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Commission publishes neighbourhood reports for ‘test year 2014’

Topic: nuclear energy

Energy 26-04-2016

Ukraine commemorates 30th anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear accident

Ukraine today (26 April) marks 30 years since the world's worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl killed thousands and forced a global rethink about the wisdom of relying on atomic fuel.
Energy 05-04-2016

Brussels weighs the cost of another century of nuclear power

The European Commission is supposed to make regular assessments of the member states' nuclear installations, a task that has not been carried out since 2008. EurActiv's partner Journal de l'Environnement reports.
Global Europe 29-03-2016

Will Prague be rewarded for its new attitude to China?

The Czech Republic is no longer criticising China on human rights or over the status of Tibet, and it is expected to reap economic benefits over the current visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, write Václav Kopecký and Alice Rezková.
Energy 11-03-2016

EU's ageing nuclear reactors pose significant safety risks

It isn't just far-off Ukraine that has its worries about nuclear power. 128 nuclear power plants in the EU with an average age of 30.6 years provide food for thought that is much closer to home. EurActiv's partner Tagesspiegel reports.
Energy 17-02-2016

EU short of €118bn to dismantle nuclear plants

Europe is short of more than €118 billion to dismantle nuclear plants and manage nuclear waste storage, a European Commission working paper seen by Reuters shows.
Energy 03-02-2016

Environmentalist: Belgium ignoring lessons of Chernobyl and Fukushima

Germany's Minister for the Environment, Barbara Hendricks, has conducted talks with the Belgian government on extending the lifespan of its two nuclear power stations. They agreed to strengthen cooperation on nuclear safety. EurActiv Germany reports.
Health & Consumers 22-01-2016

Nuclear safety now a 'worrying' issue

Indebted companies, an overwhelmed safety authority and a complex and muddled caseload show the French have not cracked the recipe for atomic success. Our partner Journal de l'Environnement reports.
Central Europe 10-12-2015

It took courage to bring Bulgaria into the EU

On 15 December, Bulgaria will mark the 20th anniversary since it made its EU membership application. On this occasion, Dick Roche recalls the country’s EU path and questions if the treatment it gets from the EU is fair.

Turkish EU minister: Cyprus referendum in March will be successful

A referendum on the new Cyprus constitution by the end of March will be successful, and the reunification of the country will open new opportunities for Turkey’s EU integration, the Minister of European Affairs of Turkey, Volkan Bozk?r, told EurActiv in an exclusive interview.

Jerzy Buzek: 'Let’s not be hypocrites' about coal

Poland should continue relying on coal but only at the condition that it uses the newest technologies, says Jerzy Buzek, as COP21 enters its second week.
Europe's East 03-12-2015

Russia shelves Turkish Stream pipeline project

Moscow has suspended the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project in response to Turkey shooting down a Russian jet in Syria, according to Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.
Energy 24-11-2015

Nuclear energy is part of the solution to climate change

Nuclear energy can be considered a low carbon energy source which provides a solution to the challenge of meeting the increasing global demand for electricity, writes Jean-Pol Poncelet.
Europe's East 02-09-2015

New partnerships will be required to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons

As nuclear power begins to take off in the developing world, the UN’s uranium bank in Kazakhstan will play an increasingly important role in preventing the spread of enrichment technology and ensuring security, writes Almaz Khamzayev.
Energy 07-07-2015

Austria challenges state aid to British nuclear program

Austria's announcement yesterday (6 July) that it would challenge state aid for a new nuclear plant in Britain marks the latest step in the country's solo campaign to roll back atomic energy in Europe.
Energy 06-07-2015

Austria files EU complaint against UK nuclear plant

Austria has filed a legal challenge at the European Court of Justice against EU-granted state subsidies for a new nuclear power plant in Britain, government officials confirmed on Monday (6 July).
Energy 23-06-2015

Bavaria up in arms over Hendrick’s nuclear waste plans

The German government has settled with the country's four nuclear companies on four interim storage facilities for radioactive waste that is currently stored abroad, but Bavaria is up in arms over the decision. EurActiv Germany reports.

German Energiewende policy jeopardises EU climate efforts

Despite the ambitious 2-degree-target set by G7 leaders, experts warn against premature elation ahead of the UN Climate Summit in Paris, saying Germany’s solo run, in particular, is a threat to Europe’s efforts to protect the climate. EurActiv Germany reports.
Energy 05-06-2015

France moves to salvage its nuclear sector

France faces a unique challenge as it moves to save nuclear reactor manufacturer Areva and salvage one of its world-class industries and jobs, while at same time reducing its own reliance on atomic power.
Energy 15-05-2015

Bulgarian power producers cut output due to low demand

Bulgaria's power grid operator has ordered some electricity producers to cut output in an attempt to balance production and consumption, the state-owned company said today (15 May).
Energy 17-04-2015

Rosatom woos EU with guaranteed low electricity price

An official of Russian state nuclear firm Rosatom told a Brussels audience that his company could guarantee a levelized price for electricity of $50/MWh from new nuclear plants it builds, if the client chooses the firm's services for their lifecycle. According to EU policies, however, fuel supply should be diversified.
Energy 01-04-2015

Bulgaria’s energy sector reform to start with the regulator

The only candidate for the post of head of Bulgaria’s energy regulator has presented his vision for the refurbishing of the country’s energy sector, marred by cronyism, monopolies, wasteful practices and the siphoning of public funds.
Energy 27-03-2015

Bulgaria offers Westinghouse stake in new nuclear unit

Bulgaria has offered Westinghouse a 49% stake in a new nuclear reactor that the US multinational would build on the site of the Kozlodui nuclear power plant, writes Dnevnik, the EurActiv partner in Bulgaria.
Europe's East 26-03-2015

Hungary says EU authorised its nuclear fuel supply deal with Russia

Hungary said on Wednesday (25 March) that it has reached a compromise with EU nuclear body Euratom over plans for Russia to be the sole supplier of nuclear fuel to the country's Paks power plant.
Europe's East 25-03-2015

Commission publishes neighbourhood reports for 'test year 2014'

The European Commission published an avalanche of “progress reports” on Wednesday (25 March) covering 12 of the 16 countries in the EU’s neighbourhood for 2014, calling it a test year for the Union's relations with its neighbours.