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  • Special Report: Ukraine region tests EU lobbying water

    Special Report | News | Enlargement 16-09-2011

    Vinnytsia, a Ukrainian region bordering Moldova, became the country's first to present its various advantages to the EU's Committee of the Regions in Brussels this week. Despite being an "absolute beginner" in the lobbying field, the Ukrainian region made a strong case for the country's EU accession.

  • Lobbyists link EU tobacco curbs to rising crime, Roma

    News | Public Affairs 15-07-2011

    New rules on tobacco products anticipated next year threaten the EU's Roma inclusion strategy and will increase mafia activity – leading to the importation of contraband genetically modified Chinese tobacco – lobbyists and MEPs warned this week.

  • Council ‘ready’ to join EU transparency register

    News | Public Affairs 24-06-2011

    Openness in the EU institutions received a boost yesterday (23 June) after the Council of the European Union declared that it was "ready to consider" joining a new transparency register launched by the Commission and Parliament. 

  • How the EU institutions work and how to work with the EU institutions

    Opinion | Future EU 22-06-2011

    It is more necessary than ever for private and public organisations to understand how to work with European institutions, argues Alan Hardacre. Though EU policymaking can be complex and difficult, he says that preaching this understanding need not be the monopoly of professional lobbies and consultancies.

  • Reflections on the Arab revolutions

    Opinion | Global Europe 09-06-2011

    Tom Spencer analyses in depth the background and context of the Arab revolutions, the European Union's "flabby diplomacy" and the repercussions these developments will have on the EU's political leaders, arguing that these could even prematurely end Catherine Ashton's term as the bloc's foreign affairs chief.

  • Lobbying in Poland ‘escapes scrutiny’, says EU scholar

    News | Public Affairs 09-06-2011

    Keeping track of interest representation in Poland is difficult because regulation there focuses exclusively on professional lobbyists and consultants, bringing to light "only a fraction of actual lobbying activities," Agnieszka Cianciara, an expert on lobbying and senior teaching assistant at the College of Europe, told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an interview. 

  • Scholar: East Europeans see lobbying as ‘corruption in disguise’

    Interview | Public Affairs 09-06-2011

    The common perception in Central and East European countries that lobbying is no more than "corruption in sophisticated disguise" explains why calls to ban lobbying can be heard every now and then, argues Agnieszka Cianciara, an expert on lobbying and senior teaching assistant at the College of Europe. 

  • MEPs should apply same standards the EU requires of Romanian MPs

    Opinion | Future EU 23-05-2011

    Cristian Ghinea argues in an open letter that Romanian MEP Adrian Severin should have his parliamentary immunity removed so that the Romanian anti-corruption office can investigate allegations of corruption against him.

  • EU lobbying by third countries

    Opinion | Public Affairs 21-04-2011

    Governments are increasingly turning to PR companies to improve public perception of their activities. But in a world of round-the-clock media coverage any inaccuracies in such information are spotted fast, writes Andreas Geiger of Brussels law firm Alber & Geiger in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.

  • MEPs back joint Parliament, Commission lobby register

    News | Public Affairs 20-04-2011

    Plans to establish a joint register of lobbyists for the European Parliament and the European Commission were yesterday (19 April) backed by the EU assembly's constitutional affairs committee. MEPs also called on the Council of Ministers to join Brussels' new 'transparency register'.

  • Spanish MEP trapped by attractive fake lobbyist

    News | Public Affairs 28-03-2011

    A Spanish MEP who was caught passing amendments as a favour to a female lobbyist said he did so because she was "very attractive". The Spaniard was caught out by the same team of Sunday Times journalists who had already exposed three of his colleagues for passing amendments to EU legislation in return for payment promises.

  • Why I’m proud to be a lobbyist

    Opinion | Public Affairs 18-03-2011

    Public affairs professionals transform data and information into electrical impulses that travel from one decision centre to another, setting in motion the muscles of society that enable change and ensure the stability and smooth functioning of democratic systems, writes Luis Aguado Alba of Mas Consulting in an award-winning essay presented at the European Public Affairs Consultancies Association's 2011 AGM.