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Economy & Jobs 11-09-2017

Brazil tells the EU ‘it won’t move’ on Mercosur talks without ethanol and beef

Brazil insists that it will not table a new offer as part of the ongoing EU-Mercosur talks until a proposal on beef and ethanol is on the table. EURACTIV Spain reports.

Energy 11-09-2017

Solar industry says EU tariffs on Chinese imports will raise panel prices

Europe’s solar industry has condemned an EU vote to impose another round of duties on Chinese imports, just weeks before a US trade panel is due to rule on similar tariffs. EURACTIV’s partner The Guardian reports.

Development Policy 11-10-2016

New African economic partnership enters into force, critics still unconvinced

An economic partnership agreement between the EU, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, South Africa and Lesotho entered into force yesterday (10 October), but its impact on the region's development remains controversial. EURACTIV France reports.

Agrifood 30-09-2016

German farmers divided over EU-Canada trade deal

Despite ongoing protests around Europe, the EU still wants to conclude the CETA agreement with Canada within the next five weeks. The German agricultural sector is divided in its opinion of the deal: large farms relish the advantages and small enterprises fear transatlantic competition. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Energy 27-04-2016

EU curtailment rules could increase onshore wind costs by 17% by 2020

Economic curtailment is an issue not yet fully appreciated by most investors in renewable energy, but it has the potential to reduce the availability and increase the cost of investment, writes Brian O’Connell.

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Brexit 16-03-2016

Brexit: What would it mean for UK trade?

The stakes will be high for Britain's historic role as a free-trading nation when it holds a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union on 23 June.

Trade & Society 10-03-2016

Latest round of TTIP talks boost momentum

Progress was made in the latest round of TTIP talks, but negotiators have a long way to go if the deal is to be signed before Barack Obama leaves office. Michael McKeon gives a briefing on the latest developments.

Agrifood 04-02-2015

NGOs protest EU-US trade deal with a Trojan horse

This 8 meter high inflatable Trojan horse represents TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), the free trade deal that Europe and the US are currently negotiating in Brussels. The people in suits are ‘big business lobbyists.’

Agrifood 20-11-2014

Commission official: The EU is not going to change its food legislation because of TTIP

The EU is not going to change its food safety legislation under the negotiation for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which means that GMOs can be marketed in the EU only once they have been authorised, and beef from the USA would be marketable in Europe only if it is hormone free, Ignacio Garcia Bercero of the European Commission told EURACTIV Czech Republic.

EU Elections 2014 14-04-2014

Le Pen’s ‘dodgy’ economics

The leader of the Front National, Marine Le Pen, is under fire for her economic programme, and turning down a televised debate with Martin Schulz. EURACTIV France reports.

Global Europe 04-07-2013

EU trade with Myanmar and the grasshopper problem

The EU can be applauded for contributing strongly to Myanmar's economy without changing its import structure or losing a significant portion of its tariff revenue, says Akio Egawa.

Global Europe 18-01-2013

EU-India free trade deal in final lap, diplomat says

A free-trade agreement between India and the European Union has entered its final stage and negotiators "are looking at a possible conclusion" by spring, the Indian ambassador to the EU told EURACTIV.

Trade & Society 11-10-2012

EU, US companies push for ‘realistic’ transatlantic trade deal

SPECIAL REPORT / Companies on both sides of the Atlantic have urged EU and US policymakers to negotiate a ‘realistic’ trade and investment agreement that not only benefits their economies, but serves as a model for the rest of the world.

Economy & Jobs 24-09-2012

Ukrainian import tariff plan threatens EU relations, global trade

Ukraine has told its trading partners it wants to raise tariffs on hundreds of imported goods, a move that could unleash protectionist forces and may even pose a threat to the €14 trillion global trade system. EU sources told EURACTIV that this could raise “systemic questions” over the country’s relations with the Union.

Global Europe 10-02-2012

EU-India trade deal not yet in sight

European and Indian officials don’t expect much will come out of the EU-India Summit today (10 February) in New Delhi, but leaders on both sides will assess progress on negotiations towards a Free Trade Agreement, which seems stuck in disputes over tariffs.

Trade & Society 22-04-2011

WTO faces tough choices after latest Doha setback

World Trade Organisation members have little time left to rescue the 10-year old Doha trade talks and end a fight over manufacturing trade between the United States and major emerging economies like China, India and Brazil before they meet next week in Geneva.

Trade & Society 17-08-2010

EU-WTO dispute ruling on high-tech products

The European Commission yesterday (16 August) criticised the World Trade Organisation, which ordered the bloc to remove high-tech import tariffs on electronic goods based on a complaint lodged by the US, Japan and Taiwan. The EU executive said it had not yet decided whether to appeal against the ruling.

Trade & Society 29-07-2010

EU considers big tariff cuts to help manufacturers

European Union countries are embroiled in a deepening dispute over an Italian proposal to temporarily drop import tariffs on dozens of raw industrial goods, a move supposed to help EU manufacturers weather the economic crisis.

Energy 21-01-2010

Germany, France cut support for solar power

Germany said yesterday (20 January) that it would cut its subsidies for solar power in line with the rapid take-up of the photovoltaic market. The news follows a similar announcement by France last week.

Climate change 29-09-2009

EU, US eye green goods tax pact in climate fight

The European Union and the United States are holding talks on forging a pact with OECD countries and China to eliminate duties on green goods, as part of a deal with Beijing in view of a global climate agreement to be reached in Copenhagen by the end of the year.

Digital 15-09-2008

EU seeks to dodge IT row with trade pact overhaul

The EU will present plans to re-negotiate a multilateral agreement on trade in information technology (IT) products amid accusations that it is imposing excessive tariffs on imported high-tech goods such as flatscreen TVs and multifunctional printers.

Public Affairs 09-09-2008

Commission to probe trade leak

The European Commission has launched an investigation into newspaper allegations that a top official gave sensitive information to reporters posing as representatives of Chinese businessmen, it announced yesterday (8 September).

Trade & Society 19-08-2008

Transatlantic IT row heats up as US requests WTO ruling

An EU-US dispute over tariffs on high-tech goods, such as flatscreen TVs and multifunctional printers, reached new heights yesterday (18 August) as the US asked the WTO for a formal ruling and admitted that bilateral talks had failed to reach an amicable agreement.

Trade & Society 22-06-2007

Doha trade talks on brink of collapse

India and Brazil have slammed the door on negotiations with the EU and the US at a 'G4' meeting in Postdam, Germany, increasing the likelihood of a total breakdown in efforts to conclude an international trade pact that experts say would add billions to the global economy.