Barroso scolds ‘chauvinistic’ British attitude on immigration


The European Commission accused countries that want to limit the free movement of people in the European Union of indulging in chauvinism and stereotypes, an apparent reference to Britain's increasingly staunch views on migration.

Barroso: We don't want first and second class citizens in Europe

In a speech to the European Parliament on Wednesday (15 January), Commission President José Manuel Barroso did not refer to Britain or other countries by name, but made his target clear.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has repeatedly called for curbs on free movement and stoked concerns about migrants from Romania and Bulgaria heading to Britain in search of work or social handouts, despite little evidence of it happening.

"Let's not use stereotypes and myths," said Barroso, warning against "narrow, chauvinistic" attitudes and populism as he addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

"Let us not give in to scaremongering and obfuscation."

Britain not alone

Asked about the comments, Cameron's spokesman said Britain was not the only country raising concerns, saying Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Italy shared Britain's point of view and wanted the issue of free movement and social security addressed.

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Worried about rising support for Britain's anti-migration UKIP party ahead of European Parliament elections in May, Cameron wants to cap the number of EU immigrants and stop low-skilled ones relocating unless there is a compelling reason.

His views have caused friction with Nick Clegg, the pro-European deputy prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, who are in coalition with Cameron's Conservatives.

Clegg, a former member of the European Parliament, has said Cameron's ideas risk cutting Britain off from Europe and damaging the economy, which benefited substantially from earlier flows of cheaper labour from Poland.

Britain is working on a report examining the impact of EU migration, but differences between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on the issue have delayed its publication.

Four freedoms

EU officials have repeatedly criticised Britain for its tough attitude on migration, which has compounded already tense relations between Brussels and London over Britain's desire to renegotiate its 40-year-old relationship with the EU.

British finance minister George Osborne said on Wednesday the legal treaties that dictate how the EU is run were not "fit for purpose" and should be changed, saying he was determined his country would reshape its EU ties.

One of the biggest frustrations among EU officials is Britain's frequent reference to "benefit tourism" and the suggestion migrants from poorer EU member states are moving to the UK to claim unemployment benefits and other social assistance, despite no clear evidence that this is the case.

"Let's have a rational and reasonable debate," Barroso said. If there was any evidence of abuse of free movement rules, he added, countries had an obligation to crack down on it and were at liberty to do so under existing legislation.

The free movement of citizens is one of four "fundamental freedoms" enshrined in EU law, alongside the free movement of goods, services and capital.

It has long been a cherished component of EU membership, allowing students to move easily to any of the 28 member states to study and workers to seek opportunities abroad.

But after years of economic hardship across Europe, far-right, populist or anti-migration parties have made advances in several countries, including Britain, the Netherlands, France and Denmark, pushing migration up the agenda.

It is expected to be a central part of the debate in the run-up to European Parliament elections on May 22-25, with some polls suggesting anti-EU or protest parties on both the right and the left could win up to a quarter of seats.

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Charles_M's picture

Yet again may I point out that in the last EU enlargement, only the UK, Sweden and Ireland allowed unrestricted immigration. There were no sanctions against France, Germany etc who flagrantly breached EU rules - but then that's different, isn't it?

Lothar Schulz's picture

As usually the comments of Mr. Barroso are quite arrogant and obviously are not focused on the real situation in various member states. Not only Great Britain but also Spain,Italy,Netherlands, Austria and notably Germany.
The attitude of the EU Commission will certainly fuel increasing right wing party interests. It is the people of the member states that have to bear the burden of uncontrolled inflow of non-skilled and illiterate immigrants who seek a social shelter.
Don´t go around bashing England and other European Countries for their understandable and responsible demands to cap unrestricted immigration.

international foundation for research and innovation  's picture

We will present you how EU can get billions of Euro using migrant trend From that moment all those debates about this kind of issues will be avoided because any country will like to have enough number of migrants so they can take profit from some advantages we will present

Barry Davies's picture

So an unelected political failure pontificates and we should all agree with him right when he is collecting his huge welfare payouts in the form of his eussr pension perhaps he will go and live in eastern europe where it will go much further. The unfettered flow of human traffic from the east to the west will lead to mass civil unrest in the near future and plunkers like barosso will still be saying it is a good thing.

Richard's picture

Do we have a freedom of services, such as financial services? And there was I thinking a Single Market on such had been blocked for years because of protectionist forces in countries worried about opening their markets up to an area where the UK has the overwhelming advantage?

Why doesn't Mr Barroso start chiding those countries for blocking up completion of the single market in areas such as energy and financial services, by name?

