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Re:Stop Mediterranean becoming vast migrant cemetery, Pope tells Europe

Given that Obama just proposed legislation to give residence to five million illegal Mexicans, pope Francis could hardly sit there and say nothing...

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Re:Malmström: Only minor adjustments to ISDS in trade deal with Canada

"The TTIP is a giant geostratic opportunity "??

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Re:Senior Brussels official: Ukraine leadership ‘manipulating the EU’

Ukrainians pay as much for their gas as the Greeks used to pay for tax. And there you go, the EU steps in and goes guarantor. They sure gave this...

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Re:West, Poroshenko condemn eastern Ukraine ‘election’

God knows how much destruction they will heap and how many deaths they will inflict before they will let the Donbass region devolve, but that will...

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Re:Eurozone 'a problem' for the world economy

In the US, a state like Arkansas performs a lot worse then a state like California, and a state like Colorado a lot worse then the state of New...

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Re:Europe under massive virtual cyber attack

The Narus Insight however is one of those machines that was specifically developed for the mass surveillance of the population and their use of...