Eurobarometer: Only half of Europeans say they have good working conditions

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Over half of Europeans (53%) say that working conditions are good, according to a new survey by Eurobarometer covering the 28 member states.

At the same time, almost 60% say their working conditions have deteriorated in the last 5 years. 27% say conditions have stayed the same, while 12% think they have improved. But 77% of the respondents still say that they are 'satisfied' with their current working conditions, though these have deteriorated in the last five years, according to almost 60% of the workers.

Working conditions were defined in the survey as working time, work organisation, health and safety at work, employee representation and relation with the employer.

The survey reveals wide disparities in worker satisfaction between member states. While 87% of the Danes say their working conditions are good, only 16% of Greeks say the same.

Among the countries where respondents are satisfied with their current working conditions, Denmark also came on top (94%), followed by the Austrians and Belgians (both at 90%) and the Finns (89%).

Greece is the only country where fewer than half of all working respondents said that they are satisfied with their current working conditions (38%), although satisfaction in Spain (53%), Romania and Croatia (both 60%) is also notably lower than the EU average of 77%.

The Eurobarometer survey also shows that people who are currently employed are much more likely to say working conditions in their country are good compared to people who are not currently working (61% and 46%, respectively). Employees are also more likely to say that working conditions in their country are good (64%) compared to self-employed (54%) and manual workers (52%).

26,571 people were interviewed for the Eurobarometer working condition survey.

  • Spring 2014: Commission might publish a strategy - or a policy framework -on health and safety

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In the last 5 years working condtion is really bad. In Spain this situation is even worst. I have lost my job like many other people. Why the current government don't say the truth? PP are a lier!