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Economic governance 14-03-2017

French economist: ‘German trade surplus responsible for eurozone inequity’

The economic imbalances of the eurozone are undermining citizens’ confidence in the European project. Cutting Germany’s trade surplus could help redress the balance, Jérôme Creel said in an interview with EURACTIV France.

Brexit 23-11-2016

Brexit slams brakes on British growth

Brexit will cause Britain's economic growth to slow sharply and blow a hole in government finances that will require it to borrow an extra £122 billion [€143 billion] over five years, a gloomy budget update revealed today (23 November).

Euro & Finance 09-11-2016

Italy and Spain: A tale of two deficits

While Italy has opted for a confrontational approach to clinch budget spending leeway from the European Commission, Spain is hoping that better-than-expected growth will placate EU demands.


Italy to seek new EU deal to keep economy on track

Italy is to seek a new deal with the European Union to allow it to kickstart its stalling economy with an expansionary 2017 budget, a government minister said on Saturday (13 June).

Digital 24-03-2016

Cash-strapped EU cybersecurity agency battles Greece to close expensive second office

The EU cybersecurity agency ENISA just won support from MEPs in a drawn-out battle with the Greek government over its costly division between two offices in Athens and Crete.

Euro & Finance 04-02-2016

Portugal bows to EU pressure to lower budget deficit

Portugal has agreed to lower its 2016 budget deficit and growth forecasts following pressure from the European Commission, a government official told AFP Wednesday (3 February). 

Euro & Finance 09-12-2015

Targeted spending and checks with performance-based budgeting

The EPP Group votes on a position paper in Prague this week on how to better spend and verify effectiveness with Performance-based Budgeting.

Euro & Finance 17-11-2015

Spain overtakes France as the eurozone’s problem child

France’s budget deficit is unlikely to fall below 3% of GDP by 2017. But the deterioration of Spain's public finances may save Paris the worst criticisms. EURACTIV France reports

Euro & Finance 06-11-2015

Germany set to face difficult financial year in 2016

Wolfgang Schäuble is hopeful that his country will be able to stay in the black for 2016, despite the current “uncertain environment”. EURACTIV’s partner Tagesspiegel reports.

Euro & Finance 13-10-2015

Commission calls on Rajoy to meet deficit targets before elections

The Spanish government is “somewhat optimistic” about its growth forecast for 2016. Therefore, Madrid should make additional efforts to meet its deficit targets for 2015, as well as next year, the European Commission said on Monday (12 October).

Richard Ashworth, UK MEP for the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR)
Euro & Finance 02-12-2014

EU spending needs an independent watchdog

You will not find many people in Brussels arguing that the EU's budgetary procedure works well. The latest collapse of talks between the parliament and council on the 2015 budget highlight the need for reform, writes Richard Ashworth.

Brexit 06-11-2014

EU may offer Britain installment plan for disputed bill

EU finance ministers are likely to let Britain pay a hefty new bill to Brussels in interest-free installments, but rule out any reduction in the surcharge, triggered by historic revisions to national income data, officials said on Wednesday (5 November).

[European People's Party/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 05-11-2014

New Commission casts doubt over French budget

Pierre Moscovici and Jyrki Katainen painted a picture of a weakened European economy yesterday. Their economic forecast for France is significantly less optimistic than that provided by the French government: they expect France to be the EU's most indebted member state in 2016. EURACTIV.fr reports

Euro & Finance 31-10-2014

Eurozone ‘a problem’ for the world economy

The eurozone is struggling to revive itself, and may slip into recession in the next two years, slowing down the global economic recovery, according to the French Economic Observatory (OFCE). EURACTIV.fr reports

Economy & Jobs 23-10-2014

Hollande on budget: “France will respect the rules but with maximum flexibility”

On his arrival at the December 2014 EU Summit, French President Francois Hollande said that France's priority is “growth.”

GAVI workers administer vaccines to children in Burundi. 2013 [Ken Opprann/Norad/Flickr]
Development Policy 12-09-2014

Germany’s 2015 budget leaves overseas aid ‘by the wayside’

The Bundestag's 2015 budget plan includes a €1.8 million increase in funds for development cooperation. However, civil society organisations are criticising the sum as being marginal, calling for a considerably larger increase. EURACTIV Germany reports.

A camp in Jordan hosts thousands of Syrian cross-border refugees. Al Mafraq, Jordan 2012 [United Nations Photo/Flickr]
Development Policy 20-08-2014

NGO warns Germany against cuts to Syria aid

The German aid organisation World Vision fears that newly-escalating conflicts threaten to overshadow growing need in Syria, following German government plans to spend less on humanitarian aid in the region. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Development Policy 05-12-2013

Rudischhauser: Development Assistance is a win-win situation for Europe

Klaus Rudishhauser is the Deputy Director General of DG DEVCO at the European Commission. At the 2014 EU Development Days, spoke to EURACTIV about the importance of development aid to Europe, the need for a sustainable development path, and EU funding.
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Economy & Jobs 05-12-2013

Hangout: EU budget under the grill

EPTV opened up the floor again to citizens from around Europe to exchange their views with MEP Isabelle Durant on the fairest and most effective distribution of EU funds.


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Euro & Finance 27-11-2013

Baffled by the EU Budget

How is the EU budget drawn up? Are we shelling out a fortune to fund it? How does it benefit Member States? EPTV sheds light on today's big budget questions.


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Health 21-11-2013

Health spending fell sharply during crisis: OECD

Between 2009 and 2011, health spending per capita fell in one out of three OECD countries, with those hardest hit by the crisis most affected, according to a new report by the influential Paris-based think tank, published today (21 November).

Trade & Society 16-10-2013

Paris and Brussels take first steps to coordinate budget

France has tried to find a common approach with the European Commission on budgetary issues at a meeting with several EU and national officials earlier this week in Paris, in preparation for next year's budget.

Graft costs EU states €323 billion, ‘three times’ earlier estimates

Corruption is costing EU countries €323 billion annually, says a new report, defying Europe's image as a global front-runner in the fight against graft.

Economy & Jobs 08-04-2013

EU warns Portugal to stick to fiscal targets after court ruling

Brussels has warned Portugal to stick to the bailout austerity measures agreed in 2011 or risk losing further financial hep.
The warning came following a decision by the Portuguese constitutional court to reject a set of unpopular public spending cuts aimed at reducing the country's deficit.
In a televised speech on Sunday, Portugal's prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho described the country's economic situation as a 'national emergency' and pled to follow the terms agreed with international lenders.