Railways Archives

  • Italy’s high-speed train line under the Alps gathers pace

    News | Transport 10-04-2012

    It is a project of extravagant dimensions and it has been blocked for almost 20 years by a protest of epic tenacity and occasional violence.

  • Europe agrees core transport plan, funding elusive

    News | Transport 23-03-2012

    A €31.7-billion EU plan to streamline and integrate Europe’s segmented and rattling transport network into a cohesive whole was agreed by EU transport ministers in Brussels yesterday (22 March). Debate can now start over the most difficult issue, funding.

  • Airlines blast EU’s ‘blatant bias’ for railways

    News | Transport 18-11-2011

    The European Union should reconsider its “blatant bias” for costly high-speed rail networks and instead boost competitiveness and duplicate successful plane-train links, an airline trade association said yesterday (17 November).

  • EU pushes for standardised rail IT booking system

    News | Transport 06-05-2011

    The European Commission unveiled new rules on Thursday (5 May) intended to make it as easy for rail passengers to buy tickets and coordinate their travel plans as it is for air travellers.

  • Fitch casts doubt over EU project bonds rating

    News | Euro & Finance 28-04-2011

    EU plans to create a market for project bonds to cover the €2 trillion of investment needed to upgrade the bloc's infrastructure by the end of the decade have received a positive evaluation from credit rating agency Fitch, but are unlikely to secure a top rating.

  • Ash cloud prompts Parliament calls for better EU railways

    News | Transport 21-04-2010

    A volcanic ash cloud that has grounded flights across Europe has served to highlight the region's dependence on air travel and prompted calls for the European Union to develop a better and faster rail network.

  • Train crash: EU pleads not guilty

    News | Transport 17-02-2010

    A delay in forging new EU legislation cannot be blamed for Monday's train accident in Belgium as national railway lines remain a national competence, said Enrico Grillo-Pasquarelli, director of inland transport at the European Commission.

  • EU ‘wise men’ chief wants more rail, less road

    News | Transport 05-02-2010

    Rail is the perfect answer to respond to the challenge of greening passenger and freight transport, said Felipe González, chairman of the reflection group on the future of Europe beyond 2020.

  • Passenger rail traffic opens across Europe, theoretically

    News | Transport 07-01-2010

    As of 1 January, rail operators are in theory allowed to open international passenger rail routes in all EU countries, challenging powerful state-run companies such as France's SNCF and Germany's Deutsche Bahn. But few new service offers have been put on the table so far.

  • Carbon footprint of new TGV lines under scrutiny

    News | Transport 05-03-2009

    French railway network company RFF is currently developing a life-cycle assessment for the carbon footprint of high-speed lines. While the final study will not be published until June, it is already clear that most of their CO2 emissions are a result of deforestation related to the construction of new lines.

  • EU urged to remove barriers to competitive rail freight

    News | Transport 22-01-2009

    Major obstacles such as powerful state-run companies' tendency to overcharge operators for using infrastructure and the fact that EU 'priority corridor' projects are often built according to short-term national political interests are seriously hampering the development of a competitive European rail freight industry, stakeholders argued at a recent conference on the sector's future.

  • Commission outlines EU-wide rail freight corridor plan

    News | Transport 15-12-2008

    Railway stakeholders have welcomed European Commission plans to reduce rail freight transportation times, improve punctuality and help rail to compete with road transport. But they underlined that member states would need to show genuine political will for the proposals to be a success.