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Bulgaria law aims to cool solar, wind energy surge

Topic: smart grids

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Energy 16-06-2016

Smart meters 'not needed' after all for European power grid

SPECIAL REPORT / A transition to an intelligent electricity grid in Europe can take place without smart meters, industry players have said, in comments that will embarrass the European Commission, which pushed a Europe-wide plan to roll out smart meters years ago.
Energy 13-06-2016

Consumers, regulators and energy efficiency in buildings

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Saving energy consumption in buildings will play a key part in Europe’s transition to a clean, secure and efficient energy system.
Energy 08-06-2016

German electricity transmission CEO: '80% renewables is no problem'

Germany’s pursuit of a low carbon economy, the Energiewende, is in full swing, but questions have emerged over its feasibility. EurActiv’s partner Der Tagesspiegel spoke with Boris Schucht, who is head of one of Germany’s largest electricity providers.
Energy 02-05-2016

UK energy links to Europe at risk from Brexit, analysts warn

Efforts to link the UK's electricity grid with other European power networks would be set back if the UK decides to leave the EU, with some key projects likely to be put on hold, experts have told
Energy 26-04-2016

Digitalisation: Where are the German digital utilities?

In Germany, a lot has been written about two energy megatrends of our time, liberalisation of energy markets and decentralisation of the energy landscape. What we think has been neglected is a third megatrend: digitalisation.
Energy 22-04-2016

An Energy Union for consumers: Better information and more choice

European energy companies must provide better information to consumers, helping them to understand what they are paying for and whether they getting value for money, writes Věra Jourová.
Energy 20-04-2016

Why the EU’s electricity market design proposal actually matters

The European Commission’s vision of an Energy Union with citizens at its core, where consumers take ownership of the energy transition, is to be applauded but needs to be followed up with genuine policy change, writes Jonathan Gaventa.
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Sustainable Dev. 25-11-2015

Jeremy Rifkin: ‘What’s missing from UN climate talks is a new economic vision’

SPECIAL REPORT / The UN climate change summit (COP21), which opens in Paris next week, “will be meaningless” if it doesn’t include a positive agenda for economic growth, warns Jeremy Rifkin.
Energy 03-09-2015

Returning Europe to competitiveness through energy productivity and efficiency

The Juncker Commission’s investment plan is an unprecedented opportunity to improve the EU’s energy productivity and efficiency, writes Ingrid Holmes.
Digital 04-06-2015

Internet of Things creeps into the energy sector

Europe's electricity sector needs to open up to the Internet of Things, where objects are connected to each other via the World Wide Web, policymakers told a Berlin industry event on Tuesday (2 June).
Energy 02-04-2015

Smart grids could be Europe's shale gas, Commission says

Smart grids balancing intermittent solar and wind energy with flexible power demand could do for Europe what shale gas has done for the United States, a senior European Union official said on Wednesday (1 April).
Energy 17-07-2014

Smart metering implementation in Europe: A year on

Report following the high level policy conference "Smart metering implementation in Europe: A year on" about the latest developments of the smart metering implementation front as well as the consumer awareness campaign that ESMIG and EDSO for Smart Grids have launched.
Energy 16-07-2014

'Smart' technology makes energy utilities more vulnerable to hackers

Last November, Felix Lindner came very close to shutting down the power supply of Ettlingen, a town of almost 40,000 people in the south of Germany.
Energy 18-06-2014

Poland’s other energy story: taking a closer look

Energy is at the top of the agenda in Europe, today. Macro-economics and geopolitics aside, Brussels' decision makers should devote more attention to the local level, where the fight is taken up by citizens and mayors alike, Zbigniew Michniowski writes.
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EU Priorities 2020 13-11-2013

EIB hints that it will fund energy infrastructure shortfall

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Officials from the European Investment Bank (EIB) have given the strongest indication yet that they will fill a €3.25 billion hole in EU plans for modernising the continent’s creaky power infrastructure.
Energy 15-10-2013

EU delivers damp squib for smart grids

Only two of the long-awaited 248 projects of common interest (PCI) to link Europe’s energy network will be smart grids, the European Commission has said, in an oft-predicted setback for plans to rationally manage energy demand and integrate renewable sources.
Transport 29-04-2013

Electric vehicles sell power to the US grid

A technology developed with the University of Delaware has sold power from electric vehicles to the power grid for the first time, the power company NRG Energy Inc said on Friday (26 April).
Energy 21-03-2013

Jeremy Rifkin warns Europe: Don’t repeat Obama’s mistakes

A leading climate analyst and adviser to world governments has warned the EU that its environmental goals will become meaningless unless the bloc learns from US President Barack Obama's mistakes, and makes a supergrid the 'nervous system' of its energy policy. 
Energy 27-02-2013

Electricity infrastructure: More border crossings or a borderless Europe?

Europe needs a bold step towards independent energy network operation and planning to increase the reliability and enable a borderless European electricity market that integrates renewables, writes Georg Zachmann.
Energy 20-12-2012

EU agency mulls cybersecurity measures for ‘vulnerable’ smart grids

European Union smart grid operators and energy providers need common cybersecurity measures to help them guard against attacks, says a new report by Europe's information security agency ENISA.
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Energy 15-06-2012

The EU must urgently develop a continental power grid

SPECIAL REPORT / Germany's decision to go non-nuclear, which has infuriated its neighbours, might one day appear as a blessing in disguise, says Eberhard Rhein.
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Energy 07-02-2012

Knives out over plan on electric grid permits

SPECIAL REPORT / EU proposals to impose a three-year deadline on local authorities to issue construction permits for new power lines has met with sharp opposition in the 27-country bloc, EurActiv has learned.
Energy 22-12-2011

Smart grids: Making connections

EU plans to move towards a low-carbon economy depend upon a transformed cross-border transmissions system that can integrate renewables and smart meters alike, offering energy consumption savings at source. But is Europe on track to meet the challenge?
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Energy 22-04-2011

Bulgaria law aims to cool solar, wind energy surge

SPECIAL REPORT / Bulgaria approved a new law on renewable energy yesterday (21 April) in a bid to cool a surge in solar and wind power projects that threatens to overwhelm its ageing power grid and boost electricity prices.