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Cybersecurity 12-07-2017

MEPs push cyber security rules as ‘political message’ before EU overhaul

MEPs are pressuring the European Commission to propose new cyber crime rules on hacking vulnerabilities, encryption and information sharing between EU countries, ahead of a legal overhaul planned for September.

MEPs adopt new laws to stop foreign fighters at EU borders

Lawmakers strongly voted in favour of new anti-terror legislation on Thursday (16 February), in a move to prevent further attacks as the ones carried out in Paris and Brussels in the past two years.

Digital 20-06-2016

Europe’s rude awakening to big data politics

To many in the Brussels bubble, the big data revolution came as a rude awakening, with revelations of mass-scale eavesdropping by US intelligence. Although EU policymakers have now embraced the economic potential of big data, privacy fears are never far in the distance

Digital 26-05-2016

Parliament asks Commission to renegotiate Privacy Shield

The European Parliament has asked the Commission to reopen negotiations with the United States and shore up gaps in the Privacy Shield agreement.

Digital 11-05-2016

Activists wary of ‘data super-authority’ Europol as reform looms

EU police agency Europol wants to track down and delete terrorist propaganda on the internet and have the practice enshrined in EU law. Data protection activists are sceptical. EURACTIV’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.

Digital 14-04-2016

Parliament approves privacy rules after record number of amendments

MEPs approved new EU privacy rules today (14 April), including a regulation on consumer privacy that drew the aggressive ire of lobbyists during its four-year run through negotiations in the European Parliament.

Transport 14-04-2016

MEPs approve PNR, strengthen data protection

After a series of delays and setbacks, MEPs today (14 April) adopted the controversial European air passenger data directive, though even its supporters accept it is no silver bullet for the EU’s fight against terrorism.

Transport 23-03-2016

Flight data deal is a reason for UK to stay in the EU, says Tory MEP

Timothy Kirkhope, the British MEP shepherding the controversial passenger name records (PNR) bill through the European Parliament, has named security one of the main reasons for the UK to remain in the EU.

EU Priorities 2020 29-01-2016

Not so bad: 5 laws the EU nailed down in 2015

Brussels is frequently criticised for wasting time and resources, from banana bends to dim energy-saving lightbulbs. But, this past year, the EU adopted some legislation that benefitted German citizens. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP (L) and Félix Braz
Digital 06-01-2016

EU data protection reform may promise more than it delivers

Implementing the biggest shake-up to Europe's fragmented data protection laws in two decades may fail to provide companies with the consistency and simplicity that had been promised across the 28-nation bloc.

German MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht (Green), rapporteur on the data protection regulation
Digital 16-12-2015

EU strikes deal on strict new data protection reform

EU negotiators wrapped up talks on a major data protection reform last night (15 December) that will tighten privacy laws and determine how companies handle consumers' personal data.

Negotiators have vowed to strike a deal on the data protection regulation by the end of 2015
Digital 02-12-2015

Tech industry goes for last minute appeal on data protection

Tech industry groups are making a last ditch effort to sway negotiators who have vowed to wrap up talks on data protection regulation this month.

Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda, US coordinator for international communications and information policy
Digital 03-11-2015

‘Safe Harbour 2’ doesn’t need change on surveillance, top US official insists

A top US State Department official has rebuffed critics who argue that Europe can only seal a new data sharing deal if US laws enabling electronic surveillance are changed.

LIBE chair Claude Moraes (S&D) and German MEP Jan Philipp Abrecht (Green), rapporteur on the data protection regulation

MEPs fire back at Commission for ‘bad lawmaking’ on Safe Harbour

MEPs in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Committee lashed out on Monday (12 October) against the European Commission for agreeing to the now-invalid Safe Harbour data sharing deal between the EU and the US.

EU Justice Minister Vera Jourova with Luxembourg Minister of Justice Felix Braz on 9 October
Digital 09-10-2015

EU data privacy reforms speed up

Justice and home affairs ministers today (9 October) reached an agreement on the EU data protection directive in a meeting in Luxembourg. The directive will frame how law enforcement agencies in Europe share personal data across borders but negotiations with the European Parliament will be hard-fought. 

Trialogue talks over the data protection regulation started in June. Negotiatiors want to wrap up by the end of the year.
Digital 25-09-2015

Irked tech companies set out ‘red lines’ on upcoming privacy law

A group of large tech companies published a list of 'red lines' they say the data protection regulation now in negotiations risks overstepping.

The 27-year-old Austrian activist Max Schrems' case against Facebook resulted in an ECJ advocate general ruling Safe Harbour invalid
Digital 23-09-2015

EU legal advisor brands Safe Harbour data sharing with US illegal

An ECJ advocate general issued an opinion this morning (23 September) calling the EU-US Safe Harbour data sharing agreement legally invalid.

The passenger name record (PNR) law would collect data from flight passengers entering and leaving the EU

Passenger name record law passes first hurdle in Parliament

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties and Justice Committee approved the first EU passenger name record (PNR) bill today (15 July), two years after that same committee rejected an earlier draft of the data sharing law for flight passenger information.

Amnesty International campaigners at a Berlin protest against mass surveillance in 2014
Digital 03-07-2015

Amnesty International: Surveillance exploding in Europe

There's a worrying trend towards increased surveillance in Europe, says Amnesty International adviser Tanya O'Carroll.

EU negotiators after the first trialogue meeting on data protection
Digital 25-06-2015

Data protection talks start ahead of digital focus at EU summit

EU lawmakers sat down for their first meeting yesterday (24 June) to work out details on the EU's data protection reform. Facing bumps ahead, negotiators said they were still committed to wrapping up the legislation package this year.

MEP Albrecht: ‘Right-wing populists have become more professional’

Right-wing populist parties are gaining influence in Europe, but they remain uncoordinated says Green MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht, who spoke to EURACTIV Germany in an interview.

Digital 07-05-2015

EU ‘racing to catch up’ with Digital Single Market plan

The European Commission has announced its long-awaited strategy for a Digital Single Market, with issues ranging from consumer rights in online retail, copyright and data protection to network expansion and the use of modern techniques for industry. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Digital 12-02-2015

Parliament’s alliance against passenger data provisions crumbles

Parliament’s alliance set against adopting the controversial Passenger Name Record (PNR) proposal fragmented yesterday in Strasbourg (11 February) as Socialists and Liberals signaled they would agree to the package with conditions, leaving only the Greens opposed as a group.

Jan Philipp Albrecht, member of the European Parliament (Greens/EFA)
Digital 08-01-2015

EU lawmaker warns of data protection rules delay till 2016

With serious differences remaining between the European Parliament and the 28 member states, doubts remain over whether the EU’s new Data Protection Regulation (DPR) can be agreed before the end of the year, the Parliament’s rapporteur warned yesterday (7 January).