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Italy’s Northern League calls for EU to be ‘demolished’

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Elections 25-04-2016

Far-right triumphs in first round of Austrian presidential election

Austria's government was licking its wounds after a historic debacle that saw the opposition anti-immigrant far-right triumph yesterday (24 April) in a presidential ballot two years before the next scheduled general election.
Global Europe 07-04-2016

Dutch voters reject EU-Ukraine association

Dutch voters on Wednesday (6 April) rejected a European pact with Ukraine in a referendum seen as a barometer of anti-EU feeling, dealing an embarrassing blow to the government in charge of the rotating EU presidency, sending shockwaves throughout the Union.

AfD links to Austrian far-right 'final straw' for ECR MEPs

Alternative für Deutschland’s links to the far-right Freedom Party of Austria was the final straw for members of the EU Parliament’s European Conservatives and Reformists group, which yesterday (8 March) voted to kick out the German Eurosceptics .
EU Priorities 2020 03-03-2016

Golden Dawn thugs disrupt European Parliament meeting

EXCLUSIVE / Golden Dawn thugs, led by two Greek nationalist MEPs, disrupted an event held in the European Parliament yesterday (2 March), screaming at those present to “shut up” and leaving them “frozen with fear”.
Elections 01-03-2016

Germany's top court weighs ban on far-right NPD party

Germany's highest court will  hear a landmark request on Tuesday (1 March) to ban a neo-Nazi fringe party, more than a decade after a first attempt failed.

Elections 18-01-2016

US to investigate Russian efforts to weaken EU

US intelligence agencies are to conduct a major investigation into how the Kremlin is trying to divide and weaken the EU, The Telegraph reported.
Elections 14-12-2015

French far-right fails to win any regions in upset for Le Pen

Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front did not win any region in French elections on Sunday (13 December), in a setback to her hopes of being a serious presidential contender in 2017.
Elections 08-12-2015

French parties scramble to halt National Front in second round of polling

France's mainstream political parties were scrambling for a way to stop the rise of the far-right National Front (FN) after its historic first-round lead in the first round of the regional elections on 6 December, before the run-offs on 13 December.
Elections 07-12-2015

Far-right National Front leads in first round of French regional elections

France's far-right National Front pulled off a historic win yesterday (6 December), topping the vote in the first round of regional elections, in a breakthrough that shakes up the country's political landscape before 2017 presidential elections.

Sweden to keep shelters for asylum seekers secret

The Swedish Migration Agency has decided to keep the locations of refugee housing facilities secret, following 21 being torched since March.
Europe's East 15-10-2015

Parliament lifts Hungarian MEP's immunity over Russia spy probe

The European Parliament on Wednesday (14 October) agreed to lift the parliamentary immunity of Béla Kovács, a member of the Hungarian far-right Jobbik party, amid allegations he has spied for Russia.
Elections 28-09-2015

Austrian far-right party gets electoral boost from migrant crisis

Austria's far-right Freedom Party (FPO) doubled its votes to finish a strong second in a state election on Sunday (27 September), dealing a blow to the two main centrist parties which were left nursing heavy losses.

Anti-Islam protests rock Central Europe

Thousands of people joined anti-refugee protests in three central European capitals on Saturday (12 September) after leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia opposed an EU scheme to fix refugee quotas.
Europe's East 31-08-2015

Policeman killed, dozens injured in Kyiv protests

One National Guard serviceman was killed and several policemen badly wounded today (31 August), when an explosive device was thrown by far-right Svoboda Party and Right Sector protesters outside parliament, the Kyiv Post reports.

Dissolve the eurozone, says new extreme right group

Marine Le Pen has presented her new Polish and British allies, who will be propping up her group in the European Parliament. But the details of their political programme are yet to be defined. EurActiv France reports
Elections 16-06-2015

Le Pen's new EU Parliament group to scoop €17.5 million of public money

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front, will today (16 June) announce the creation of Europe of Nations and Freedoms, a new far-right European Parliament group that will qualify for up to €17.5 million of EU money over the next four years.
Europe's East 11-06-2015

European Parliament adopts tough resolution on Russia

Two days ahead of Russia’s National Day, on 12 June, the European Parliament adopted a tough resolution, in which they appeal to the EU to reassess its relations with Russia in the context of the Ukraine crisis.
Europe's East 29-05-2015

ALDE wants investigation of Le Pen’s contacts with Moscow

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) has requested an investigation of the contacts between the contacts of the France's far-right National Front, with the Kremlin. It is not clear if the French government, or MEPs, should investigate them.
Elections 14-04-2015

Wilders woos Pegida followers in Germany

Dutch far-right populist lawmaker Geert Wilders and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) rallied thousands of Pegida followers in eastern Germany yesterday (13 April) to counter society's "Islamisation" but failed to draw the record crowds organisers had hoped for.
Elections 30-03-2015

Sarkozy triumphs in local elections, far-right obtains no département

The far-right National Front made limited gains in French local elections, won by a wide margin Sunday (29 March) by ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy's conservatives.
Global Europe 23-03-2015

Russia hosts far-right gathering

Representatives of about a dozen far-right groups from across Europe gathered in Russia yesterday (22 March) for a pro-Kremlin conference, as concern swirls over Moscow's alleged attempts to court extremists on the continent.
Elections 23-03-2015

Sarkozy’s party wins first round of French local elections

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative UMP party and their allies won the first round of French local elections yesterday (22 March), denying Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front (FN) first place.
Elections 16-03-2015

National Front likely to emerge as first force in French local elections

France's far-right National Front is set to win more votes than any other party in the first round of local elections next Sunday, a poll showed, with the governing Socialist party coming a very distant third.
Elections 11-12-2014

Italy's Northern League calls for EU to be 'demolished'

In a European political landscape increasingly populated with insurgent, anti-system parties, Italy's extremist Northern League is the latest to profit from a groundswell of hostility to the European Union.