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The Brief: What a wonderful world this would be…

Juncker said that even President Le Pen cannot destroy the EU. We don’t buy that, because she can.


The Brief: Has democracy become too dangerous?

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal". This quote attributed to Emma Goldman, a Russian feminist and anarchist, no longer does the trick.


The Brief: EU’s eastern promise evaporates

In its search for friends, the European Union’s gaze is turning from East to West.


The Brief: May takes back control with Brexit election

Theresa May can take full control of the UK’s Brexit negotiations and stamp out the feeble opposition facing her in Westminster after today announcing a snap election.


The Brief: The man who would be king

This Sunday, Turkey will decide if it wants to appoint a dictator. Tomorrow marks exactly 30 years since the country submitted its application to join the European Union.


The Brief: Burka bans are more racist than Brexit

Brussels bigwigs have been quick to point the finger of blame at Brits being racist and at anyone other than themselves, ever since the Brexit vote. But banning Islamic clothes is more racist than voting to leave the EU.


The Brief: Orbán is the poor man’s Putin

Viktor Orbán has often been described as the enfant terrible of centre-right European politics.


The Brief: Beanz Meanz Brexit

Beanz Meanz Heinz is one of the most iconic advertising campaigns of all time. It is a much superior motto than Brexit Means Brexit, which is fundamentally meaningless.


The Brief: Italian politics could be penne in the neck for Brussels

France, Germany and the Netherlands. The elections we were told to fear. But what about Italy?


The Brief: Roam, sweet roam

MEPs today backed a deal that means people will soon be able to call, text, and surf abroad in the EU for the same cost as they do at home.


The Brief: An offer EU cannot refuse?

Jean-Claude Juncker stood up in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and made a startling admission.


The Brief: The green light for Dieselgate 2?

Plans to create a central pan-European Union agency to stop another Dieselgate scandal reached the end of the road today in Strasbourg.


The Brief: Peace in our time?

An unlikely peace broke out in Brussels today. The scent of cordite and gunsmoke cleared. The snarling dogs of war were slipped back on their leashes.


The Brief: Between ‘The Rock’ and a hard place

Spain and the rest of the EU-27 have stuck Brexit Britain between “The Rock” and a hard place.


The Brief: Tusk gores Brexiteers

Donald Tusk has been on good form since he overcame opposition from his own government to be reappointed as president of the European Council.


The Brief: Will EU miss the British?

European Council President Donald Tusk walked into the packed press conference brandishing the letter that triggered Article 50 and will begin the torturous process that will take Britain out of the EU.


The Brief: Le freak c’est pas chic

Marine Le Pen got the silent treatment when she addressed French business leaders today and it's no wonder – they are freaked out by the prospect of President Le Pen.


The Brief: Fear and loathing in the Eternal City

We bought the ticket and took the ride. Saturday’s March for Europe brought together pro-Europeans from every corner of the continent.


The Brief: When the EU is 64

Our resident bard has penned this lyric to mark the weekend’s celebration of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome.


The Brief: A treaty is just a treaty

The European Union is, we are regularly told, based on the treaties. But who really cares about treaties?


The Brief: The day the Brussels Bubble burst

A year ago today the Brussels bubble burst. The 22 March terror attacks reminded us that the city is not just an EU policymaking machine but, first and foremost, home.


The Brief: EU’s ticking trade timebombs

The European Commission needs to deliver free trade agreements (FTAs). Every deal it seals strengthens the EU but any failure will raise serious questions about what exactly the bloc is for.


The Brief: What happens next with Brexit

The UK today said it will fire the starting gun on Brexit by triggering Article 50, the legal process taking the country out of the bloc, on 29 March.


The Brief: A very unhappy birthday

The EU-Turkey migrant deal is one year old tomorrow. It is time to wish it an unhappy birthday.