The Commission has published a study concluding that it is feasible to include aviation in the EU's CO2 emissions trading scheme. It says that the public widely accept the idea despite the fact that this would lead to a rise in ticket prices.

A public consultation on how to address the impact of the aviation sector on global warming was officially closed on 29 July.

The Commission says 82% of respondents "fully agreed" with the objective of including air transport in global efforts to mitigate global warming. Only 13% objected to a rise in the price of air tickets to achieve this aim.

Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said the results showed there is wide "understanding and acceptance that [reducing the impact of aviation on global warming] must happen even if it may lead to a modest rise in ticket prices".

study published with the results of the consultation concludes that is is feasible to include the aviation sector into the EU's CO2 emissions trading scheme (EU-ETS). 

"It would be legally possible for the EU to include these emissions in the scheme provided that all aircraft operators are treated in the same way, regardless of nationality," the Commission said in a statement.