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Trade & Society 12-02-2016

France and EU trade policy – no longer the ‘non’ sayer

The persistent economic slump and a notable weakening of traditional French corporatism in the country under the onslaught of the digital revolution and the long-term effect of (limited but real) reforms in its various services sectors mean the discourse on trade in France is - finally - becoming more interesting, argues Iana Dreyer.
Elections 12-02-2016

Varoufakis’ new movement must answer tough questions, or fail

Yanis Varoufakis' call for “authentic democracy” in Europe bears potential contradictions. His new pan-European movement has to answer difficult questions if they want to be heard, writes Jasper Finkeldey.
Trade & Society 12-02-2016

Rhineland CDU accused of deceiving voters over TTIP

Julia Klöckner (CDU) has been accused of "intentional voter deception" and has been told to clarify her position on TTIP ahead of Germany's upcoming state elections. EurActiv Germany reports.
Trade & Society 04-02-2016

German judges oppose proposed TTIP courts

The German Association of Judges has come out against TTIP's proposed public investment courts. As a result, it has put itself on a collision course with the European Commission. EurActiv Germany reports.
Trade & Society 29-01-2016

Member states with long-standing US trade ties to gain the most from TTIP

EU countries which have established strong trade relationships with the US are likely to profit most from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. But the deal could also benefit those with more limited economic ties, if the Union deepens its internal market, a new study found.
Trade & Society 28-01-2016

Reding: TiSA is not about opening EU markets, but making others' less closed

The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is not about opening up European markets, but about making others' less closed for the sake of reciprocity, said MEP Viviane Reding, before the European Parliament is due to vote on a number of recommendations.
Trade & Society 28-01-2016

ISDS myths have to be addressed

The fate of TTIP and CETA are linked, due to the issue of investment protection. If the Commission demands a renegotiation of the chapter in CETA or continues along the path of asking for different measures in TTIP, then it will lose its credibility as a negotiator, writes Christofer Fjellner.
Health & Consumers 26-01-2016

EU trade chief tells consumers not to worry about TTIP

EU consumers should not be worried about safety standards for food and health being jeopardised by negotiators in the free-trade talks between the EU and the US, insisted Cecilia Malmström.
Trade & Society 25-01-2016

Keystone ISDS lawsuit highlights legal risks of EU trade deals

Energy company TransCanada is using the investment dispute settlement mechanism in its trade agreement with the US, to sue the American government over President Obama's decision to cancel the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline for environmental reasons.
Health & Consumers 21-01-2016

Consumer rights group launches petition to exclude cosmetics from TTIP

The Danish consumer rights organisation Forbrugerrådet Tænk wants to keep cosmetics regulation out of the Transatlantic free trade negotiations, saying it is worried that the EU will "sell out" its strict standards.
Trade & Society 19-01-2016

Investing in Europe’s future is a global challenge

Europe will gain most by working openly with both traditional developed partners and emerging economies. The Dutch Presidency priorities should ensure mutually open markets, so that Europe can benefit from our trading partners’ diversity and dynamism and use Europe’s own unique advantages as a multiplier, writes Dr David Landsman.
Trade & Society 18-01-2016

TTIP’s regulatory cooperation has already begun attacking democracy

The origins of EU-US proposals for "regulatory cooperation" show a process dominated by big business right from the start. The ongoing TTIP talks are seeking to enshrine and fortify a dangerous precedent, argue Kenneth Haar and Max Bank.
Trade & Society 15-01-2016

Athens says TTIP should be ratified by national parliaments

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) should be a “mixed” agreement and, therefore, be ratified by national institutions, according to Greece’s economy minister. EurActiv Greece reports.
Sustainable Dev. 13-01-2016

TTIP vs. WTO: Who sets global standards?

The EU and the US need to be aware that going it alone with TTIP comes at a high price: the initiative incentivises the formation of economic blocs, rather than the much vaunted shaping of globalisation, write Clara Weinhardt and Fabian Bohnenberger.
Trade & Society 13-01-2016

Time to toss out toxic investment chapters from trade deals

Multinational companies are already exploiting investor protection clauses in free trade agreements to 'chill' social and environmental regulations that threaten their bottom lines, writes Matt Langdon. The EU must heed the warning bells.
Digital 11-01-2016

EU and US divisions over data protection threaten agreement

Persistent disagreements between the United States and the European Union over the treatment of personal data threaten to undermine international standards. EurActiv France reports
Agriculture & Food 11-01-2016

TTIP: The downfall of EU agriculture?

EXCLUSIVE / A new study has concluded that TTIP threatens to completely change the way small and medium sized farms operate, through the use of more genetic engineering and more hormone-treated meat. EurActiv Germany reports.
Agriculture & Food 08-01-2016

Hogan warns UK farmers over Brexit

Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan raised the alarm on Thursday (7 January) over a possible Brexit, stressing that it would adversely impact British farmers.
Agriculture & Food 07-01-2016

TTIP: 'Reform' of investor dispute settlement clause not enough

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has been flawed from the beginning. It is evident from the process that we need a new direction for our trade policy, write Max Andersson and Rasmus Nordqvist.
Agriculture & Food 04-01-2016

EU farmers slam US over 'technical barriers' to trade

EXCLUSIVE / Lifting non-tariff barriers is the utmost priority in the transatlantic trade negotiations, particularly for the fruit and vegetable sector, said Copa-Cogeca, the association representing EU farmers.
Agriculture & Food 15-12-2015

US official: America's new food safety law 'flexible' for EU imports

The US and Europe have a great opportunity to step up their collaboration and provide leadership on global food safety, Michael R. Taylor said in an exclusive interview with EurActiv.

Naomi Klein: France took advantage of Paris terror attacks during COP21

Author and activist Naomi Klein has accused the French government of “taking advantage of people’s grief and fear” to ban climate change protests in Paris, after the terror attacks that killed 130 people in the capital.

Sigmar Gabriel hopes for decisive victory in leadership election

Refugees will dominate the three day meeting of the SPD in Berlin. Party leader Sigmar Gabriel is almost certainly going to be re-elected, but the nature of his victory will be all-important. EurActiv's partner Tagesspiegel reports.
Trade & Society 09-12-2015

A comprehensive EU-Canada trade deal can wait no longer

It has been six years since negotiations on a comprehensive economic trade deal between the EU and Canada began. Despite worries over TTIP and the Investor-State Dispute Settlement, it can wait no longer, contends Artis Pabriks.