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  • Railways: ban on green tolls ‘absurd’ and ‘interventionist’

    Interview | Transport 07-07-2008

    EU rules must be revised to enable governments to make truck drivers pay for the full costs they impose on society and the environment, insisted Johannes Ludewig, the executive director of the railway association CER, in an interview with EURACTIV. But he fears strong opposition from member states and extreme time pressure will lead to an unambitious outcome.

  • Signals to stop in Germany and France

    News | Transport 15-11-2007

    As railroad workers fight for higher income and the preservation of special pension schemes, strikes paralysing French and German railway systems may have severe effects on the two countries' economies, employers' federations warn. 

  • EU gives green light to third railway package

    News | Transport 24-10-2007

    EU member states' approval of conciliation agreements on the third railway package on 23 October formally ended a legislative tug-of war on the issue between Council and Parliament which started in 2004.

  • EU seeks to shift freight to rail and shipping

    News | Transport 19-10-2007

    The Commission has presented plans aimed at making freight transport in the EU more efficient and sustainable, through improved logistics and by promoting a more frequent use of cleaner modes of transport such as rail and water transport.

  • Rail freight to get extra boost from Commission

    News | Transport 15-10-2007

    The Commission is set to present plans this week aimed at shifting freight transport operations from road to rail by creating a "genuine dedicated rail freight network", with improved journey times, reliability and capacity.

  • EU Parliament votes new rights for rail passengers

    News | Transport 26-09-2007

    Arduous negotiations on opening up European rail transport to competition and establishing minimum passenger rights neared an end as MEPs confirmed a compromise deal struck in June with the Council, which would allow passengers to be compensated financially for international train delays.

  • ‘Monster trucks’ spark controversy

    News | Transport 23-07-2007

    'Modular trucks', 25-metre long, 60 tonne vehicles, being tested across the EU for their capacity to carry larger volumes in fewer trips, have come in for sharp criticism from the rail industry, which accuses their manufacturers of pushing up road-transport demand unsustainably.

  • EU agrees to liberalise rail by 2010

    News | Transport 22-06-2007

    After nearly three years of arduous negotiations, Parliament and Council reached a breakthrough that will pave the way to opening up European rail transport markets and guaranteeing minimum passenger rights and train-driver skills. 

  • Parliament backs down on railway liberalisation

    News | Transport 19-01-2007

    MEPs have voted down a proposal to open up national railway networks to competition from other EU operators, folding under pressure from countries with powerful state-run companies.

  • EU railway rules ‘bad for commuters’

    News | Transport 09-01-2007

    Focusing on "glossy" international rail projects could hinder the development of suburban railways that are essential to tackle congestion and environmental problems in European cities, according to new research.

  • Parliament in push to further liberalise EU railways

    News | Transport 30-09-2005

    International passenger routes could be opened up to competition as early as 2008 and national ones as of 2012, if Parliament gets its way against a group of reluctant countries led by France.

  • EU-wide rail corridors on track

    News | Transport 18-03-2005

    Priority rail corridors are to be established across the EU within the next 10-12 years after major infrastructure managers, industry and the Commission agreed to develop an integrated traffic management system.