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Rising electricity bills: Will smart meters help consumers?

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Energy 26-04-2016

Digitalisation: Where are the German digital utilities?

In Germany, a lot has been written about two energy megatrends of our time, liberalisation of energy markets and decentralisation of the energy landscape. What we think has been neglected is a third megatrend: digitalisation.
Energy 22-04-2016

An Energy Union for consumers: Better information and more choice

European energy companies must provide better information to consumers, helping them to understand what they are paying for and whether they getting value for money, writes Věra Jourová.
Energy 20-04-2016

Why the EU’s electricity market design proposal actually matters

The European Commission’s vision of an Energy Union with citizens at its core, where consumers take ownership of the energy transition, is to be applauded but needs to be followed up with genuine policy change, writes Jonathan Gaventa.
Digital 04-06-2015

Internet of Things creeps into the energy sector

Europe's electricity sector needs to open up to the Internet of Things, where objects are connected to each other via the World Wide Web, policymakers told a Berlin industry event on Tuesday (2 June).
Digital 11-03-2015

Why is Europe wasting its cheapest, cleanest energy resource?

Behavioural energy efficiency programmes could help European consumers save 12 billion kilowatt-hours of energy and €2.4 billion, writes Alex Laskey.
Energy 16-07-2014

'Smart' technology makes energy utilities more vulnerable to hackers

Last November, Felix Lindner came very close to shutting down the power supply of Ettlingen, a town of almost 40,000 people in the south of Germany.
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Energy 22-10-2013

Smart Metering IS happening!

SPECIAL REPORT / In this European Utility Week Engerati interview, ESMIG President Frank Hyldmar discusses where the industry stands in terms of the smart meter and what the future holds.
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Energy 17-07-2013

Smart Metering implementation in Europe - are we on track?

SPECIAL REPORT / Smart metering implementation in Europe: are we on track? – ESMIG and EDSO for Smart Grids hosted conference during EU Sustainable Energy Week  
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Energy 27-06-2013

EU smart meter roll-out lags behind ambition

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Europe’s ambitious plan for 80% market penetration of smart meters by 2020 is failing to live up to expectations. A senior energy official at the European Commission admits that market penetration is still very low, particularly in the new member states, and that there is a big shortfall in investment.
Energy 20-12-2012

EU agency mulls cybersecurity measures for ‘vulnerable’ smart grids

European Union smart grid operators and energy providers need common cybersecurity measures to help them guard against attacks, says a new report by Europe's information security agency ENISA.
Energy 14-12-2012

Household electricity consumption reaches new high: Report

After decreasing steadily for years, household electricity consumption in 2010 reached its highest level in two decades, says a report by the European Commission.
Trade & Society 15-11-2012

Brussels urges EU countries to stop energy market ‘distortions’

EU countries must do away with the distorting influence of state intervention and step up efforts to implement internal energy market rules, which could save consumers an estimated €13 billion a year, says a report by the European Commission released Thursday (15 November).
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Energy Efficiency Directive: Completing an energy policy puzzle

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Union put down the last piece of the bloc's 2020 climate and energy policy puzzle by adopting an Energy Efficiency Directive. The directive is a game-changer for energy companies, which are now required to achieve 1.5% energy savings every year among their final clients. The EU law is also expected to trigger the largest revamp of Europe's existing building stock to date and set new standards for public procurement and energy audits.
Energy 18-09-2012

Industry: Consumer fears on smart meters are 'overblown'

Industry is waiting for national energy regulators in each member state to decide how to distribute the costs involved in the roll-out of smart meters, which could fall on consumers, depending on each market's 'peculiarities', John Harris, of smart metering company Landis+Gyr, told EurActiv.
Energy 18-09-2012

EU 'considering' 2013 benchmark report on smart meters

The European Commission is likely to draw a benchmark report on the costs and benefits of smart meters by mid-2013 and urge member states to inform it as soon as possible of their assessments and roll-out plans.
UK & Europe 24-08-2012

Consumers unaware of smart meters ahead of EU-wide roll-out

A study commissioned by the United Kingdom's Department of Energy and Climate Change recently revealed that over half the population is unaware of the existence of smart meters.
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Health & Consumers 21-06-2012

Doubts cast over consumer benefits of smart meters

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission has asked member states to present before September their cost-benefit analyses on the deployment of smart meters that could lead to 80% of consumers being equipped with intelligent metering systems by 2020. But a recent study casts doubts over their cost-effectiveness and the benefits they bring to consumers.
Energy 14-06-2012

Industry chief: Energy efficiency bill crucial for demand-response

Jessica Stromback of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition says the Energy Efficiency Directive could create a demand-response energy market, which decentralises consumption and allows end-users to control their energy use at critical or peak times.
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Energy 09-05-2012

Where is the consumer in the Energy Efficiency Directive?

SPECIAL REPORT / Consumers will not be able to cut their energy consumption unless the energy efficiency directive creates a framework for smart meter feedback, accurate bills and information campaigns, argues Monique Goyens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC). 
Energy 22-12-2011

Smart grids: Making connections

EU plans to move towards a low-carbon economy depend upon a transformed cross-border transmissions system that can integrate renewables and smart meters alike, offering energy consumption savings at source. But is Europe on track to meet the challenge?

Brussels takes baby steps towards new smart grid regulations

The European Commission has inched towards a new regulatory framework to promote smart grids in a strategy paper to be published today (12 April) that sets out carrots and sticks to get the fledgling industry on its feet.
Energy 17-03-2011

Smart metering: A little less conversation, a little more action

Smart metering of energy needs to be introduced across Europe as soon as possible if Europe is to meet its 20-20-20 goals for energy efficiency, writes John Harris, vice-president of Landis+Gyr, in an exclusive commentary for EurActiv.
Health & Consumers 10-03-2011

Rising electricity bills: Will smart meters help consumers?

Households should expect their electricity bills to rise as Europe switches to cleaner energy and ageing power grids are gradually being replaced by new 'intelligent' ones. The good news is that smart meters should soon help them to better control their bills, says GE Energy's Bob Gilligan. But do consumers really want them?