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  • Strategic dialogue with Russia needed

    Global Europe 15-05-2008

    Despite the recent past being a "miserable time for political relations between Russia and both the EU and the US," the prospect of new leadership is expected to "transform the current state of affairs," writes Michael Emerson of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in a May 2008 paper.

  • Strategic aspects of EU-China commercial and monetary relations

    Global Europe 29-04-2008

    China's emergence as the world's third economic power has changed the "global chessboard" by adding a new tactical dimension of the Sino-European relationship, says an April study led by associate researcher at London's Royal Institute of International Affairs Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron for the Robert Schuman Foundation.

  • Olympics triggering human rights violations in China

    Sports 10-04-2008

    "The current wave of repression occurring in China is not in spite of the Olympic Games, but because of the Olympics," claims an April report from Amnesty International.

  • Where will Europe’s next champions come from?

    Innovation & Industry 20-03-2008

    The old-age of Europe’s big corporations and its lack of large 'young blood' companies are a key impediment to the bloc catching up with its main competitor, the United States, explains Nicolas Véron of the Brussels-based think tank Bruegel.

  • China & the EU: A common future

    Global Europe 18-01-2008

    China and the European Union have an "inescapable common future", with no alternative but to co-operate more closely for the sake of their peoples' well-being and prosperity as well as world peace and stability, writes Stanley Crossick on Blogactiv, quoting from his latest book "China-EU: A common future". 

  • The China ‘honeymoon’ is over

    Global Europe 29-11-2007

    With the 10th EU-China summit having taken place in Beijing on 28 November and after 15 years of rapidly and dramatically developing ties, there are numerous indications that new strains emerging in the relationship, writes David Shambaugh, the director of the China policy programme at George Washington University, in a commentary for the International Herald Tribune.

  • The challenges to China’s growth

    Trade & Society 27-11-2007

    Improvements in governance and environmental protection are among the most serious challenges to achieving sustainable development in China, writes Wing Thye Woo for the Center for Social and Economic Research in Warsaw.

  • Whither EU-China relations?

    Trade & Society 22-11-2007

    The EU-China relationship has entered a worrying period in terms of economic and political relations, writes Stanley Crossick on Blogactiv. 

  • Georgia: politics after revolution

    Global Europe 19-11-2007

    Georgia's problems are not due to short-term government maladministration, but are rooted in larger historical, institutional and geopolitical realities, writes Alexander Rondeli in this paper from the think tank Open Democracy.

  • A new deal with Russia

    Global Europe 14-11-2007

    The West and Russia should seek a new "grand bargain" to bridge their current differences, according to Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform (CER).

  • The reality behind China’s economic miracle

    Trade & Society 30-10-2007

    China's economic miracle is largely built on the liquidation of social and natural capital, argues Dale Jiajun Wen in a paper for the Society for International Development – adding that "the country can no longer ignore the problems created by export-oriented growth".

  • Europe’s external energy policy: The Russian dimension

    Med & South 26-10-2007

    Meeting the external challenge posed by Russia requires a major re-orientation of EU energy policy and a robust approach to security of supply, writes Dieter Helm in a 3 September paper.

  • Kosovo Serbs put their hopes in Putin’s Russia

    Global Europe 23-10-2007

    "Amidst signs of an emerging Putin personality cult among Kosovo Serbs, many locals doubt how far Russia would go to give them support", writes Igor Milic for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

  • EU-Russia relations: past, present and future

    Global Europe 23-10-2007

    In this paper from the Robert Schuman Foundation, Mark Entin considers the past, present and future of EU-Russia relations. Cooperation between the EU and Russia is not only necessary for the international balance, it is an imperative, he argues.

  • Climate change: a huge challenge for international diplomacy

    Development Policy 09-10-2007

    Establishing a new international climate change regime after the expiry of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012 "will only be possible if countries like China or India" are involved, writes Karl-Heinz Florenz MEP in the October newsletter of Parliament's climate change committee.

  • EU-Russia relations after the September proposal on energy liberalisation

    Med & South 20-09-2007

    A growing "crisis of confidence" threatens the Russian-European natural gas relationship but need not translate into a future supply "crisis", according to a new study by Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA).

  • Strains within Europe over Kosovo

    Global Europe 17-09-2007

    The United States and Russia's "tough and contradictory positions" over Kosovo may cause a policy split in the EU, leading to its "loss of credibility as a foreign policy player", warns Branka Trivic of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

  • Ideological clashes between Russia and Europe

    Med & South 14-09-2007

    The relationship between Russia and Europe reflects a "fundamental clash" between two "incompatible" political visions of the post-cold-war world, writes Ivan Krastev for Open Democracy.

  • The EU, China and the quest for a multilateral world

    Global Europe 05-09-2007

    The accelerated rise of the Chinese economy and the deepening of its relationship with the EU are likely to facilitate a change of forces in the international system and help promote the multipolarisation of international relations, argued panelists at a 2006 IFRI conference entitled "The EU, China and the quest for a multilateral world."

  • Russia’s ‘win-win’ situation in Kosovo

    Global Europe 05-09-2007

    By blocking Kosovo's independence, Russia affirms its world-power status, creates a gap between Serbia and the West and slows down the integration of south-east Europe into EU and NATO, argues Berat Buzhala.

  • Russia versus Georgia: a war of perceptions

    Global Europe 03-09-2007

    In this paper, Donald Rayfield examines Russia-Georgia relations with regard to the recent incident – Russian aircraft entering into Georgian territory in August 2007 - that heightened tensions between the two states. Georgia and Russia enjoy historically-close ties but their near rupture remains impossible to disavow, he argues.

  • Putin, Chechnya and Politkovskaya

    Global Europe 30-08-2007

    In this paper, Tanya Lokshina examines the possible motive for Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya's murder, claiming that there is no doubt that the killing was political.

  • Implications of Russia’s suspension of CFE Treaty

    Global Europe 03-08-2007

    Russia's suspension of its participation in the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) raises several questions about when a state can suspend its treaty obligations and the legal consequences of such actions, claims Duncan B. Hollis in a July article for the American Society of International Law (ASIL).

  • ‘The war and peace’ of EU-Russia relations

    Med & South 03-08-2007

    The Portuguese presidency will not be able to change the substance of relations between the EU and Russia in the next six months, says Elena Prokhova in an 11 July paper for the EU-Russia Centre. However, this period will represent the start of a much-needed period of reflection by both sides, she argues.