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Economy & Jobs 06-10-2017

Corporate greed: The enemy of decent work  

Decent work needs to be at the top of everyone’s agenda – working people, employers and governments. Decent work is the foundation of a decent life, the opportunity to earn a living and make a contribution to the community, writes Esther Lynch.

Aviation 19-09-2017

Commission insists Ryanair should respect EU reimbursement rules

Ryanair said yesterday (18 September) a mass cancellation of flights was set to cost the Irish no-frills airline €25 million, as it bowed to customer anger by publishing a full list of journeys axed.

Aviation 17-05-2017

Commission gives free hand to capitals to subsidise small airports

The European Commission announced today (17 May) a review of state aid rules that will allow member states to pour millions of euros of support into struggling regional airports without prior approval from Brussels.

Aviation 19-04-2017

Ryanair denies climate change because it doesn’t like the solutions

It’s no mystery why Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary dismisses evidence of climate change as ‘rubbish’, writes Andrew Murphy.

Transport 06-01-2016

New European carriers association split over unfair subsidies

The largest European airlines will join forces on 20 January to address growing costs. But differences over how to face foreign rivals will impede a unified challenge to competition abroad.

Peter Allebeck.
Transport 16-10-2015

Alcohol and flying – not a good cocktail

There are many notorious examples of people - from celebrities to ordinairy holiday-makers - who have become intoxicated on flights to the point of posing a threat to passengers and the flight itself, writes Peter Allebeck. 

Competition 28-07-2015

Brussels orders France to reclaim Ryanair subsidies

The European Commission has taken Paris to court for failing to recover nearly €10 million in anticompetitive subsidies paid to Ryanair and Transavia. EURACTIV France reports

Competition 24-07-2014

Ryanair ordered to repay €10m in French state aid

Two low-cost airlines must repay almost €10 million of French state aid, after the EU Commission decided that it gave them an unfair competitive advantage. EURACTIV France reports.

Competition 19-08-2013

EU antitrust officials trapped by Belgian April spoof news

In a request for information regarding new investments at Charleroi airport near Brussels, the European Commission refers to the construction of a second runway, a false news story published by a Belgian website as a 1 April spoof.

Transport 27-02-2013

Commission grounds Ryanair-Aer Lingus merger

EU antitrust regulators blocked Ryanair's third attempt to acquire Irish rival Aer Lingus on Wednesday (27 February), a ruling Europe's biggest low-cost airline called politically motivated and vowed to challenge in court.

Transport 22-01-2013

Failed air control mergers put EU countries under pressure

The European Commission should end national monopolies of air traffic control if it is to succeed in making air travel more efficient, an executive of low-cost leader Ryanair told EU officials yesterday (21 January).

Transport 04-09-2012

Pilots say cost-cutting may put passengers at risk

Airlines' efforts to lighten their aircraft by taking on less fuel could be putting passengers at risk, European pilots and labour organisations say following several incidents where flight crews made emergency landings because of low fuel reserves.

Competition 06-09-2005

Commission sets out limits for state aid to regional airports

According to new guidelines on state aid in the air transport sector, no single airline should benefit from start-up aid in regional airports. The Commission will also watch public funding for the construction and development of airports.

Regional Policy 09-02-2005

Guidelines proposed for state aid to regional airports

Aid to regional airports is to be clarified under a draft set of
guidelines published by the Commission on 8 February. The draft is
published one year after the Commission ruled illegal the aid given
for the implementation of Ryanair in Charleroi.

Transport 09-10-2002

Hyped hopes for Europe’s low-cost airlines

Europe's most successful no-frills carriers are making a lot of money. But as they mature, they will have problems expanding. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 4 Low-cost airlines are all the rage in Europe. With rock-bottom fares that entice travelers from the chillier …