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Re:EU won’t adopt Australian model of turning back immigrant boats

The big lie is that's it's all about the deaths- it's not, at least not exclusively, it's about the survivors.

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Re:Sir Graham Watson: I’m trying to lay the bases of a supranational party

It's a great explanation, and will lead to a further evolution of the system as we have it now. It will bring both the EP and the elections...

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Re:Juncker: If Greece leaves, Anglo-Saxons will try to break up eurozone

Sure we have to deal with one issue at a time. But to survive long-term the EU needs to have core integration.

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Re:Big rescue mission saves 4,500 boat migrants

These people are used to a bit more then just a crowded boat and some hostile locals, they are escaping war zones, deprivation and a complete...

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Re:Britain's boring election reaches gripping finale

There are different ways of running a minority government, one leading to failure and the other one to success.

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Re:Will the Digital Single Market be multilingual?

There was a site called PressEurop for a while. It shut down a year ago for lack of funds.