European automakers pooled together to show a unified front against EU proposals to limit CO2 emissions from new cars to 120 grammes per kilometre. But internal divisions remain as to how the burden of cuts should be shared between manufacturers.

Car manufacturers have so far reduced average emissions from 186g/km in 1995 to 163g/km in 2004, but only four European manufacturers (Fiat, Citroen, Renault and Peugeot) appear to be on track to meet the industry's 2008 voluntary target. 

ACEA says that the average retail price of a new car will increase by €3,650 if it has to meet a 120g/km target – although these figures are contested by environmentalists. 

The Commission also notes that there are already cars on the market that have low CO2 emissions without any substantial price differences. 

While ACEA conceded, at a business conference on 20 March 2007, that "some companies are better positioned than others to reach the target," it stressed that the industry as a whole opposed the proposals.