Margot Wallström
Global Europe 19-01-2016

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström investigated over corruption claims

Swedish police on Tuesday (19 January) opened a formal corruption probe of the social democratic Foreign Minister Margot Wallström over the rent contract for her apartment in Stockholm.

Global Europe 18-03-2015

EU congratulates Netanyahu, hopes to relaunch peace process

The European Union congratulated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his election victory Wednesday (18 March), but added it was committed to relaunching the Middle East peace process, which he appeared to repudiate during the campaign.

Israel's West Bank separation barrier
Global Europe 16-12-2014

Spreading ripples of hope from Europe to Palestine

Four national European parliaments have already voted to recognize Palestinian statehood. It's time the European Parliament does the same, Ilan Baruch writes.

[Adam Walker Cleaveland/Flickr]
Global Europe 06-11-2014

French Socialists push for recognition of Palestinian state

The movement for the recognition of Palestine is gaining momentum in the wake of Sweden's decision to officially recognise the state. Socalist legislators are preparing a resolution that would see France join 135 other countries in recognising the state of Palestine. reports

An unsustainable refugee crisis

Few issues polarise public opinion more than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Whether it's Europe, or the United States, the problem is the same. One of the main reasons why is the ongoing crisis of what to do with the descendants of the 700,000 plus refugees, created by the first Arab-Israeli war, in 1948. Spread around the world, their numbers today exceed 5 million.