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Economic governance 28-03-2017

ECB needs greater democratic oversight, TI says

The European Central Bank needs greater oversight and more accountability, as it has strayed into the realm of political decision-making but without the necessary scrutiny, global watchdog Transparency International said in a report on Tuesday(28 March).


The Brief: LuxLeaks whistleblowers’ trial is a disgrace

It is hard to care about Luxembourg. But recently, I have developed strong feelings of dislike for it.

Euro & Finance 05-12-2016

Eurozone seeks compromise on Greek debt ahead of IMF deadline

Eurozone finance ministers hope to reach a compromise on Greek reforms on Monday (5 December) in a final bid to get International Monetary Fund support for its bailout programme by the end of the year.

Euro & Finance 19-08-2016

ECB stresses ‘readiness to act’ in face of Brexit headwinds

European Central Bank policymakers warned of "new headwinds" for the eurozone following Britain's vote to quit the EU, according to minutes of their July meeting released on Thursday (18 August).

Euro & Finance 19-07-2016

German and French firms take biggest share of ECB credit splurge

The European Central Bank snapped up debt of blue-chip names such as BMW, Sanofi and BASF as Germany and France accounted for the lion's share of its first batch of corporate bond purchases.

Euro & Finance 14-07-2016

Decision-making and disarray in the EU

The EU’s complex bureaucracy has prevented it from dealing with crises effectively, writes Antonia Colibasanu.

Euro & Finance 28-06-2016

UK political confusion puts world markets on edge

Britain's vote to leave the European Union continued to reverberate through financial markets, with the pound falling to its lowest level in 31 years, despite government attempts to relieve some of the confusion about the political and economic outlook.

Mario Draghi
Euro & Finance 17-02-2016

ECB again defends bond-buying programme in Germany’s top court

The European Central Bank defended its never-used scheme to potentially buy unlimited amounts of government debt in Germany's highest court on Tuesday (16 February), insisting that such a programme did not overstep its mandate.

Xavier Timbeau: ‘The Juncker Plan is not working’

The independent Annual Growth Survey group (iAGS) highlights the need for investment, in order to secure Europe's economic recovery. French economist Xavier Timbeau says that Juncker Plan has not delivered.

EU Priorities 2020 02-11-2015

A year on, challenges remain for Europe’s single banking supervisor

A year after it took up its duties as Europe's banking watchdog, observers say the Single Supervisory Mechanism is doing a good job, but challenges nevertheless remain.

Euro & Finance 23-09-2015

Bank of Spain threatens to evict Catalonia from the eurozone

The governor of the Spanish central bank has weighed in on the question of Catalan independence, threatening the region with expulsion from the eurozone if it declares independence. La Tribune reports.

Mario Draghi
EU Priorities 2020 30-07-2015

ECB ‘disappointed’ with lack of convergence in euro area

The euro zone's founding members are further apart economically than they were at the launch of the single currency, a "disappointing" outcome defying the premise that laggards would slowly catch up, the European Central Bank said on Wednesday (29 July).

Burning police car
Euro & Finance 19-03-2015

Anti-austerity violence mars opening of ECB’s new HQ

Violent clashes between anti-austerity protesters and German police left dozens injured and a trail of destruction in Germany's financial capital as the European Central Bank opened its new headquarters Wednesday.

New ECB building

Frankfurt braces for anti-austerity demos as ECB opens new HQ

When the European Central Bank officially inaugurates its new headquarters in Frankfurt on Wednesday (18 March), as many as 10,000 people from around Europe are expected to show up to join an anti-austerity demonstration.

Mario Draghi at the ECB Press Conference in Frankfurt am Main, on 4 Sept. 2014 [ECB/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 09-03-2015

ECB, euro central banks, begin QE stimulus programme

The European Central Bank announced Monday (9 March) that it and the national central banks of the euro area have started buying bonds as part of the long-awaited 1.1 trillion euro quantitative easing programme to stimulate growth and ward off deflation across the single currency area?.

Euro & Finance 09-03-2015

A solution for temporary debt mutualisation in the eurozone

The ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions Programme (OMT) has offered welcome relief for many eurozone countries struggling with high debt levels. But the destruction of capital market discipline bears considerable risks, write Clemens Fuest and Friedrich Heinemann. To address this, the authors propose the introduction of a new form of junior government bonds, "accountability bonds".

Economy & Jobs 23-01-2015

Doubts loom over Draghi’s ‘political’ bond-buying scheme

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi grabbed the spotlight on Thursday, as he announced Europe's latest hope to revive its weak economy: the so-called quantitative easing, or a bond-buying scheme of 60 billion euros a month.

Economy & Jobs 22-01-2015

ECB launches bond-buying scheme of €60 billion per month

The European Central Bank announced on Thursday it will buy bonds worth 60 billion euros per month until September 2016, aiming to achieve a "sustained adjustment in the path of inflation"

Markus Ferber
Euro & Finance 22-01-2015

Markus Ferber: ECB bond-buying plan ‘beyond mandate’

EXCLUSIVE: A planned bond-buying programme expected from the European Central Bank (ECB) today (22 January) would be unconstitutional, a leading MEP has told EURACTIV in the firmest statement of German opposition to the move.

Economy & Jobs 21-01-2015

Molly Scott Cato: new money will create economic activity, but won’t solve the crisis

Ahead of an expected announcement by the European Central Bank of a bond-buying programme, on Thursday, Green MEP Molly Scott Cato said that “creating new money is not the solution” to Europe's debt crisis.

Economy & Jobs 21-01-2015

Markus Ferber: bond-buying scheme is beyond ECB’s mandate

German EPP MEP Markus Ferber showed strong opposition to the European Central Bank's expected decision to launch a bond-buying scheme on Thursday.

Euro & Finance 21-01-2015

Germany frowns as ECB prepares for new bond-buying scheme

With the European Central Bank (ECB) expected to announce a new bond-buying programme on Thursday (22 January), experts in Germany are warning of falling prices and ebbing investment, while the government attempts to distance itself from the upcoming ECB decision. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Mario Draghi is the President of the European Central Bank.
Euro & Finance 06-01-2015

Stability and prosperity in Monetary Union

There is a common misconception that the euro area is a monetary union without a political union. This reflects a deep misunderstanding of what monetary union means, writes Mario Draghi. 

[Cesar Pics/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 19-11-2014

Euro depreciation bolsters EU economies against deflation

The continued depreciation of the single currency should help the eurozone economies grow in 2015. Spain would be the biggest winner, according to the French Economic Observatory. EURACTIV France reports