Strategic Projects


EurActiv has three major projects in process, reflecting the changing EU, in addition to normal editorial, geographic and web developments.


  • "EU Community": help develop the next era of policy-making. (see brochure)
    Under the current Treaty: better policy-making efficiency, building on great transparency gains in last 15 years. In Brussels and the capitals, the 'Community of EU Actors' could be supported by technology identifying relevant experts and key documents. This project is called 'EU Community'.

  • "Future EU": support the debate on differentiated integration. (see brochure)
    Further changes to the current set-up: defining different EU circles: a more integrated Eurozone, and other circles including the UK and candidates. Building on the current 'think tank phase', options should be clarified before the 2014 European selections, so that countries have clear mandates for ensuing negotiations. This project is 'Future EU'.

  • "European Parliament 2014 Elections": as part of a consortium, EurActiv is contributing media and policy insights to the communication strategy and campaign for the 2014 European elections. Several EurActiv network partners have also recently won projects to support debates and raise awareness around the European Parliament and the upcoming elections.

    Editorial content appearing in EurActiv's European Elections 2014 section is independently produced according to the EurActiv Editorial Mission statement.


    European Parliament video content featuring occasionally on and the EurActiv network is made available under a media partnership with EuroparlTV.

Accordingly, EurActiv is looking for a few strategic partners to support these major initiatives.


Supporting EU milestones creates a lasting impact

As in previous phases of strong European integration, certain organizations outside the Institutions can play a historic catalyst role. Fondation EurActiv, the media and a few strategic partners can belong to such a pioneer group for the 21st century. EurActiv will work with this selected group of corporates and foundations (sector exclusivity) on a 3-year project that provides recognition as an influential stakeholder in the debate, upstream of key decisions.


To obtain more information please contact:

  • David Mekkaoui, Director of Operations, EU Community - phone: +32.2.788.36.75 or by e-mail

  • Natalie Sarkic-Todd, Network and EU Projects Director, European Parliament - phone: +32.2.788.36.63 or by e-mail

  • Rick Zedník, CEO - phone: + or by e-mail

  • Christophe Leclercq, EurActiv Founder - phone: + or by e-mail


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