Also as far as I am aware, students have been studying and workers working in other countries for centuries before the EU even existed. Except that back then, it was accepted that they were guests in a country thast was not their own and therefore accepted their hosts set the rules and conditions.

evad666's picture

Continued focus on the cult of political correctness by the Commission does not bode well for its continued existence.

evad666's picture

"Let us not give in to scaremongering and obfuscation."
A bit rich from a Europhile.

tony a's picture

The European project is over, It failed when the EURO collapsed & the consequences of that are now beginning to manifest with some major economic implications especially for those outside of the Eurozone who are finding they are now just feeder nations pumping their wealth into the EURO while being continually marginalized by the dishonest bureaucrats in Brussels who have not told the people that the EURO recovery will take decades. The bureaucrats are stalling for time until the Lisbon treaty comes into full effect & transfers all power from national governments to Brussels on Nov 2014. The EU has become an organisation purely for the benefit of the political class & Eurozone members. Its reduced once great nations to economic basket cases stripped the people of their democratic rights & if don't think so then answer this, if you don't like a law from Brussels where do you go to change it & who can you protest to? Answer: nowhere & no one because the EU is not in any way a democratic organisation. The Federalist don't want the gravy train to end so they have closed their eyes & covered their ears & are pushing on with their plans. Now they are ceasing hold of powers from nations they have no right to & twisting laws to suite their agenda in bid to hold onto their dream. Their continued marginalization of the people & refusal to address the problems they have created are sowing the seeds of conflict & mistrust between nations not uniting them, they are going to drag us all back into war.

A Londoner's picture

Anger should be directed at UK politicians who have given immigration policy such low priority not ordinary Poles or Romanians. Had immigration policy been a priority, UK politicians would never have pushed for the extension of the EU to low wage countries.

Yet they continue in the same old way. The evidence clearly indicates that integration and social cohesion is most difficult when the immigrants are observant moslems (See "The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury " Danny Lockwood) but irresponsible British politicians press for EU extension to include Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, and of course Turkey.

Ban The EUSSR's picture

vote UKIP and get Britain out of the communist EUSSR

tony a's picture

Londoner, People in the UK don't blame other Europeans they blame the unelected EU elite & the EURO & to be fair the UK had no idea the Eurozone members let in countries who where already bankrupt & didn't qualify. The blame lies with the national governments of Southern Europe who lied & the Bureaucrats in Brussels who forced the banks via legislation to give them the same access to credit at the same rates as GerMONEY. They put their desires for a federal Europe ahead of economic reality with devastating consequences. They knew for years the Euro was failing & covered it all up until the Banking crisis forced them to show their hand. The collapse of the EURO has changed the whole dynamic of Europe & the Bureaucrats who broke their own rules are now demanding everyone else follow them & are using free movement to push the problems from the Eurozone onto the non Eurozone members. We have seen the truth about Europe & how the Eurozone has taken control & now formed itself into a clique within Europe & don't think we have forgotten about their attempt to push Britain under a bus & save themselves with the introduction of the Tobin tax that was directly aimed at taking 50Bn a year out of Britain's economy & passing it to themselves.

evad666's picture

It was self evident the EU and its EURO would create problems from its inception as even the original core EU nations massaged the entry requirements so they could subsequently attract others to join their Ponzi scheme.
Much is made here of UK concern on immigration. No one has picked up the fact its the continued flood from S Asia which is stressing UK citizens. But our leaders propensity for duplicity will not allow that to be addressed. With the Commissions connivance they hide behind both the EU Commission and Courts rulings on free movement while disenfranchising and reducing their populace to penury.

Don Latuske's picture

I am really sick to death of so much blame that has been laid at Britain's door, not just now but over the years. Tony A is right when he says that the recent euro crisis was about saving the EU/euro and fuck all to do with the Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and Irish people, the poor fuckers who have to pay for everything. Blame the bankers?- WHAT THE FUCK WERE POLITICIANS HERE AND ABROAD DOING ALL THAT TIME EXCEPT HOLDING OUR THEIR FUCKING HANDS FOR MORE AND MORE TAXES WITHOUT HAVING A CLUE WHAT THE FUCKING BANKS WERE DOING ALL THIS TIME??!!
On a calmer note, we in the UK voted to joing a SINGLE MARKET, a European Economic Community. Now with various (hopefully soon to be ex-) Commissioners coming out with saying we MUST move towards a US of E, I can only hope that, whatever position Brits hold, there will be no choice but to not sign up to a US of E which would require a new treaty and most definitely a referendum in the UK so yes, roll up the US of E!!

Barry Davies's picture

Actually evade the amount of people fro S asia has dried up considerably

Gerry's picture

There is a simple way to raise living standards in the east EU countries to match those of the west, and that would be to simply give them that money, through debt mutualization or something similar, but let's face it that is not going to happen. So there must be a way for those of poorer countries to find employ in the richer ones to raise their standards of living. This has already been agreed to and implemented years ago, and like Barroso has said, the freedom to move around constitutes a fundamental freedom for EU citizens. But although change causes friction, and immigration causes resentment, in the longer run Europe will be much stronger as a result, the EU leadership knows that, and there's no chance this freedom will be taken away.

Barry Davies's picture

No there is no chance that the self serving failed politicians will ever accept the truth that freedom of movement is destabilising the area and is more likely to lead to mass civil unrest than any of the other brain dead edicts from brussells. Europe will suffer across the board in the way that Jugoslavia did because of this stupidity.

Barry Davies's picture

So you are promoting your own book lola, actually if we ignore the economy the world will fall apart it is rather an important aspect of everyones life.