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Euro & Finance 02-05-2016

Sanctions loom over Spain for breaching fiscal rules

The fourth largest economy in the eurozone is about to become the first country to be punished for breaking the EU’s Stability and Growth Pact, EURACTIV.com has learned.

Climate change 16-03-2016

Climate deal relegated to ‘other items’ in Council agenda

The economy and the climate will be pushed to the margins of this week’s European Council summit (17-18 March), where discussions will once again be dominated by the migration crisis. EURACTIV France reports.

Euro & Finance 08-03-2016

Brussels piles pressure on Spain and Italy to balance their budgets

The European Commission will send a series of warnings to Spain, Italy, Finland, Romania and Belgium today (8 March) because of their “serious” deviations from agreed-on fiscal paths, EURACTIV.com has learned.

Euro & Finance 04-03-2016

Dombrovskis: ‘Unilateral decisions on refugees create new problems’

It is high time to follow “prudent” economic policies, says European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis. His call comes against the backdrop of global market turbulence, a revolt against EU fiscal rules in Spain and Italy, the Brexit debate in Britain, and the ongoing refugee crisis.

Euro & Finance 25-02-2016

Maria João Rodrigues: We should invest in Europe and expand domestic demand

The European Parliament insists that fiscal consolidation and reforms are not enough and that the EU should have a strong priority in investment in Europe and expanding the internal domestic demand, Maria João Rodrigues told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

Euro & Finance 23-02-2016

Italy wants EU bonds to fund refugee response

A common European Union policy to manage external borders and cope with the refugee crisis should be funded with common resources, including through the issuance of EU bonds, Italy said on Monday (22 February).

Euro & Finance 25-01-2016

Diplomat: Dutch presidency will promote economic and environmental cooperation

The rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU fell to the Netherlands at the beginning of January 2016. EURACTIV France spoke to Ed Kronenbug, the Dutch envoy to France, about the EU's top priorities over the next six months. 

Euro & Finance 06-11-2015

Schulz in row with Commission over parliament’s economic oversight

The European Commission promised MEPs a greater involvement in the so-called European Semester - but, according to Martin Schulz, the executive's latest proposals do not live up to Parliament’s expectations.

EU Priorities 2020 12-10-2015

EU drags on Stability and Growth Pact reform

The refugee crisis has reignited tensions between the champions of strict budgetary discipline, led by Germany, and those who want to ease interpretations of the rules, led by Italy and France.


Social policy in the European Union: state of play 2015

The sixteenth edition of Social policy in the European Union: state of play has a triple ambition. First, it provides easily accessible information to a wide audience about recent developments in both EU and domestic social policymaking. Second, the volume provides a more analytical reading, embedding the key developments of the year 2014 in the most recent academic discourses. Third, the forward-looking perspective of the book aims to provide stakeholders and policymakers with specific tools that allow them to discern new opportunities to influence policymaking.

Euro & Finance 07-10-2015

Commission rebukes Moscovici’s hawkish stance on Spanish budget

The European Commission decided on Tuesday (6 October) to postpone a negative opinion on the Spanish budget for 2016, contradicting Economic and Taxation Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, who had told the press otherwise.

Manuel Valls

France to reform ‘overly complex’ labour laws next year, PM says

The government will propose legislation to simplify over-complex labour laws and promote more collective bargaining accords at a sectoral level, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Wednesday (9 September).

Elections 17-08-2015

Problems mount for Renzi as economy stumbles

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's escalating problems were compounded on Friday (14 August) when data showed a long-awaited economic recovery is already losing steam.

Central Europe 23-06-2015

Commission warns Romania against VAT cuts

The European Commission warned today (23 June) Romania not to lower VAT from 24 to 19%, as the government has proposed. The Romanian parliament is expected to pass the bill tomorrow.

The Commission has lost sight of quality jobs

The European Commission’s Country Specific Recommendations only increase the distance between the EU institutions and the citizens they are supposed to serve, writes Allan Päll.

Parliament backs Commission’s reform push in EU countries

On Wednesday (11 March), the European Parliament supported the European Commission’s push to accelerate structural and fiscal reforms demanded by the EU of each Member State, every year, under the so-called 'European Semester'.

Economy & Jobs 06-03-2015

“We need a European social dialogue,” Schulz says

"If we want a social market economy in Europe, we need a European - I repeat - a European social dialogue," said European Parliament president Martin Schulz on Thursday during a high level conference on social dialogue in Brussels.

Commission seeks to revive battered social dialogue

In a move to give new impetus to social partners’ relations, seen as instrumental in the new economic governance set up, the European Commission launched on Thursday (5 March) a new start for social dialogue.

François Hollande
Euro & Finance 04-03-2015

Hollande pledges €4bn in ‘new savings’ to meet EU deficit target

French President François Hollande said Wednesday (4 March) his government would find €4 billion in "new savings" this year to meet demands from Brussels.

Euro & Finance 08-12-2014

Italy and France hit back at Merkel over economic reforms call

Italy and France expressed irritation on Sunday (7 December) with a call from Chancellor Angela Merkel for them to do more to bring their budgets into line with EU rules, telling the German leader to focus on her own economic woes instead of lecturing others.

Michel Sapin, August 30, 2014 [Parti socialiste/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 21-11-2014

France tests EU patience over prospect of budget deficit fines

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin has played down any risk that Paris might be fined for breaking EU budgetary rules, days before the European Commission rules on the government's failure to cut its budget deficit. EU officials, meanwhile, beg to differ.

Euro & Finance 20-11-2014

Commission officials: Fining France over deficit is still an option

EU officials are considering fining France for failing to cut its budget deficit, although the eurozone's second biggest economy, a driving force in the creation of the shared currency, could yet be spared the unprecedented punishment.

Jyrki Katainen, vice-président de la Commission européenne en charge de l’Emploi de la Croissance, de l’Investissement et de la Compétitivité
Euro & Finance 29-10-2014

EU provisionally clears French, Italian budgets after tweaks

The European Commission provisionally accepted the budgets of France and Italy, saying on Tuesday (28 October) that no eurozone states had submitted deficit plans for next year that seriously breached EU stability rules.

Michel Sapin (left) and Jeroen Dijsselbloem at the Eurogroup, 13 Oct. 2014 [Photo: Council of the European Union]
Euro & Finance 28-10-2014

France, Italy trim 2015 budgets to win EU approval

France and Italy unveiled plans on Monday (27 October) to trim their deficits more than previously planned in last-minute pitches to get clemency from the European Commission on their 2015 budgets.