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EU health forum hears alarm bells over budget cuts, inefficiencies

Topic: healthcare and austerity

Health & Consumers 05-01-2017

Novartis under scrutiny for alleged pharma scandal in Greece

The Greek government launched an official investigation into pharmaceutical giant Novartis, following the publication of allegations of corruption and bribery in national news media.
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Health & Consumers 16-12-2016

Diabetes expert: Urgent need for education ‘at every level’

SPECIAL REPORT / There is a great need to raise awareness and enhance education on diabetes and a healthier lifestyle “at every level”, Stella de Sabata, head of the International Diabetes Federation, told
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Health & Consumers 15-12-2016

E-health and the ‘fine line’ of big data

SPECIAL REPORT / The introduction of digital technology in healthcare systems might be viewed by health stakeholders in a positive light. However, policymakers are yet to address issues related to data collection and use that are considered crucial in the management of chronic conditions like diabetes.
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Health & Consumers 14-12-2016

E-health should not exacerbate existing inequalities, NGO warns

SPECIAL REPORT / Efforts to digitalise healthcare for chronic disease patients – including those suffering from diabetes – are helpful, according to the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). But the move towards digitalisation should not exacerbate existing health inequalities, it warns.
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Health & Consumers 12-12-2016

Medical community alarmed by global rise in diabetes cases

SPECIAL REPORT / The rise of diabetes is causing avoidable deaths and imposing substantial costs on ailing healthcare systems. Alarmed, lawmakers are attempting to improve prevention and get the emerging pandemic under control.
Health & Consumers 09-12-2016

Health minister: Drugs pricing will top Malta’s EU presidency

The Maltese EU presidency will seek more transparency in the way pharmaceutical companies negotiate with member states on medicines’ pricing, Health Minister Chris Fearne said in an interview with EurActiv.
Health & Consumers 23-11-2016

EU citizens enjoy longer lives, but not health equality

Europeans live almost 7 years more compared to 1990, but this does not necessarily mean that these years are healthy, a new report has found.
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Health & Consumers 03-11-2016

Alzheimer Europe chief: Holistic approach needed to tackle dementia

SPECIAL REPORT / Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia remain underdiagnosed in most European countries, Jean Georges told EurActiv.
Health & Consumers 21-10-2016

Malta tops EU obesity rankings, Romania thinnest

Malta has the highest proportion of obese adults in Europe, according to EU figures released yesterday (20 October), while Romania is the least obese.
Health & Consumers 21-10-2016

Andriukaitis: Health Technology Assessment will make EU healthcare ‘sustainable’

EXCLUSIVE / National healthcare systems should embrace the digital era and use Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to become truly sustainable and cost-effective, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis told in an interview.
Health & Consumers 28-09-2016

Parliament wants harmonised criteria for drug pricing and reimbursement

The European Parliament will seek an increased EU role in regulating the pharmaceutical market and controlling rising drug prices, according to a draft report seen by
Health & Consumers 19-09-2016

Pharma industry ‘cannot escape’ drug price talks, say patient groups

Patient groups and the pharmaceutical sector agree that access to medicines needs to be improved - but the way to do it seems to divide them. reports from Sofia.
Health & Consumers 15-09-2016

Bulgarian health minister: Drugs availability part of regional cooperation

Bulgaria and Romania will soon sign an intergovernmental agreement to jointly negotiate the pricing and availability of medicines with pharmaceutical companies, Bulgarian Health Minister Petar Moskov said in an interview with
Health & Consumers 26-07-2016

Pharma expert: new 'value added medicines' offer cheaper, customised treatment

A new breed of drugs, called “value added medicines”, could help patients improve their everyday life while in treatment, without increasing healthcare budgets, Christoph Stoller said in an interview with
Health & Consumers 20-06-2016

EU health ministers confront crisis in affordability of medicines

EU health ministers took reluctant steps last Friday (17 June) to address the rising price of medicines.
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Health & Consumers 30-09-2015

Health forum discusses emerging ‘threats and opportunities'

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / From budget austerity to the Ebola crisis, and the ongoing refugee crisis, policymakers at this year’s European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) in Austria have no lack of challenges to tackle.
Health & Consumers 21-05-2015

A boost for patient safety in the EU: What about the member states?

Lack of political will and action at European level are among the main culprits behind the 37,000 deaths caused by healthcare associated infections each year, writes Magdalena Kalata.
Health & Consumers 22-07-2014

European healthcare first victim of social spending cuts

Social spending is decreasing across Europe, even though it could curb the negative impacts of the economic crisis, EurActiv France reports.
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Health & Consumers 03-10-2012

EU health forum hears alarm bells over budget cuts, inefficiencies

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Europe’s healthcare systems need to reform to avoid being crushed by vanishing resources, corruption and structural deficiencies, policymakers convening in Austria for the Gastein Health Forum will be told today (3 October).