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Re:EU leaders bewildered as Greeks elect Syriza

"if a nation wants to deceive itself, it's up to them"?? Up to date, none of the politicians who have so lead Greeks so up the tax heaven path...

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Re:Can Potami tame Eurosceptic Syriza?

Perhaps what Tsipras should do is to seek to establish an international court, where he can bring the officals and politicians who oversaw the...

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Re:Stylianides heads to eastern Ukraine, as aid groups warn of humanitarian disaster

Ukraine could have offered the Donbass region the status of an semi-autonomous region right from the start. This would have been in line with the...

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Re:France hikes anti-terror budget despite austerity commitment

"Government" is basically a protection racket, and nothing like the threat of conflict to improve it's standing with the citizenry...

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Re:National Front in confusion after Paris attacks

The Paris attackers were people who were disillusioned by society's rejection of their ethnic background. It's the NF policies and attitudes that...

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Re:Hammond: ‘Everybody fears the consequences of Britain leaving the EU’

What people don't like is a disturbance to the status quo, and that is the kind of upset a Brexit would cause.