EU set to unveil new rules on roaming

The European Commission will adopt a plan on Thursday to scrap mobile roaming charges by 2016 and to boost broadband speed.
In a proposal that has already proved unpopular among mobile phone companies, the new draft legislation is seen by the Commission as as the next step to complete a pan-European digital single market.
But large networks, including Vodafone, Orange and Telefónica, have complained that capping roaming costs within Europe will cost them a huge amount.

According to a leaked draft text, the new plan would force networks to offer a flat rate to consumers across Europe for calls, messages and internet connection. Alternatively, clients could also switch operators when abroad.

Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso is expected to unveil the plans to the European Parliament in his last  'State of the Union' address before the European elections in May.

The proposal will be debated by the 28 commissioners in Strasbourg on Tuesday. EU Digital Agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes was initially set to present the new plan on Wednesday, before Barroso's last big speech.

Published date: 
Tuesday, 10 September, 2013 - 14:46