About: AIDS

Health 06-07-2016

Preventative drugs paving the way in fight against HIV

New drugs intended to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS were one of the stars of a medical conference held last year in Vancouver. This year’s edition will outline whether they are a viable treatment. EURACTIV’s partner El País – Planeta Futuro reports.

Health 16-06-2016

Madagascar’s AIDS epidemic rages on undetected

An AIDS epidemic is sweeping through Madagascar’s high-risk populations, including gay men and sex workers. But a low detection rate means the statistics do not match the reality. EURACTIV France reports.

Development Policy 20-05-2016

SDG progress hampered by insufficient mortality data

Life expectancy is at its highest in Europe and the average is globally rising at a significant rate except in Africa, according to new figures released by the World Health Organisation. But its work is being hurt by a lack of data to analyse. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Development Policy 26-04-2016

Corruption continues to hinder Global Fund’s work

The Global Fund has financed anti-malaria programmes in 100 countries since its foundation in 2002. However, there are flaws in the system and the spectre of corruption is ever present. EURACTIV’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.

Development Policy 19-12-2014

France cuts AIDS budget

Budgetary austerity and commitments to fight the Ebola epidemic have forced France to cut its contributions to UNITAID, the international organisation that provides access to AIDS treatments in poor countries. EURACTIV France reports

Development Policy 17-07-2013

As disease rates fall in Africa, EU urged to maintain health aid

African governments are spending more of their own money to combat the AIDS virus, malaria and other health plagues, but a senior global health official says progress in preventing infectious diseases could slow if the EU and other donors skimp on their aid.

Development Policy 09-04-2013

‘Difficult times’ in global fight against AIDS, TB and malaria

The organisation that finances the prevention and treatment of the AIDS virus and other global killers is urging top donors to provide an additional $15 billion (€11.5 billion) to fight infectious diseases over the next three years or risk reversing a decade of advances in care.

Development Policy 04-02-2013

Foreign aid for sexual health sparks hot budget debate

Conservatives opposed to using EU development aid to finance family planning services in poor nations have succeeded in recent years in reducing support for reproductive health services in poor nations, say health advocates who are now bracing for further cuts.

EU urged to fund research on ‘terrible triangle’ of disease

The European Commission is failing to pay its "fair share" in funding research into the main poverty-related killers HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, according to health NGOs.

Health 21-01-2008

SMEs called to join HIV/AIDS fight in Africa

A report by Business Action for Africa highlights the role the private sector plays in fighting HIV/AIDS in developing countries and urges for best practice to be shared more effectively in order to involve more companies, in particular SMEs, in the process.

Health 27-11-2007

Experts call for earlier HIV testing in Europe

Health experts and stakeholders at the 'HIV in Europe 2007' conference have called on EU states to step up early diagnosis in a drive to improve the lives of people living with HIV and reduce transmission of the disease.

Health 09-07-2007

Interview: HIV/AIDS ‘growing rapidly’ in EU border countries

The EU should be more concerned about the fast-growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in eastern Europe, says the executive director of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, who also warns about 'its very dangerous combination' with drug-resistant tuberculosis in those countries.

Health 01-06-2007

EU to emphasise need for solidarity in access to AIDS drugs

The EU-27 health ministers have signalled their intention to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry on access to anti-retroviral treatments at accessible prices, highlighting the need for solidarity with poorer nations.

Health 15-03-2007

Ministers invite media and business to join HIV/AIDS fight

Health ministers from Europe and neighbouring countries have invited the private sector, in particular the media, employers and pharmaceutical industry, to contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Health 13-03-2007

Ministers discuss EU’s HIV/AIDS prevention strategy

"As we are currently unable to heal AIDS, we have to focus our efforts on preventing infection," argued German Health Minister Ulla Schmidt at a ministerial conference on HIV/AIDS.

Public Affairs 01-12-2006

AIDS – remember me?

On the eve of the World AIDS Day, celebrated on 1 December, the Commission recognises the best European TV commercial aimed to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS.

Health 16-11-2006

AIDS on rise in Europe

The number of reported HIV cases in member states has doubled since 1998 and half of the new cases affect people aged 15-25. A Commission campaign aims to remind young people that HIV/AIDS is still prevalent.

Health 04-10-2006

Misconceptions on HIV/AIDS still high

The latest Eurobarometer on HIV/AIDS has shown that although levels of awareness regarding the epidemic are generally high, citizens from new member states are most likely to be misinformed on the issue.

Health 20-12-2005

Commission to promote safe sex

The Commission is concerned that prevention of HIV/AIDS has become less of a focus and is emphasising the importance of public private partnerships to tackle the disease.

Health 02-08-2005

Commission gives extra money to fight poverty-related diseases

The Commission has allocated an extra 58 million euro to fight three poverty-related diseases - HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Survey: Business do too little about the HIV/AIDS epidemic

A 2004 survey of business executives reveals that around
three-quarters of companies have no HIV/AIDS policy. Only in
countries where HIV prevalence hits the 20% mark do the
majority of companies establish policies.

Health 06-12-2004

HIV/AIDS tops Health Council’s agenda

Health ministers
will debate the EU’s strategy on HIV/AIDS, discuss a new proposal
on children’s medicines and exchange views on the proposal on
nutrition and health claims on food labels.

Health 24-11-2004

UN report: number of HIV sufferers reaches new high

The number of people living with HIV has reached
39.4 million people worldwide - with high increases
reported from EU's neighbouring Russia and Ukraine,
according to an annual AIDS report.

Health 16-09-2004

Ministers gather to discuss strategy to tackle HIV/AIDS

With the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the rise
particularly in the Baltics and Western Europe, health
ministers and scientists are due to meet in Vilnius to agree
action points to fight the scourge.