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Alcohol 19-06-2017

Weighing the tradeoffs of joy versus long term health

Consumers make hundreds of choices every day, some of  which imply weighing the tradeoffs of joy versus long term health. These are highly subjective decisions, and in a free society adult consumers should have the right to make these choices and not have them dictated to them by public health tsars, writes Fred Roeder.

Digital 03-03-2016

Member states swipe left: Tinder has (court) date in EU countries

Consumer organisations in three EU countries lodged complaints against US-based dating app Tinder today (3 March) for its restrictive user contracts.

Alcohol 02-04-2015

Ingredient and Nutrition Information to Consumers: What role for alcoholic beverages?

In 2011, the European Commission adopted a new regulation on the provision of food information to consumers.

Health 19-06-2014

Parliament frets about Eurosceptic attack on consumer rights

MEPs from the European Parliament's outgoing Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee have expressed concern about the poisonous role that Eurosceptic groups could play in consumer legislation during the upcoming five-year legislature.

Euro & Finance 06-06-2014

EU court ruling to prompt consumer damages claims against cartels

Companies found guilty of taking part in cartels are likely to face more damages lawsuits from victims after Europe's top court said that cartel members could be found liable for price rises initiated by rival businesses outside the cartel.

Transport 23-01-2014

Access to data and your car

Vehicles already have the capability to track information on their own. Very soon, they will be able to transmit that data over secured networks, for instance, in the event of a breakdown. This can ensure a faster, better equipped and more effective response. However, there are also concerns about data protection. Learn more about the rights consumers deserve when it comes to access to data with their cars.
Learn more at: http://www.fia.com/

Health 02-07-2013

Patient groups: Safety first in new medical devices regulation

SPECIAL REPORT / Recent health scandals involving faulty breast implants and toxic replacement hips have illustrated the need to strengthen safety checks on medical devices in the EU, according to patient groups. A new EU regulation currently in the works must rectify this by putting patient safety first, they argue.

Health 13-03-2013

Parliament agrees rules to settle consumer disputes out-of-court

The European Parliament has approved out-of-court systems for dealing with consumer complaints, in a drive to save some €22.5 billion by reducing the number of lengthy court actions.

Competition 30-11-2011

Commission seeks stronger consumer complaints process

The European Commission unveiled proposals yesterday (29 November) intended to make it easier for consumers who shop anywhere in the EU – including online – to file complaints against manufacturers without going to court.

Transport 23-11-2011

Pressure grows to revamp air passenger rights

Airlines are pressing the European Commission to revamp the 6-year-old rules on passenger rights that guarantee compensation for flight cancellations and delays that typically soar during the chaotic winter travel season.

Health 12-10-2011

Sales law ‘answer to the crisis’: Reding

A new law on cross-border sales, due to be unveiled today (12 October), can help dig the EU out of the economic crisis, according to the Commissioner who will present it. Meanwhile business groups ralliy against the proposal, claiming it will hinder, not help small companies. 

Brexit 10-10-2011

Commission to test ’28th-regime’ for online sales law

The European Commission has reached the limits of what ‘full harmonisation’ of rules in the single market can achieve, and will test the waters with a "28th-regime" for its new sales law contract proposal this week, according to the EU's Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding.

Health 27-06-2011

SMEs balk at new Consumer Rights Directive

Consumer groups are broadly satisfied with new consumer rights legislation in Europe, but SMEs fear the law will increase administrative burdens on small traders. Governments have two years to implement the EU's new Consumer Rights Directive after years of negotiations concluded with its passing into law last week by the European Parliament.  

Health 20-06-2011

Parliament set to pass new consumer rights bill into law

Consumers and businesses alike should reap the benefits of new consumer rights legislation in Europe, with years of negotiations set to conclude with the approval by the European Parliament on Thursday (23 June) of the EU's Consumer Rights Directive.  

Health 09-06-2011

EU closes in on contract law for consumers, SMEs

A common European contract law yesterday (8 June) came one step closer to reality after MEPs backed proposals by the European Commission to establish an optional EU-wide system. But consumer groups warned that such a scheme would do little to boost cross-border trade and only add to the confusion faced by businesses and shoppers alike. 

Health 08-06-2011

Brussels secures consumer rights breakthrough

Representatives of all three EU institutions have reached a provisional agreement on the bloc's Consumer Rights Directive after hours of negotiations, paving the way for the draft legislation to be voted into law later this month. 

Health 14-04-2011

The battle for EU consumer rights

The EU's new Consumer Rights Directive is designed to drag consumer rights legislation into the 21st Century by creating legal certainty for businesses and better protecting online shoppers in particular. But EU policymakers are currently at loggerheads over the scope of the draft law. 

Health 25-03-2011

EU consumer rights battle set to continue

An updated version of the EU’s Consumer Rights Directive was approved by the European Parliament yesterday (24 March), but MEPs postponed adopting a final position on the new law to buy themselves more time to reach agreement with member states on the most controversial issues. 

Health 02-02-2011

Parliament battles over consumer rights

An updated version of the EU's Consumer Rights Directive was approved by the European Parliament's internal market committee yesterday (1 February). But socialist MEPs rejected the text and accused their centre-right colleagues of "selling off" the rights of European consumers, suggesting that further battles lie ahead before the legislation becomes law.  

Health 26-01-2011

Online sales divides MEPs ahead of consumer rights vote

Consumer groups have warned of missed opportunities in the EU's draft Consumer Rights Directive ahead of a crucial vote on the legislation in the European Parliament next week (1 February), which sees MEPs split over its direction.  

Health 13-12-2010

Belgian Presidency paves way for consumer rights deal

Ministers meeting at an EU Competitiveness Council last week backed compromise proposals tabled by the Belgian EU Presidency aimed at drawing up "common consumer rights" across the European Union and bringing together existing EU legislation into a single Consumer Rights Directive.

Health 22-09-2010

Reding ditches plans for US-style consumer lawsuits

Consumer groups have expressed dismay following Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding's announcement that plans for an EU "collective redress" system are now off the agenda.

Energy 08-09-2010

EU to define ‘vulnerable’ energy customers

The EU is set to draft a definition of energy poverty in a bid to put consumers on the bloc's energy policy agenda.

Health 28-06-2010

MEPs divided over Consumer Rights Directive

Members of the European Parliament's internal market and consumer protection committee (IMCO) have voiced their differences in approach to draft EU proposals aimed at safeguarding consumer rights across the European Union.