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Alcohol 14-03-2017

Commission grants industry additional year to propose alcohol labelling information

Following a two-year delay, the European Commission presented its proposal on alcohol information on Monday (13 March), giving the alcoholic beverages industry an additional year to come up with a “self-regulatory” proposal.

Public Affairs 27-01-2017

Erasmus students bring ‘Responsible Party’ campaign to Brussels

The Erasmus Student Network has been running a campaign across Europe, supported by French spirits maker Pernod Ricard, with the aim of convincing students to adopt a “responsible” stance towards alcohol when going out to party.

Health 17-11-2016

Beer and spirit makers bicker over alcohol information campaign

A consumer advertising campaign launched in the Brussels metro by the European spirits industry has heated up the debate over EU rules related to alcohol labeling.

Health 26-09-2016

Beer boss: ‘Commission must bring NGOs back into the EU Alcohol Forum’

The dialogue between the beer industry and civil society organisations continues, despite health NGOs leaving the European Commission-backed EU Alcohol Forum, says Pierre-Olivier Bergeron.

Health 01-09-2016

Study: Fertility ‘unaffected’ by moderate alcohol consumption

A new study has found that if a woman wants to get pregnant, she should abstain from alcohol but not necessarily “completely”.

Health 12-08-2016

Report: ‘Drunkorexia’ among young people raises concerns in the UK

A new report has found that 43% of British men and 35% of British women between the ages of 18-24 ditch meals in favour of binge drinking, a phenomenon known as “drunkorexia”.

Health 03-08-2016

Study: Alcohol advertising and adolescent drinking are linked

Adolescent drinking culture is linked to young people's exposure to various types of alcohol advertising, a new study has found.

Health 27-07-2016

Fake wines and spirits cost the EU ‘at least’ 4,800 jobs per year

The rise of counterfeit products in spirits and wine across Europe cause annual government losses estimated at €1.2 billion as well as approximately 4,800 jobs in these sectors, a new study has found.

Health 18-07-2016

Door open for health NGOs to rejoin EU alcohol forum

The European Commission is exploring ways to bring back health organisations to its alcohol policy forum, in light of recent reports suggesting a decrease in underage drinking across Europe.

Health 01-06-2016

Health NGOs: Commission ‘listened’ to industry on alcohol advertising

A new European Commission proposal to reform advertising rules on television and online has opened a new battlefield for health NGOs, advertisers and the alcohol industry.

Health 08-01-2016

The UK dramatically changes guidelines for alcohol intake

The UK's Chief Medical Officers (CMO) on Friday (8 January) changed the guidelines for alcohol consumption, advising now both men and women not to drink more than 14 units per week, or three units on one occasion, in order to limit alcohol harm.

Health 08-12-2015

Council pushes for EU alcohol strategy by end of 2016

The EU's 28 health ministers urged the European Commission on Monday (7 December) to adopt a comprehensive EU strategy to tackle alcohol-related harm such as binge drinking and drink-driving.

Health 18-11-2015

Commission says alcohol policies will not suffer from new internal structure

Alcohol policies and the 'health in all policies' approach will not suffer from the European Commission's new internal structure - which has already seen many health policies delayed or scrapped, a spokesperson said on Tuesday (17 November). 

Health 05-11-2015

Fighting alcohol harm: Preserving the multi-stakeholder approach

While the European Commission is still debating the added value the EU can bring to tackle alcohol-related harm, The Brewers of Europe remain committed to working together with governments and civil society in promoting responsible beer consumption, writes Pierre-Olivier Bergeron.

Agrifood 16-07-2015

Andriukaitis: Health isn’t an expenditure

Health should be in all policy areas, Vytenis Andriukaitis, the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, said in a speech on Thursday (16 July), in which he outlined his priorities until 2019.

Health 03-06-2015

Health NGOs walk out of EU alcohol forum

Twenty public health organisations have resigned from the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF), a stakeholder platform, to protest against the European Commission's refusal to submit a new alcohol strategy.

Health 22-05-2015

Commission set to dump EU alcohol strategy

Vytenis Andriukaitis, the EU's Health and Food Safety Commissioner, said that the executive has no intention of submitting a new strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm in Europe, suggesting that the issue will be tackled as part of a broad range of "risk factors" affecting chronic diseases.

EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2015

Worries mount as European Parliament sits idle

EXCLUSIVE / The European Parliament's legislative vacuum is frustrating both national and European politicians. While MEPs are forced to vote on hollow resolutions, France has lodged a complaint with the President Martin Schulz. EURACTIV France reports

Health 30-04-2015

Parliament urges Commission to submit new alcohol strategy

The new strategy should include plans for labelling the calorie content of alcoholic beverages, the European Parliament said in a resolution adopted on Wednesday (29 April).

Health 02-04-2015

Lawmakers urge Commission to table new alcohol strategy

SPECIAL REPORT / Members of the European Parliament, backed by health NGOs and the alcohol industry, are asking the European Commission to propose a new alcohol strategy, saying it should depart from the current one.

Beer labels
Agrifood 30-03-2015

Delayed Commission report on alcohol labelling frustrates beer industry

SPECIAL REPORT / New EU rules on nutrition labelling for food and drinks entered into force a few months ago. But whether or not alcoholic beverages will also have to carry them in the future is still unclear. A Commission report on the issue, due in December last year, is yet to be published.

Anne Hedh
Health 30-03-2015

Motion for a Resolution on a new Alcohol Strategy

A positive vote by the Parliament's Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee on the Alcohol Strategy Resolution on the 31st of March is crucial, writes Anna Hedh.

UK & Europe 06-03-2015

Lords press Commission to act on alcohol

While the EU must act to combat alcohol-related harm, any new initiative by the European Commission should focus on measures within its powers, such as taxation and labelling, the UK's House of Lords has said in a report published Friday (6 March).

Alcohol 12-09-2014

Scotland: Industry, Health and Government make case for Alcohol Minimum Unit pricing

Health advocates, including doctors and nurses from Scotland and across Europe, find common cause with Scottish alcohol industry representatives in supporting  the Scottish Government's efforts to implement its Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) legislation. They call for global alcohol producers to drop their legal challenges to this policy that will save hundreds of lives of people in Scotland every year.