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Re:House of Lords report finds allegations of EU interference unfounded

Every one should know by now that the Tories' objections to the EU are a complete beat-up, based on a self-serving and destructive ideology.

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Re:Rich nations' fossil fuel export funding dwarfs green spend

This industry is the millstone that will drag us to the depth if we don't cut it loose.

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Re:Fossil fuels must stay in ground – but be realistic, Chris Smith says

Had these companies started developing carbon sequencing technology thirty years ago we would now be in a position to use them.

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Re: For Britain's poorest, food aid becomes a way of life

The wealthy and powerful keep screwing the working class and the poor but we're still far too dumb to stand up to them. Things will have to get a...

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Re:Euroscepticism on the rise in UK

None of which explains why you're into it up your necks. Kinda strange, don't you think? After eleven hundre years of reducing the power of the...

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Re:New EU air safety measures could follow Germanwings tragedy

What made this disastrous event possible was not the lack of security, but the too much of it. It's debatable if reinforced doors have indeed...