Barroso son gets job with Bank of Portugal ‘without competition’


Luís Durão Barroso, son of Commission President is José Manuel Durão Barroso, has landed a top job at the struggling Bank of Portugal without competition, the Portuguese press writes.

Reportedly, the 31-year old formally was taken on without having to suffer the stress of an interview, as no other candidates were sought by Portugal's struggling central bank.

Young Barroso officially will join the staff of the Bank of Portugal in the Department of Prudential Supervision, under a 'contract without competition' as he had 'proven competence'.

Luís Barroso has a law degree, and a master's degree from the London School of Economics, and has completed two internships in law firms.

The daily Jornal de Negócios writes that the father “didn’t put a finger” in the appointment of young Barroso.

A commentator is quoted as saying that José Manuel Barroso is the “most cautious person on earth” and that he should be “sweating with worry” why this happens to him at the time when he is about to leave the Commission, as “if he has ambitions in Portugal, he would not be interested in complications of this kind”.

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Southron's picture

I denounce this news piece has biased, xenophobic and outright wrong (why did you tagged it under "corruption")?

Just because his father is who he is, the son now has "diseases" and is not worthy to be employed?

Institutions invite people whose CVs are interesting. A real debate is if the practice of inviting people without competition (done by many institutions, in many countries) is correct, or not.

Mike Parr's picture

Yer talking bollocks. The BoP is state owned - state owned institutions if they want to retain credibility need to have open processes for hiring people, particularly senior positions. This process was closed.

Personally, I'm not bothered - what the Portugese do with respect to hiring people is their own affair. But I'd bet you Euro1000 that there at least 20 people better qualified than matey for the job - and that had there been an open competition he would not have got the job & the only reason he got it is because of the old hypocrite & liar sitting in the Berlaymont.

I feel sorry for the people of Portugal - they deserve better than this shite - but as long as clientelism exists (who you know - not what you know) and it is rampant in Portugal, this is what happens.

Southron's picture

Actually, the BoP is an independent institution under the ECB.
I agree with you on the criticizing the process - but that is not what the newspiece does.

And clientelism being rampant in Portugal.. regretfully, its not different than in other countries (for example, the UK)

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"the profits made in 2012 represent an increase of 14.4 times compared with that recorded in 2011. In 2010 the Bank of Portugal made ​​a profit of € 198 million in 2009 to EUR 254 million in 2008 and EUR 349 million"

Those profits were paid to.. the Portugese state - its owner. BoP is a state owned institution. I'd also observe that it is practises clientelism then it's time for some proper reform.

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Hello, I invite anyone who hasn't lived in Portugal do do so for a while to see who it all works. Portugal has a parallel employment system called "jobs for the boys", clientelism as you referred. Only the well connected have access to it and the "boys" usually originate from socialist youth parties and their friends with no governing or management experience who make a living of scre*** over the citizens. I know this exist pretty much all over the world, but in Portugal its preposterous and is the main reason Portugal is in this current state. It should worry our creditors that there is so much corruption here but they're just interested in getting back their "investments" no matter what.
The appointment is corruption, as are the other hundreds of "appointments" to many other institutions.