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‘Unnecessary’ surgery weighs on EU healthcare costs

Topic: Active ageing

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Health & Consumers 07-11-2016

Study: Dementia healthcare services need to be redesigned

SPECIAL REPORT / People with dementia remain under-diagnosed and lack comprehensive and continuing health care, a report has found, urging policy-makers to focus on primary care services. reports from Copenhagen.
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Health & Consumers 03-11-2016

Alzheimer Europe chief: Holistic approach needed to tackle dementia

SPECIAL REPORT / Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia remain underdiagnosed in most European countries, Jean Georges told EurActiv.
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Health & Consumers 02-11-2016

Rising dementia numbers in EU causes alarm

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Union is stepping up efforts to combat dementia, but is being urged to do more, as 18.7 million EU citizens are expected to suffer from the illness by 2050.
Health & Consumers 02-11-2016

Is Europe ready for Alzheimer's?

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The European Union has launched a series of initiatives to support people living with Alzheimer's disease, a mental deterioration typically associated with old age that impairs memory, thinking and behaviour. EurActitv brings you the latest from the 26th Alzheimer Europe Conference in Copenhagen.
Health & Consumers 21-10-2016

Malta tops EU obesity rankings, Romania thinnest

Malta has the highest proportion of obese adults in Europe, according to EU figures released yesterday (20 October), while Romania is the least obese.

Europe must keep its promises to older people under the SDGs

Today, 928 million people are aged 60 and over – by 2050 that number will grow to 2 billion. An ageing worldwide demographic presents new challenges requiring our attention both close to home and further afield, writes Mairead McGuinness.
Health & Consumers 22-08-2016

Are young professionals ready to face demographic challenges – and recognize opportunities for health?

The European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) goes into its 19th edition this year. The topic: Demographics and Diversity in Europe – New Solutions for Health.
Health & Consumers 21-04-2016

Hearing awareness: professional hearing care makes you smarter and healthier

Around 16% of adult Europeans experience hearing loss severe enough to have a negative impact on their daily lives.
Health & Consumers 14-05-2014

Tackling age-related diseases through better prevention

In an attempt to address the challenges of ageing and demographic change in Europe, a group of MEPs has agreed to work together to bring disease prevention to the top of the European agenda on active and healthy ageing both at EU and national level.

Reframing the longevity and ageing

The problem of an ever ageing population is not unsolvable, especially if retirement is not an obligation. What may prove tricky is what measures to take to keep older people active, ambitions and hungry for achievement, writes Žiga Turk.

How to escape the intergenerational injustice trap in Europe's aging societies

Politicians are likely to be influenced by the electorate’s demographic power structures. With European societies aging rapidly, how are policy makers going to overcome this bias? Invest tax revenues in intergenerational measures and allow parents to cast proxy votes for their children, says Daniel Schraad-Tischler.
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Health & Consumers 24-10-2012

Blind Europeans divided by living standards, united by obstacles

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Research shows that living standards for the blind vary considerably across the European Union, but a uniformly ageing demographic and the challenges of modern technology afflict all people with visual impairments in the same way.
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UK & Europe 23-10-2012

Blind rights activist: 'In the UK, 66% of visually impaired are unemployed'

SPECIAL REPORT / There are huge variations in employment conditions for visually impaired Europeans, but those countries offering more modern solutions do not always provide the best chances, says Fred Reid.
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Sharp contrast in jobless levels for Europe’s blind

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT/Unemployment rates amongst the visually impaired in Europe are highest in Romania, at 90%, and lowest in Sweden, where it dips below 60%, findings of an ongoing EU-backed research project show.
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Health & Consumers 19-10-2012

Germany eyes implants for ageing population

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / With an ageing population and blindness on the rise, German ophthalmic experts are taking strides to find innovative solutions to the sight crisis looming over Europe with pioneering implant technology.

French population to match Germany's by 2055

The population of France is forecast to match that of Germany – currently the largest in Western Europe – by 2055, reports Carine Fourteau of Mediapart.
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Health & Consumers 09-03-2012

Austerity: Healthcare in hardship

SPECIAL REPORT / Healthcare budgets constitute one of the largest chunks of public expenditure throughout the EU, and the associated industry is considered one of Europe’s success stories. Europeans consider healthcare as one of the benchmarks that sets the continent apart in terms of quality of life from other nations. But the ageing demographic, and the shock of the financial crisis have brought the contrast between Europe’s ideals and reality sharply into focus.

EU tables pensions plan, but it is ‘not ambitious enough’

The European Commission’s proposals on pensions presented yesterday (16 February) by the EU employment and social affairs chief, László Andor, was met by a flurry of criticism.
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Health & Consumers 15-02-2012

The ageing demographic: Nothing to fear but fear itself

SPECIAL REPORT / Sweden's prime minister suggested recently that in future citizens might have to work until 75 before receiving pensions. Fears are widespread about the knock-on effects of the sharply ageing demographic in Europe. Leading demographer Andreas Edel argues that Europeans need to look on the bright side of a longer life.
Health & Consumers 16-01-2012

Poll: EU not worried about getting older, working longer

The numbers of working Europeans between 55 and 64 has leapt by 10% in the last decade, say statistics published today on the launch of the EU’s year of active and healthy ageing.
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Digital 06-12-2011

EU showcases digital innovation in healthcare

SPECIAL REPORT /   Digital technology is contributing to innovation in healthcare more than other sectors in Europe, but the EU remains cautious in its approach to international markets in the sector, delegates to the first European Innovation Convention heard yesterday (December 5).  
Health & Consumers 02-12-2011

Busoi MEP: Taking the pulse to save on healthcare costs

EU healthcare is under extreme financial pressure and important choices regarding the diseases on which we focus and the resources we allocate to their management need to be made, according to MEP Cristian Busoi. The Romanian liberal MEP has set up a new task force in the European Parliament this week to address the issue.
Health & Consumers 12-09-2011

'Unnecessary' surgery weighs on EU healthcare costs

As eurozone governments scramble to adopt austerity measures, new research shows that doctors prescribe too many drugs and too much surgery for their patients, hampering much-needed investment in cost-cutting healthcare innovations.