nearly 30% of the world’s population, are either obese or overweight, one in five of them being children. As costs for obesity related diseases (diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular conditions etc.) continue to rise, already representing 1% to 3% of the total health expenditure in most countries, governments and decision-makers should focus their efforts on prevention. 
Health & Consumers 05-10-2015

Cholesterol at the Heart of the Family

High cholesterol is not only the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet.
Health & Consumers 28-09-2015

Cardiovascular Disease in Europe

“Cholesterol is a global problem and a very big risk factor for cardiovascular disease. It causes half the heart attacks that happen,” says Jules Payne, Chief Executive at Heart UK.
Agriculture & Food 08-09-2015

'Beer Weekend' draws over 60,000 in Brussels

The 17th annual Belgian Beer Weekend in Brussels attracted over 60,000 visitors to the Grand Place on 4-6 September. Despite the rainy weather, the crowd gathered to taste over 350 beers from more than 40 breweries on the main square of Belgium's capital.
Health & Consumers 28-07-2015

McGuinness MEP: 'The high cost of poor cardiovascular health is enormous'

The EU should better coordinate research on cardivascular disease and take action on industrial trans fatty acids, says Mairead McGuinness.
Health & Consumers 22-07-2015

Securing Health in Europe: Balancing priorities, sharing responsibilities

Prof Helmut Brand, President of the International Forum Gastein, gives a short overview of what to expect from the European Health Forum Gastein 2015. Going into its 18th year, the Forum has grown to become the leading conference devoted to European health policy and was attended by almost 600 delegates in 2014, amongst them many senior decision-makers, including 15 Ministers, Secretaries of State and Director Generals. This year’s main theme is “Securing health in Europe. Balancing priorities, sharing responsibilities”.
Health & Consumers 10-04-2015

McKeown: Early diagnosis of FH is key

"The problem with FH has been that patients with the condition are often not diagnosed till later on in life," said Scott McKeown, Molecular Product Manager at Random Biosciences.
Health & Consumers 07-04-2015

Heart UK: FH patient groups need to unite to influence policy

"FH is starting to take off in certain European countries," said Jules Payne, Chief Executive of Heart UK.
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Health & Consumers 02-04-2015

Ingredient and Nutrition Information to Consumers: What role for alcoholic beverages?

SPECIAL REPORT / In 2011, the European Commission adopted a new regulation on the provision of food information to consumers.