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Merkel triumphs as German Liberals fall

Topic: Alternative fuer Deutschland

Merkel calls for summit on refugee crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a special EU refugee summit on Tuesday (15 September), urging unity after an angry reaction to a suggestion by one of her ministers that states that did not take in their share of asylum seekers could face financial penalties.

AfD co-founder pondering new Eurosceptic party

Bernd Lucke, a founder of Alternative for Germany (AfD) is considering creating a new party with his association Weckruf 2015, after a dramatic shift right in the party. EurActiv Germany reports.
Elections 02-02-2015

Germany's AfD founder reclaims control of populist party

The founder of the upstart Alternative for Germany (AfD) strengthened his control of the far right party that has been stealing votes from Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives with a withering attack on his co-leaders.
Global Europe 22-01-2015

Berlin reacts to 2013 record immigration numbers

Germany’s latest immigration statistics show 1.23 million persons moved to Germany in 2013, a rate the country has not seen since 1993, causing Social Democrats and Greens to call for better regulation of immigration. EurActiv Germany reports.

Germany's right-wing populists join hands with anti-Islamist Pegida

After a joint meeting between representatives from the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the anti-Islamist Pegida movement, the two groups seem to have found common ground. EurActiv Germany reports.
Security 08-01-2015

German extremists say Paris attack shows Islamist threat

Anti-immigrant groups in Germany seized on Wednesday's deadly attack in Paris, with leaders of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and nationalist PEGIDA movement saying it showed the threat of Islamist violence.
Central Europe 05-01-2015

Turmoil in Eurosceptic AfD party could help Merkel

A battle for control of the German Eurosceptic upstart Alternative for Germany (AfD) exposed deep ideological rifts at the weekend within a party that has been stealing votes from Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.

AfD supporters lean towards xenophobia and fascism, research says

Germany’s middle-class is shifting rightwards, according to a study by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, finding Eurosceptic AfD’s followers in particular supporting right-wing extremist and chauvinist ways of thinking. EurActiv Germany reports.
Elections 24-09-2014

German Eurosceptics pose threat to weak eurozone states

A surge in popularity for a German Eurosceptic party could hit weaker eurozone countries' borrowing costs, rating agency Standard & Poor's said on Tuesday, as a poll put national support for Alternative for Germany (AfD) at a record high.
Elections 16-09-2014

Eurosceptic AfD wins double-digits in German regional elections

Germany’s Eurosceptic AfD party won handily in parliamentary elections in Brandenburg and Thuringia on Sunday (14 September), following successes in the European Parliament and Saxon elections. But other parties are appalled, with centre-right politicians calling for an urgent reassessment of how to deal with the party. EurActiv Germany reports.
Elections 03-09-2014

German Eurosceptic AfD chides Merkel after state surge (UPDATED)

Riding a wave of momentum after a strong showing in a regional election, Germany's new populist party said on Monday it was time for Chancellor Angela Merkel to wake up and accept it as a new conservative force in German politics. EurActiv Germany reports.
Global Europe 22-08-2014

Russia-Ukraine conflict divides Germany's Eurosceptics

Germany's Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) is polarised over the Ukraine conflict, with Russian criticism coming from the party's leader Bernd Lucke and Brandenburg's top AfD candidate Alexander Gauland threatening to withdraw from the upcoming regional elections. EurActiv Germany reports.
Energy 13-06-2014

Oettinger lashes out at ‘anti-European’ Ecodesign campaigns

EXCLUSIVE / Campaigns by politicians and press against EU energy saving consumer initiatives risk stirring anti-European sentiment and will not be taken lightly in Brussels, the energy commissioner Günther Oettinger has said in a letter to ministers at the energy council today (13 June), which EurActiv has seen.
UK & Europe 12-06-2014

German anti-Euro party joins Tories in EU Parliament

The ECR group in the European Parliament scoops up another seven seats, as news surfaced on Thursday that the German AfD party has been confirmed as a new member.
EU Elections 2014 28-05-2014

Germany's Eurosceptic AfD seeks allies after election success

The Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) is mingling with the British conservatives, searching for allies after securing 7 European Parliament seats in last Sunday's election, but such an alliance could put significant domestic pressure on Merkel's centre-right, experts say. EurActiv Germany reports.
EU Elections 2014 23-05-2014

German Left Party: ‘Eurosceptic AfD is our political opponent’

Germany's Left Party (Die Linke) calls for EU-wide referenda, criticises austerity policy and denounces bailouts for banks, sparking claims of significant overlap with the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD). The Left Party rejects these allegations. EurActiv Germany reports.
EU Elections 2014 15-05-2014

Schulz ahead of Juncker among German voters

According to a recent survey, considerably more Germans back Martin Schulz for the EU Commission presidency than Jean-Claude Juncker, while Alternative for Germany (AfD) reached a new high score: 7% of Germans said they would vote for the Eurosceptic party. EurActiv Germany reports.
EU Elections 2014 15-05-2014

Eurosceptic AfD under attack in Germany

Vandalised campaign posters, angry whistles during events, physical assaults on campaigners – the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) is increasingly victimised by "undemocratic attacks", says the party’s leader Bernd Lucke. EurActiv Germany reports.
EU Elections 2014 30-04-2014

Germany's anti-euro AfD: 'Hollande is doing nothing'

A candidate from the anti-euro Alternative for Germany (AfD) party sharply criticised French President Hollande, accusing the social democrat of “doing nothing” to turn the French economy around, as German competitiveness suffers under the "egalitarian" effects of euro zone bailout policies. EurActiv Germany reports.
EU Elections 2014 11-04-2014

German official: 2014 elections will create 'more colourful' Parliament

The new, central polling contact in each member state will help prevent double-voting in the 2014 European elections and the absence of the 3% threshold will result in a "more colourful" Parliament this time around, Germany's federal returning officer told in an exclusive interview.
Elections 23-09-2013

Merkel triumphs as German Liberals fall

Chancellor Angela Merkel posted a resounding victory in Germany's general election yesterday (22 September), while her coalition partner, the Liberal FDP, was ousted from parliament by not reaching the needed 5% threshold.