‘Get out of EU,’ ex-French PM Rocard tells Britain

Former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard [Photo: Franceonu/ Caroline Fréchard]
Former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard [Franceonu/ Caroline Fréchard]

Former French Prime Minister and fervent EU advocate Michel Rocard accused Britain on Wednesday of having only joined the European Union to serve its commercial interests, telling it to leave before it caused further damage.

The comments by the 83-year-old Rocard came as Britain leads opposition to the bid of former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker to run the European Commission, a post for which he has backing from a number of EU members including Germany.

"Between you and us, the continental Europeans, there is a disagreement that is turning ugly," Rocard wrote in a commentary published in Le Monde newspaper.

"Europe is dying from it," he said.

The Socialist Rocard has been a backer of closer European integration since the bloc's founding in the decade after World War Two and spent 15 years as a member of European parliament after leaving French politics in 1997.

Britain - which joined the then European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973 after France's General Charles de Gaulle had resisted a previous attempt to enter the bloc - has long been accused by some of the zone's founder members of seeking to slow down European political union.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, under pressure from anti-EU hardliners in his party, has agreed to hold a referendum in 2017 on whether his country remains a member of the EU. In the interim he has said his aim is to renegotiate the terms of Britain's membership.

Cameron has publicly opposed the nomination of Juncker, whose European People's Party won European Parliament elections in May, as president of the bloc's executive arm. France said before the election that the leading candidate of whichever party won the vote should be put forward for the job.

Britain has dismissed a report in Germany's Der Spiegel magazine that Cameron threatened at an EU summit last week to bring forward a referendum on British membership of the EU if Juncker became Commission president.

But Rocard accused Cameron of "pretending" to want to leave the European Union and of provoking disorder in order to serve the interest of Britain's banks.

"So leave, then, before you destroy everything,” Rocard wrote. "There was a time when being British was synonymous with elegance. Let us rebuild Europe. Regain your elegance and you will regain our esteem."

  • May 2015: UK to hold general election
  • 2017: EU membership referendum proposed by David Cameron


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“Michel Rocard accused Britain on Wednesday of having only joined the European Union to serve its commercial interests” Those who were old enough to vote thought this is precisely what they were agreeing to. It seems Edward Heath lied to you as well as us.

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I thought I was voting for a process that would lead to a Federal Europe - it was one the cards then - for all to see.

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I am amongst the millions who have never had a chance to have any say on membership of the EU. Well done on knowing that membership of the EEC would lead to a federal Europe, although how you knew is a mystery to me when we it is a matter of historical record that the leaders of the time were saying -

“There will not be a blueprint for a Federal Europe" – Ted Heath 25/02/70 to House of Commons

"There is no danger of a single currency." – Ted Heath in leaflet to every house in 1975

“No important new policy can be decided in Brussels or anywhere else without the consent of a British Minister answerable to a British Government and British Parliament.” – Government EEC information leaflet to every household. No mention then of the QMV that then existed and has developed further.

In an age before the internet it was really easy for governments to restrict what people would know.

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@Michel Rocard
Far the greatest challenge the EU has faced and is facing is the single currency . How is the UK to blame for that?
@Mike Parr
I voted YES in the 1975 Referendum but I do not remember being aware of that. Mind you we in the UK have not been consistent. We are happy to take advantage of the Community Method and majority voting when it suits us.

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"We are happy to take advantage of the Community Method and majority voting when it suits us."

Like you, I had the opportunity to vote. Let's be honest though what we voted for, has over the years, changed beyond recognition. It is therefore a bit disingenuous to criticize the UK government for playing by the rules they find themselves bound by. I in no way blame the EU for this as it is all down to successive politicians and governments. Time to vote on this. The boil has to be lanced.

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Bravo Michel Rocard !! Très bien dit !!
Et vous avez complètement raison ! D'ailleurs Cameron l'a bien et belle prouvé par ses chantages si quelques intêrets européens ne leur correspond pas!
Monsieur Juncker a été elu par la majorité du Conseil!!

Anyway England will exit ! If it is now or in 2017 makes no difference at all!

Still the Track is and will be a United Europe but for this the Leaders have to agree TOGETHER by respecting the New rules and beginning to respect each other and the democracy of the E.U. Parliament and citizens !
It's amazing the whole union of citizens is watching the Council with some of them worth-truly acting blatantly like moron angry Kid cats .
That little bit indirect democracy under Scrutiny and Fire by E.U. Council !
It's sad ..
Some citizens now asks why they have elected for ! Me too .
Maybe we citizens need direct democracy and a real E.U. President to avoid such illness!
Again !Tony Blair had right !! Europe need a real President from us citizens elected !
Without a bit of federal Europe and democracy this kind of politics will blast into chimp chunks!

El Pluribus Unum

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We will organise a referendum to expel you from the EU.

Ukraine, England, Norway and Turkey will constitute the buffer zone.

