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  • EU ‘green transport’ plans to ignore CO2

    News | Transport 07-07-2008

    Despite the bloc's ambitious goal to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, Commission proposals due to be unveiled tomorrow (8 July) would effectively prohibit governments from including the cost of CO2 emitted by road transport in their toll tariffs.

  • MEP: Eurovignette proposals too tough on roads

    Interview | Transport 07-07-2008

    German MEP Georg Jarzembowski (EPP-ED) says Commission plans to green transport must also subject railways to "stringent measures", adding that the establishment of a voluntary framework rather than a mandatory scheme "just don't make sense".

  • Commission presents Marco Polo programme

    News | Transport 05-02-2002

    The European Commission officially launched the new Marco Polo Programme on Monday 4 February 2002. The programme will provide EU funding for projects that would shift the increase in international freight transport from congested roads to short sea shipping, rail, and inland waterway services.