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Energy efficiency: what role for chemicals in reducing greenhouse emissions?

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Energy 12-05-2016

Ensure energy directives lead to real and effective energy savings

Substantial parts of EU energy legislation are being reviewed this year, aiming to improve efficiency, cut emissions, increase supply security and save money. But a number of requirements must be met before this can happen, write Marie Linder and Kurt Eliasson.

Cañete confirms Commission climbdown over ‘Modelgate’

The European Commission has climbed down over the ‘Modelgate’ controversy about preliminary research for new energy efficiency laws, with Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete promising EU officials will analyse higher efficiency goals for 2030 than originally planned.

Commission ‘pre-emptive strike’ puts cap on EU energy efficiency targets

EXCLUSIVE / The European Commission’s decision to effectively cap any increase to the EU’s energy efficiency targets was branded a “pre-emptive strike” today (18 November) against the European Parliament, which would curb any effort by MEPs to boost the 2030 goals.
Energy 15-10-2015

Renovation could save billions in grid investment, say researchers

EXCLUSIVE / Renovating the European Union’s building stock for energy efficiency will save €80 to €153 billion of investment costs into the bloc’s power system by 2050, new research obtained by EurActiv has found.
Energy 09-07-2015

New energy efficiency rules for public buildings risk being ignored

European Union rules requiring higher energy efficiency standards will apply to more public buildings from today but campaigners warned they risk being ignored unless they are backed up by a strong oversight system.
Energy 30-06-2015

EuroACE “Quizzing the Stakeholders” on renovating buildings to meet EU goals

EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, represents fourteen European leading companies involved with the manufacture, the distribution and installation of a variety of energy saving goods and services. The EuroACE member companies employ over 300 000 people and have over 770 production facilities and office locations in the EU. EuroACE works together with the European institutions to help Europe move towards an efficient use of energy in buildings, thereby contributing to the EU's commitments on carbon emissions reductions, job creation and energy security.
Energy 18-06-2015

Sefcovic: More enforcement, stricter rules to come on energy efficiency

EXCLUSIVE / Stricter EU energy efficiency and performance laws will be rolled out by the European Commission next year, and enforcement of existing regulation will be further stepped up, the bloc’s energy chief today (18 June) told EurActiv.
Energy 22-05-2015

Governments not planning properly for energy efficiency, report warns

National governments are failing to plan properly for energy efficiency savings in their own buildings, according to new analysis by a group of businesses, local authorities, trade unions and civil society organisations.
Energy 26-03-2015

27 member states hit with EU legal action over energy efficiency

Every member state of the European Union, with the sole exception of Malta, was hit by legal action Thursday (26 March) over failures to translate the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive into national law.
Energy 26-03-2015

Member states face legal action over energy efficiency

EXCLUSIVE/ More than two thirds of EU countries face European Commission legal action and possible fines, after failing to translate the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive into national law.
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Energy 12-03-2015

Brussels toughens up on policing EU energy efficiency laws

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / EU leaders will discuss strengthening the enforcement of existing energy laws at their 19 March summit, after the European Commission signalled it would toughen its policing of efficiency rules by launching infringement procedures against recalcitrant EU member states.
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Energy 10-03-2015

EuroAce: Energy Union should push EU efficiency laws

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / The recognition in the Energy Union of the importance of improving energy efficiency in the EU's building stock is welcome. But unless existing measures are properly implemented by national governments, the multiple benefits of renovation will not be exploited to the full, Céline Carré told EurActiv.
Energy 27-02-2015

Velux VP: Policy must push home renovation for health and efficiency

It’s time for policymakers at both the national and European level to incentivise the renovation of homes, Ingrid Reumert said in an interview with EurActiv.
Energy 12-11-2014

Germany plans incentives for energy-saving renovations

Germany still lags behind on energy efficiency, pushing Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks, and Economic Affairs Minister Sigmar Gabriel, to take measures making energy-saving renovations more attractive. EurActiv Germany reports.
Energy 05-11-2014

Picking up the pieces of the 2030 climate and energy package

The work must start now to build an alliance of MEPs from across the house to deliver change on energy efficiency and climate change, whilst reminding President Juncker and his new team of the commitments they made during their confirmation hearings, writes Morten Petersen, who warns that "winter is coming". 
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Energy 05-11-2014

Socialists want renovation rules revised, Cre?u confirms efficiency funding

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT: The leader of the second largest group in the European Parliament has told EurActiv his Socialists and Democrats will push to strengthen building renovation rules in EU energy efficiency law.
Energy 01-11-2014

Energy Efficiency in Non-residential Buildings

The Energy Efficiency Communication, released by the European Commission earlier this year, proposed a new energy efficiency target of 30% for 2030, a figure that has caused some debate among stakeholders. EU Member States have already signed up to a voluntary objective of reducing the EU's primary energy use by 20% by 2020, measured against 2005 levels.
Energy 24-07-2014

Brussels puts 30% energy savings target on the table for 2030

The European Commission on Wednesday (23 July) proposed reducing the bloc's energy use by 30% by 2030, leaving it up to EU heads of states to decide whether or not to endorse the target at a forthcoming summit in October.
Energy 15-05-2014

Ukraine crisis fires efficiency up the EU's energy agenda

EXCLUSIVE / Fears of a gas crunch this winter have propelled energy efficiency to the top of the agenda for today’s informal energy council of EU energy ministers in Athens, documents seen by EurActiv confirm.
Energy 23-04-2014

First analysis: EU states energy saving plans ‘not credible’

Energy efficiency action plans sent to Brussels by EU member states are so lacking in credibility that infringement proceedings should be taken out against 13 of them, according to the first major analysis of compliance efforts with a new European Union law.
Energy 06-03-2014

Official disquiet grows over EU states' efficiency plans

EU countries see energy savings as a "luxury", neglect building sector roadmaps, and are producing national action plans unlikely to meet a 2020 energy efficiency target, according to government officials and advisers surveyed by EurActiv.
Sustainable Dev. 08-11-2013

Energy efficiency: what role for chemicals in reducing greenhouse emissions?

The buildings sector is one of the largest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, buildings account for about 40% of the total amount of energy consumption in the EU. The European Commission acknowledged this in its Energy Efficiency Directive stating that “the greatest energy savings potential lies in buildings”. The chemicals sector has already significantly reduced its emissions, but there is still potential to reduce them further.