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The UK is seen as using its weight and influence to alter the results of the election. The outcome is already known and the consequences of those results were widely discussed beforehand. To now want to change that outcome and promote someone into the position who was not even a candidate is just a bit rich coming from a country that would just as happily get out altogether. Is fine to pursue national interests on the national level, but when entering the EU parliament the MEPs are asked to put the EU interests foremost. Somehow both Cameron and the UK press seem not to understand this and are actively fighting against it.

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Too funny. The UK is doing all it can to extract imperial control, for it is still an empire. Then again, Rocard stating the UK sees the EU as only a commercial interest should look in the mirror. He states the problem with the EU in a slight way. We created an EU that is neoliberal, capitalistic and suborns democracy. Guys, thanks a lot.

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I remember well the lies we told about the eussr in the 1970's referendum, we were told it was a common market that would bring jobs and prosperity to the nation, we were not told about the federal plans, or the loss of our fishing industry or that Farmers would be hard hit. In fact we were told it was simply a trade agreement. Well I voted no to the eussr at the time, and I am still the same feelings, I'm sure those who voted yes, after we had already joined, only voted yes because they wanted to stick two fingers up to de gaul who had tried to keep us out after we rescued his nation in WW2. It was wrong then it has continued to be wrong and will be wrong for Britain in the long run to be part of this monstrosity.

an european's picture

You see now ...about the lies !
Seems merely You british people ARE arrogant liars !
See your Cameron who undemocratic PM he is ?
Full Fact and Evidence !

sd_london@yahoo.com's picture

How can a referendum take place on a matter which is understood by only a small minority? How many of the people in Britain will be able to explain what their vote is about -- what being a member of the EU brings as advantages and disadvantages? What will the difference be in economical, political, legal terms etc? Yes it all started as a trade union -- the idea being to entangle the interests of the various European nations to the point where they will find it difficult to go to war against each other. That was the main purpose -- and it's still there! Disband the EU and in the following 10-20 years there will be millions of deaths in horrible wars again...

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Quite right, why allow people to express a preference, when they will only get it wrong (according to some). When it comes to the electorate (the great unwashed) putting the elected elite in a difficult decision by getting it (in their opinion) wrong, it must be stopped. Democracy? Bah humbug! Anyone for a good old benign dictatorship?

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It would be helpful if UK newspapers were able to at least outline what the Eu does and the good points/bad points. This does not happen:
Murdoch: anti-EU taxdodger - owns a wide range of UK newspapers from the adult comic The Sun through to the Times. All have had an anti-Eu slant for years
Barclay brothers: anti-Eu tax dodgers: Daily Telegraph virulent anti-eu and anti-renewables
Rothermere: anti-Eu and tax dodger: Daily Mail anti-everything (and used to support the Nazis).

As you can see - a pattern: anti-eu and serial tax dodgers. These people help form the views of the Uk pop. Yes, the pop should have a vote - but this is a manipulated vote - manipulated by some highly odious people.

GeorgeMc's picture

You misss out the Guardian and Independent who are fairly pro and do tend to give good coverage. I do not buy national newspapers and refuse to pay to access online news. I am therefore Murdoch free.

You also miss out the BBC who are very pro (rabidly?) the EU. Being in receipt of EU funds they do make an effort to explain what it is all about. You should have a rummage around their web site sometime soon. It is very informative.

I would however, being a tad unwell today, agree with you that the facts be laid before the British people before any referendum. Then the
trouble starts, agreeing what is fact and what is fiction.

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I have said elsewhere that the process for selecting a president of the Commission was straightforward enough. The Council leaders will put forward a candidate for the EP to approve, as per the Treaty of Lisbon. It was only later that the EP and others, in another dreary attempt to try and introduce democracy, blathered on about the spitzenkandidaten as being the pool from which the president would come. I,for one, did not cast a vote aimed at any of the spitzenkandidaten as I do not have the slightest idea which group the party I voted would eventually sit in. Additionally, I think you will see that Merkel, who after all is the real power in Europe (this is not an anti - German dig, I very much like the country, people, culture, food, drink and I speak the language), has been a bit pissed off that the EP has been trying to hi-jack the process and foist their candidate on the electorate. Personally, I could not hope for a better president than Verhofstadt because if there are any doubts in the UK about whether to stay in or not, he will be the best advert for why we should leave. His desire for a US of E, just like Juncker, will not go down well with quite a few other countries, including Germany, France and many if not all of the northern European countries. Merkel would move heaven and earth to avoid the UK leaving the EU as it would leave her/Germany isolated and at the mercy of the southern Med countries who want German money and more centralisation.

evad666's picture

fc0 301048 details the extent of the treason perpetrated by consecutive British Governments.
Now we are faced with the consequences.
Isolated from our natural friends
Asset stripped of our profitable ideas and forced to subsidize french agriculture while being enslaved by German manufacturing.
Threatened by hostile foreign interests.

kakafouilla's picture

The purpose of CECA (ECSC), CED, CEE (EEC), EC, EU etc. Were always within a greater and ultimate project: a Federal United States of Europe. So indeed, politicians who sold entry into the Common Market as a mere trade agreement were probably lying. They had to, as the british people usually lack the maturity required to understand the benefits of such a revolution. On the other hand the english people had to be very naive to believe such efforts could be aiming only at grocery considerations.