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EU to launch ‘military eBay’ for defence equipment

Topic: defence policy

Global Europe 30-03-2016

US to step up NATO presence in wake of 'aggressive Russia'

The United States will step up its troop presence in eastern Europe in response to "an aggressive Russia," with continuous rotations of an additional armored brigade beginning in early 2017, the US military said Wednesday (30 March).
Security 19-06-2015

Solana: A wake-up call for a European Defence Union

After years of focusing on the economic crisis, the European Union should become aware again that it also has other responsibilities, says former EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in an interview with EurActiv Germany.
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Transport 19-06-2015

Trouble on Europe’s flanks lifts interest in drones and military aircraft

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / A possible Greek exit from the eurozone, on-going tension with Russia, and a refugee crisis that is causing widening conflicts within the European Union. Added together they could become today’s Waterloo. Yet for the aviation industry participating in the biennial Paris Air Show this week, there is opportunity in these difficulties.
Transport 19-05-2015

Italy, France, Germany sign European drone project

Italy, France and Germany agreed on Monday to develop a European drone programme for reconnaissance and surveillance, seeking to inject momentum into a proposal first considered in 2013 to reduce reliance on U.S. and Israeli technology.
Global Europe 09-03-2015

Commission quizzed over EU army

The European Commission today (9 March) fielded questions after the executive's president, Jean-Claude Juncker said an EU army would eventually be needed for the bloc to be taken seriously.
Digital 05-09-2014

NATO agrees cyber attack could trigger military response

NATO leaders agreed on Friday that a large-scale cyber attack on a member country could be considered an attack on the entire US-led alliance, potentially triggering a military response.
Global Europe 03-07-2014

German defence minister backs 'European armed drone'

Procurement of so-called fighter drones to protect German armed forces remains controversial, but Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen has finally disclosed her plans for the aircraft: The German military should receive drones, she said, but these can only be deployed with parliamentary approval. EurActiv Germany reports.
Global Europe 15-05-2014

French warships should go to Europe, not to Russia

France is confronted with a dilemma: Its arms deal with Russia jeopardizes Europe’s security. At the same time, the deal is crucial for its own arms industry. The EU could help out by buying the ships, write Claudia Major and Christian Mölling.
Global Europe 03-02-2014

Germany weighs pros and cons of more robust defence policy

Germany's US and European allies welcome Berlin's promise of a more robust foreign and security policy, but with no appetite at home for troops to fight, it may mean little more than extra logistical help and tougher rhetoric.
Global Europe 10-01-2014

Lacklustre EU summit did little to spur defence and security momentum

EU leaders have missed a key opportunity to bring new momentum to common security and defence policy (CSDP) at their December EU summit. National prerogatives still prevail in key areas, preventing the EU from making bold strides forward, writes Lisa Watanabe. 
Development Policy 19-12-2013

Central African Republic failures loom large over EU defence summit

The conflict in the Central African Republic could have presented an opportunity for governments to pool defence resources but the issue has hardly been raised at the EU level. Leaders are meeting in Brussels today (19 December) to discuss defence and security.

Seven countries join forces to build a European drone

France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Spain have signed an agreement on Tuesday (19 November) to build an unmanned aircraft by 2020 and challenge the dominance of the United States and Israel on a market seen as strategic.
Trade & Society 20-11-2013

Seven countries join forces to build a European drone

France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Spain have signed an agreement on Tuesday (19 November) to build an unmanned aircraft by 2020 and challenge the dominance of the United States and Israel on a market seen as strategic.
Security 18-11-2013

EU ministers discuss deployment of drones

European foreign and defence ministers will discuss how to deploy drones for civilian operations, ranging from disaster prevention to deterring human traffickers on the EU's borders, in a two-day meeting that opens in Brussels today (18 November) .
Global Europe 04-10-2013

Vimont: EU shouldn’t underestimate its soft power

Despite the EU’s difficulties to get its voice heard on the Syria crisis, Pierre Vimont argues that the 28-country bloc should not underestimate its soft power footprint: “I don’t pretend that we’re doing as much as we’d like, but we’re as active as possible, at least in our neighbourhood.”
Global Europe 04-10-2013

Top foreign policy official defends EU response to Arab Spring

Despite lacking a power broker capability, Europe should be proud of its diplomatic achievements in response to the Arab Spring, European External Action Service Secretary General Pierre Vimont told EurActiv in an interview.
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defence policy 06-09-2013

Southern countries push for common EU defence policy

SPECIAL REPORT / Spain, Portugal and Italy have jointly proposed to pool resources for defence spending, seeing more coordination in the military sector as an answer to the economic difficulties the European Union is facing. EurActiv Italy reports.
Global Europe 03-09-2013

NATO Chief calls for 'firm international response' to chemical attack in Syria

As UN figures have revealed that over 2 million people have fled their homes in Syria, Nato's political chief on Monday called for a strong 'international response' to the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict. Rassmussen said in Brussels that he also believes the Syrian government is behind the chemical weapons attack that took place earlier in August in the outskirts of Damascus, killing over 1000 people.
Trade & Society 03-09-2013

Nato chief calls for closer European cooperation on defence

Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has called on European countries to step up cooperation on defence yesterday (2 September), arguing in favour of moves towards a borderless EU defence market and intensified integration on military matters.
Trade & Society 24-07-2013

Barnier urges Europeans to build their own drones

In proposals aimed at relaunching cooperation on defence production, to be unveiled today (24 July), the EU’s commissioner for the internal market, Michel Barnier, urges Europe to shake off its dependency on Israel and the United States for pilotless military aircraft known as drones.
EU Priorities 2020 01-07-2013

Grybauskait?: Lithuania aims for a 'trustworthy' presidency

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite says her country's first time at the helm of the EU will be "a presidency you can rely on. We will deliver what we promise to deliver,” she tells EurActiv in an exclusive interview. Lithuania succeeds Ireland on Monday (1 July) in the six-month presidency.
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Transport 19-06-2013

Public concern may turn volume down on military jets

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Though civilian airlines are pressing for quieter, more efficient aircraft, noise output is low on the list of priorities for the sector’s military wing, but there are indications that may be changing.
Central Europe 08-03-2013

Visegrad countries to form joint military force

  The Visegrad countries - the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia - have agreed to form a joint military force that should be operational by 2016. EurActiv Poland reports.
Digital 16-11-2012

EU to launch 'military eBay' for defence equipment

Cash-strapped European Union countries, trying to get the most value out of shrinking defence budgets, will soon be able to sell or swap surplus tanks or fighter jets on a new eBay-style electronic marketplace.