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Can the (new) CAP deliver on sustainability?

Topic: CAP reform

Agriculture & Food 16-06-2016

CAP: Still a work in progress

In June 2013, politicians approved the first major reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in a decade, following months of haggling over quotas, subsidies and measures to improve environmental accountability.
Agriculture & Food 19-05-2016

MEPs call for a complete rethink of the CAP

A group of MEPs have called on the EU to adopt a new agricultural strategy that puts agriculture at the heart of European society and responds to the strategic challenges of the 21st century. EurActiv France reports.
Agriculture & Food 13-04-2016

MEPs tell Hogan aid package to tackle farming crisis not working

The European Commission’s aid package to help farmers cope with Russian sanctions on EU food products, falling prices and high costs is not effective, MEPs told agriculture policy chief Phil Hogan on Tuesday (12 April).
Agriculture & Food 11-04-2016

MEP Huitema: EU should use CAP to reduce dependence on farm subsidies

The EU's Common Agricultural Policy should focus on investments to become more competitive in the global market and get less dependent on subsidies, MEP Jan Huitema told in an interview.
UK & Europe 05-04-2016

British farmer fears losing Brussels lifeline

George Eustice, Britain's agriculture minister, has promised farmers will continue to receive support after Brexit. But there are no certainties about the future if the UK leaves the European Union and its prized subsidy system.
Agriculture & Food 21-03-2016

Organic farming in the EU

Today, organic farming plays an increasingly bigger role on the world’s agricultural stage. In the European Union, the use of organic agricultural land has almost doubled in recent years.
Agriculture & Food 15-03-2016

EU backs milk production cuts to tackle low prices

The European Union voiced support on Monday (14 March) for temporary cuts in milk production by farmers in member states in a bid to reverse the plunge in prices that has shaken the dairy industry.
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Agriculture & Food 11-03-2016

Wages and land ownership block young Slovaks’ return to farming

SPECIAL REPORT / A number of factors ranging from low salaries to difficulties in acquiring land have prevented young Slovaks from access to rural areas. EurActiv Slovakia reports.
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Agriculture & Food 11-03-2016

Romania wants to boost consumer confidence in organics

SPECIAL REPORT / The Bucharest government wants to give organic farming a boost and - at the same time - increase consumers’ confidence in the sector. EurActiv Romania reports.
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Agriculture & Food 11-03-2016

Rural development in Poland will focus on smallholders’ poverty

SPECIAL REPORT / Warsaw will use the EU’s Rural Development Programme to improve the standard of living of “poor” smallholders. EurActiv Poland reports.
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Agriculture & Food 11-03-2016

Greek agriculture minister: EU must change stance on trade agreements

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Union should change its negotiation tactics regarding trade agreements with third countries and better defend member states, Greek Minister of Agricultural Development Evangelos Apostolou told EurActiv Greece in an exclusive interview.
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Agriculture & Food 10-03-2016

Czech farmers take the slow lane to renewable energies

SPECIAL REPORT / Turning to eco-friendly farming practices under the EU’s new Rural Development Programme may be challenging for the Czech Republic, where renewable energies have a bad reputation. reports.
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Agriculture & Food 09-03-2016

Rural development policy 'victim' of conservative Greek farmers

SPECIAL REPORT / A reluctance to innovate among ageing Greek farmers will be a key challenge for implementing EU rural development programmes there under the new Common Agricultural Policy, EurActiv Greece reports.
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Agriculture & Food 08-03-2016

Hogan: Trade deals have not harmed European agriculture

SPECIAL REPORT / Opening up to new markets in Asia and Africa has helped the EU become a net exporter of agricultural products, Phil Hogan told, responding to criticism of trade deals.
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Agriculture & Food 07-03-2016

How EU rural development money is actually being spent

SPECIAL REPORT / Ensuring the long-term viability of the farming sector is a key challenge for Central and Eastern European countries. The EurActiv network looks at how EU money is being spent in five key countries — Greece, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Agriculture & Food 27-02-2016

Scuffle at Paris farm show signals tense EU talks ahead

French President François Hollande was met with jeers from angry farmers at the start of the annual Paris agricultural show on Saturday (27 February), pushing the issue on the agenda of an EU leaders meeting next week.
Agriculture & Food 26-02-2016

Debate: The future of organic agriculture in the EU

Organic plays an increasing role in EU agriculture. There's also an ongoing trialogue negotiation on organic regulation review among the Parliament, Commission and the Member States.
Agriculture & Food 25-02-2016

Commission says ready to back help for livestock farmers

The EU's agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan said on Thursday (25 February) he was ready to work with France to take further steps to help struggling livestock farmers after weeks of protests by farmers over low prices in the European Union's biggest agricultural economy.
Agriculture & Food 23-02-2016

INFOGRAPHIC: EU agricultural emissions: On the table

In 2012, agriculture was responsible for over 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. Meat production is a significant factor.
Agriculture & Food 06-11-2015

The new CAP: Stories from the ground

Keep up to date on the latest developments of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with our rolling coverage.
Agriculture & Food 19-10-2015

Innovation - Feeding the world

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The world population is increasing and the new Common Agricultural Policy should adjust to future nutritional needs.
Agriculture & Food 21-09-2015

Can the (new) CAP deliver on sustainability?

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The “greening” of direct payments, a crucial element of the Common Agricultural Policy reforms, came into force at the beginning of the year, but it is still a divisive topic.