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sustainable consumption and production

Agriculture & Food 17-11-2015

Nestlé executive: ‘We are all facing risks of having supply challenges’

SPECIAL REPORT / Climate change is confronting the European food sector with an unprecedented risk related to supplies of agricultural raw materials, warns Pascal Gréverath.
Agriculture & Food 16-11-2015

Food sector looks beyond factory gates for deep CO2 cuts

SPECIAL REPORT / The European food and drink industry can boast a healthy track record in reducing its carbon footprint ahead of the COP21 conference, which opens in Paris later this month.
Sustainable Dev. 16-12-2014

The environment cannot be an afterthought to the economy

How do we communicate the need for fundamental change beyond this group of environmentalists, scientists and progressive businesses? asks Luc Bas.
Agriculture & Food 28-07-2014

Commission needs to comply with promised launch of sustainable food communication

The promised launch of the Communication on Sustainable Food by the European Commission, initially planned for 2013, has once again been postponed. This is a significant set back for the much-needed reevaluation of Europe’s food system, write a group of NGOs.
Sustainable Dev. 14-05-2014

Citizens not to blame for rising consumption, scholars say

Academics say there are limits to blaming European citizens for their high levels of consumption, arguing that a societal shift is necessary for the continent to achieve a sustainable ecological footprint.
Sustainable Dev. 13-12-2013

EU resource efficiency improves but trend remains ‘volatile’

The European Union generates €1.60 of economic value for each kilogramme of material consumed, compared to €1.34 a decade ago, but progress towards resource efficiency remains “volatile”, according to the EU’s statistics office.
Sustainable Dev. 19-11-2013

Europe puts spotlight on its waste problem

This weekend saw the beginning of the European Week for Waste Reduction, a move by EU regions to draw attention to the continent’s waste problem and some of the grassroots initiatives looking for a cure.
Agriculture & Food 10-09-2013

Healthy and green diets go hand in hand

Policy makers, business and industry are starting to wake up to the idea of supporting sustainable diets. Action is already late but we can still act now to show people a way to lead healthier lives in keeping with the planet’s abundance of natural resources, writes Tony Long.

Europeans 'confused by green claims': Survey

Some 80% of Europeans are concerned by the environmental impact of their purchases but only one-quarter say they “often” buy green products, reveals the latest EU opinion poll.
Health & Consumers 05-06-2013

Eat less meat for greater food security, British population urged

People in Britain should eat meat less often, in order to help ease the food crises in the developing world, an influential committee of MPs has urged.
Health & Consumers 17-05-2013

Europe's accidental promotion of black-market alcohol

As production and sales move underground, governments lose their ability to regulate, assess and control alcohol distribution. This can result in serious public health risks, especially for the poorest and heaviest drinkers, writes Marjana Martinic.
Energy 08-05-2013

How EU subsidies inflate biofuel prices

Public subsidies constitute a powerful market intervention that indirectly inflate biofuel prices, argues Chris Charles. Industry criticisms of the International Institute of Sustainable Development’s research on the subject fall wide of the mark, he writes.
Health & Consumers 11-04-2013

Brussels unveils green performance scheme for products

The European Commission has proposed EU-wide methods for companies to measure and communicate their ‘greenness’ and the environmental footprint of their products.
Agriculture & Food 23-01-2013

Swedish experts call for tax to tame appetite for meat

Swedish agricultural authorities are recommending a tax to reduce meat consumption and say such a levy should be adopted across the European Union.
UK & Europe 20-12-2012

Unilever R&D chief: 'Cut bureaucracy in EU research programmes'

The Dutch multinational Unilever wants to increase its participation in EU research programmes to develop the breakthrough environmental technologies. But for that to happen, the level of bureaucracy needs to be drastically reduced, says Dr. Hans Dröge, senior vice president for R&D operations at Unilever.
UK & Europe 20-12-2012

Unilever eyes EU research to halve its water, CO2 footprint

INTERVIEW / The Dutch multinational Unilever wants to boost its participation in EU research programmes to develop the breakthrough technologies it needs to cut the water use and CO2 emissions of its products by half – two of its key environmental objectives.
Health & Consumers 03-12-2012

French group launches green rating service for shoppers

A French organisation has launched a system which allows consumers to evaluate the health and environmental impact of the products they buy, by giving each item a ‘green’ rating.
Energy 22-10-2012

MEP Dialogue on Glass Packaging

The European Container Glass industry in Europe is an important contributor to the European economy and produces high quality container glass products for a global market. Europe is the biggest producer of container glass in the world. Glass packaging is a resource efficient and endlessly recyclable material which makes it the perfect packaging material in the context of sustainable consumption and production.
UK & Europe 01-10-2012

UK 'Green Deal' deal spurned by major retailers

Flagship environmental scheme fails to win support of big names amid criticism it is too complex and may disadvantage the poor.
Health & Consumers 16-08-2012

Changing consumer behaviour to sustainability

Concerns about the sustainability of natural resources are rising, prompting policymakers and companies to encourage consumers to think green. Labelling is one way of doing this, but consumer groups advise against confronting shoppers with too much information and warn that green claims aren't always independently verified.
UK & Europe 06-07-2012

Tory MP calls for personal carbon-trading scheme

SPECIAL REPORT / The chair of the British Parliament’s energy and climate change committee has called for the launch of a pilot personal carbon allowance (PCA) trading scheme, which could be based in his own constituency, and funded by the private sector and possibly the EU. 

Food waste, greening diets become EU policy goals

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission wants to help consumers cut food waste by making 'best before' and 'use by' dates clearer on the packaging. But measures to green up our diets will not stop here, with policymakers' attention turning to the entire food chain.
Agriculture & Food 04-07-2012

MEP: It's ethically unacceptable that we throw out so much food

Swedish MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt explains why she wants to introduce restaurant "doggy bags" in Europe, and what the EU can do to diminish food waste.
Health & Consumers 04-07-2012

EU wants carbon labels to do what they say on the tin

SPECIAL REPORT / A European Commission review of carbon dioxide labelling methodologies for commercial products, due later this year, is likely to propose a grading system similar to the EU energy consumption labels for products, goods and services, EurActiv has learned.