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Minimum wages across Europe require solidarity

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IMF recommends paying refugees below the minimum wage

The International Monetary Fund has highlighted the positive effect of public spending on refugees on European GDP, but has also recommended that employers pay them less than the minimum wage. EurActiv France reports

Finland to test unconditional basic income for Finns in 2017

Finland is looking to experiment in 2017 with a basic monthly income for Finns, a universal and unconditional monthly payment seen as a way to reform the welfare system and cut spending, Finnish authorities said Tuesday.

Germany's minimum wage effect: Fewer workers receiving unemployment aid

Effective since the beginning of 2015, the minimum wage seems to be paying off, with statistics showing that fewer workers have been dependent on the Hartz IV unemployment benefit. EurActiv Germany reports.

Brussels fights Germany over minimum wage for truckers

The European Commission launched legal action against Germany on Tuesday (19 May), accusing the government of illegally applying the national minimum wage to a number of trucking and haulage companies from Austria, Poland and Hungary.
Trade & Society 29-04-2015

Germany, Poland clash on minimum wage

Germany and Poland are seeking closer economic cooperation and stronger ties on energy policy, an area that is especially sensitive for the two partners. But government consultations in Warsaw were more difficult regarding minimum wage issues. EurActiv Germany reports.

Merkel government debates altering minimum wage law

On Friday (10 April), Germany’s minimum wage will reach its 100th day, since taking effect at the start of this year. But two weeks before a meeting of coalition leaders, a new dispute has arisen among the ruling parties over corrections to the measure. EurActiv Germany reports.
Transport 27-03-2015

European Parliament divided over German minimum wage regulation

Should national minimum wage laws apply to truck drivers passing through a certain EU member state? Countries with lower wages are sceptical, and MEPs are uncertain. EurActiv Germany reports.

Survey: Minimum wages uneven in EU

New EU data shows that there are huge differences in the minimum wage workers receive, depending on the countries in which they're employed. 

Minimum wage unlikely to remedy rising poverty in Germany

Twelve million people in Germany are categorised as poor, more than ever recorded according to a study by a German welfare association, which indicates the country’s new minimum wage is not likely to help the situation. EurActiv Germany reports.

French government think tank calls for EU social reform

The French government think tank France Stratégie has called for social issues such as a common European unemployment insurance, investment and a standardised minimum wage to be tackled at the European level. EurActiv France reports

ECB backs Bundesbank call for higher German wages

The European Central Bank supports the Bundesbank in its appeals for higher wage deals in Germany, Der Spiegel magazine quoted ECB Chief Economist Peter Praet as saying on Sunday (27 July).

Juncker calls for minimum wage in all EU countries

European Commission President-designate Jean-Claude Juncker said on Tuesday (15 July) that he would work towards the introduction of a minimum social wage in each member state of the EU.

Paris floats plan for EU-wide minimum wage

A Europe-wide minimum wage, adapted to each country, would support the EU's economic revival and tackle "low cost" labour from Eastern European countries, according to a new report for the French Economic Ministry. EurActiv France reports.

Bundestag approves Germany's first universal minimum wage

The German Bundestag gave the green light on Thursday (3 July) to introduce a universal wage floor in the Federal Republic, drawing the final line under a 10-year political debate and with only five representatives voting against the law. EurActiv Germany reports.

Textile workers paid lower in Eastern Europe than in China, report finds

An investigation by the Clean Clothes Campaign in ten eastern EU member states, including Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia, showed that working conditions are sometimes worse than in China and Indonesia, busting myths about the ‘Made in Europe’ label.

Swiss reject world's highest minimum wage

Swiss voters on Sunday rejected proposals to introduce the world's highest minimum wage of 22 Swiss Francs (€18) an hour.
EU Elections 2014 25-04-2014

French candidates clash over Europe's future

Candidates for France's northwest constituency - from the Greens to the National Front- debated their programmes earlier this month in the northern city of Arras, offering clashing visions of French politics and society one month ahead of the European elections. EurActiv France reports.

Merkel cabinet agrees on €8.50 minimum wage

Almost all EU member states already have a legal minimum wage covering all sectors. After a decision in Merkel’s cabinet on Wednesday (2 April), the German government plans to join them, introducing an € 8.50 national wage floor. EurActiv Germany reports.

Die Linke attacks minimum wage age limit

German Labour Minister Andrea Nahles tabled a draft law last week introducing a minimum wage of €8.50 per hour. But opposition leaders from the Left Party (Die Linke) have already announced legal action against the proposed legislation. EurActiv Germany reports.
Agriculture & Food 16-01-2014

France welcomes minimum wage deal in German meat sector

France on Wednesday (15 January) welcomed a minimum wage deal in the German meat industry after accusing it last year of hiring cheap labour and helping to cause a crisis in the French slaughterhouse sector which saw a wave of closures.
Trade & Society 02-12-2013

Paris pushes EU-wide minimum wage in crusade against social dumping

The newly agreed minimum wage in Germany may not be implemented before 2017. Yet it is crucial for limiting social dumping, according to the French government, which announced a new offensive against low-cost workers ahead of next year's European Parliament elections.
Trade & Society 18-11-2013

French EU minister seeks solutions to fight social dumping

In an interview with, the French Minister in charge of European affairs, Thierry Repentin, expressed his worries of a surge by far-right in next year's EU elections. He calls for better regulation of posted workers and a general minimum wage across the EU.
Elections 04-11-2013

SPD wants wage floor, dual citizenship included in German coalition deal

Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) will not agree to a "grand coalition" with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives without agreement on core issues including labour market reforms and expanding dual citizenship, its leader said.

Minimum wages across Europe require solidarity

Minimum wages increasingly appear as proper tools to fight cross-border social dumping, argues Klaus Heeger, despite objections that the EU has little or no competence on pay.