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Re:Merkel calls for 'industry 4.0' at German IT Summit

There is no point in trying to break into a market and industry that has already reached its apex, and there's no point in backtracking on...

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Re:Šefčovič tells MEPs he has a vision for EU’s Energy Union

Economists are guided by a deeply flawed theory of 'rational agents' to push our economies into ever deeper world wide 'free trade' agreements,...

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Re:Bulc walks on fire… and survives

Well I certainly had my doubts, but now she's made it, good on her.

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Re:Moscow: Ukraine expects the West to pay its $3.1 billion gas bill

Ukraine is a liability that Europe never asked for. These fools have been in the same trouble with Gazprom for how long now? This is just an...

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Re:Barroso: UK cannot get by without a little help from its friends

Barroso should never have added his voice to the 'no' campaign for Scottish independence, to support Cameron, by making out that it would be a...

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Re:Will Bulc invite the Parliament to "look through the density of consciousness"?

Look i don't know what the problem is, because i actually have to agree with this woman. There is nobody with as great a density as what Bulc...