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Farmers locked in food production vs. pollution trade-off

Topic: water policy

Development Policy 15-06-2016

ActionAid chief: Africa's 'child marriage' is actually rape

Ahead of this year's European Union Development Days, the NGO ActionAid is focussing on the issue of inequality, with the launch of the report, The Price of Privilege.

Israeli water chief: 'You must talk to neighbours to avoid climate change conflicts'

Israel is one of the world leaders in water desalination. But now it faces a new challenge - climate change. spoke with the Deputy Director General of Israel's Water and Sewage Authority, Oded Fixler.
Health & Consumers 20-05-2016

Waste water: A world under your feet

Removing waste water is a vital service which protects public health and the water environment. The Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive has been one of the EU’s success stories of the last 25 years, writes Jean Pierre Silan.
Sustainable Dev. 13-05-2016

OECD: Corruption costs water sector €66 billion a year

Water is arguably the world’s most precious, if not always most expensive, resource. The OECD is looking to prioritise cooperation between sectors and new forms of financing. EurActiv’s partner El País – Planeta Futuro reports.
Sustainable Dev. 22-03-2016

Report: Coal plants use as much water as 1 billion people and consumption set to double

Coal power plants use enough water to supply the needs of 1 billion people and that will almost double if all the world’s planned power plants come online.
Agriculture & Food 11-12-2015

Spain faces threat of water crisis

In the last 20 years, Spain has lost 20% of its fresh water. If the effects of climate change continue unabated, this figure will rise to 25% by 2021. EurActiv's partner El País - Planeta Futuro reports.
Sustainable Dev. 23-03-2015

Thousands march in Dublin against Irish water charges

Tens of thousands took to the streets of Dublin on Saturday (21 March) in the latest mass protest against new water charges, which have sparked widespread public anger.
Sustainable Dev. 18-11-2014

Irish water levy protests escalate

The constituency office of the Irish minister overseeing unpopular new water charges received a bomb threat on Monday (17 November), the latest escalation in Ireland's most serious anti-austerity protests to date.
Sustainable Dev. 10-09-2014

Manuel Valls wants EU nitrates directive 'to evolve'

Nitrate pollution remains a major problem in France due to its intensive agriculture. The French Prime Minister has resolved to take action, after a new indictment of France by the Court of Justice of the European Union last week.
Sustainable Dev. 13-02-2014

Drinking water: A human right only if everybody can afford it

The European Citizens' Initiative 'Right2Water' is the first to be debated a public hearing in the European Parliament. But the debate risks taking a wrong direction by focusing on political considerations only, writes Jean-Thomas Lesueur.

Commission to regulate flushing of toilets and urinals

The European Commission will adopt criteria next week on delivering an ecolabel to toilets and urinals, EurActiv has learned. The decision comes after years of efforts by experts working for the European Commission's environment directorate, as well as "stakeholders" studying “user behaviour” and “best practices”.
Sustainable Dev. 01-10-2013

People must pay the full cost of water, says EEA

As the UN marks the anniversary of the decision to make the right to water legally binding, the European Environment Agency has called for governments to charge the full price for water, to cut down waste.
Sustainable Dev. 03-09-2013

Europe threatened by greater water risks: OECD report

In Europe, the outlook for water-related disasters over the coming decades is bleak due to stress on water systems, increased demand and pollution, says a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Development Policy 01-08-2013

British Lords blast Commission over water aid to Africa

A House of Lords committee has sent a scathing letter to the European Commission, accusing it of "culpable waste" in its water and sanitation projects in sub-Saharan Africa.
Development Policy 23-07-2013

Foreign ministers promote ‘water diplomacy’

EU foreign ministers underscored on Monday (22 July) that tensions over access to water are likely to rise in the next decade and could endanger stability in many parts of the world. They also highlighted the potential of “water diplomacy” and the need to promote cooperation based on EU experience.
Health & Consumers 04-07-2013

New chemicals, drugs added to EU water pollution watch list

The European Parliament, in agreement with EU member states, has added 12 new substances to the EU priority list of pollutants known to pose a risk to surface water. For the first time, three pharmaceuticals will also be included on a "watch list" of emerging pollutants that could one day be added to the priority list.
InterviewSpecial Report
Sustainable Dev. 04-06-2013

Plastic pipe industry chief: Banking on a greener future

SPECIAL REPORT / Growing market requirements for ‘green procurement’ is driving sustainability, but the success of voluntary corporate sustainability initiatives depends on the attitude and enthusiasm of businesses to live up to higher standards, says Tony Calton.
Sustainable Dev. 11-02-2013

Water rights e-petition first to get 1 million signatures

Organisers of a European Citizens’ Initiative that seeks to halt sales of public water utilities say they have gathered one million signatures from across Europe, becoming the first such group to do so since the grass-roots efforts were launched last spring.
UK & Europe 20-12-2012

Unilever eyes EU research to halve its water, CO2 footprint

INTERVIEW / The Dutch multinational Unilever wants to boost its participation in EU research programmes to develop the breakthrough technologies it needs to cut the water use and CO2 emissions of its products by half – two of its key environmental objectives.
Agriculture & Food 14-12-2012

Exporting water through food

Food production is water intensive. This ‘virtual water’ both represents a challenge and an opportunity, since it can be exported worldwide, writes Lars Hvidtfeldt.
Future EU 11-12-2012

US intelligence mulls three scenarios for EU in 2030

Europe will not disintegrate and will remain a great power in 2030, but the key question is whether the EU will punch its collective weight in the future, says a recent US intelligence report which draws three possible scenarios for the Union – decline, collapse or renaissance.
NewsSpecial Report
Trade & Society 07-12-2012

Firms tap technology to improve water delivery

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Bulgaria loses as much as half its urban water supply through leaks, and across the European Union, some as much as 40% of piped water never makes it to consumers. But emerging technology could help reduce waste and turn water systems into energy sources.
NewsSpecial Report
Agriculture & Food 22-11-2012

Farmers locked in food production vs. pollution trade-off

SPECIAL REPORT / SPECIAL REPORT / Agriculture remains a major threat to water quality in Europe, according to the latest report by the European Union’s environmental agency. But farmers and EU policymakers are also quick to highlight the trade-off between conservation objectives and pressure to increase food production.