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Global Europe 29-06-2022

‘Russian Salad’ on the menu at NATO summit raises eyebrows

As they waited for the arrival of leaders in the NATO summit venue on the outskirts of Madrid on 28 June, officials and journalists were bemused to find "Russian Salad" on the top of the in-house restaurant menu.
Global Europe 29-06-2022

Dozens missing after strike on Ukraine mall, Russia presses attacks on east

Dozens of people were still missing on 29 June after a Russian missile strike on a shopping mall in central Ukraine two days ago, while a regional governor said the situation was "very difficult" in Lysychansk in the east.
Global Europe 29-06-2022

EU insurance ban targets Russian oil exports

An EU ban on insuring ships transporting Russian oil could potentially hurt Moscow more than its embargo on the nation's crude, analysts say.
Global Europe 29-06-2022

US talking with India on Russia oil price cap

Talks on agreeing and implementing a price cap on Russian oil exports have begun with large oil consuming countries, including India, and will soon start with smaller consumers in Africa and Latin America, US officials said on Tuesday (28 June).
Politics 29-06-2022

EU brings most distant overseas regions closer to Brussels

The EU’s Committee of the Regions (CoR) will put a citizen from the bloc’s outermost regions at the helm of an EU institution, which is a historic first.
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Health 29-06-2022

Driving Europe towards a healthier soft drink environment

As we, Europe’s soft drinks sector, celebrate the one-year anniversary of our new and enhanced health and nutrition commitments, this seems a timely moment to take stock of our actions to create a healthier soft drink environment in Europe.
Non-discrimination 29-06-2022

Polish court rules that ‘LGBT-free zones’ must be abolished

A top Polish appeals court ruled on Tuesday (28 June) that so-called "LGBT-free zones" must be scrapped in four municipalities, a verdict welcomed by activists as a victory for human rights and democracy.
Brexit 29-06-2022

Scottish government seeks independence vote in October 2023

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced plans for a second referendum to be held on Scottish independence in October next year, vowing to take legal action to ensure a vote if the British government tried to block it.
Global Europe 29-06-2022

Russia tries to impress West by publishing satellite photos of nuclear war targets

Russia's space agency published the coordinates of Western defence headquarters including the US Pentagon and the venue of NATO's summit on Tuesday (28 June), saying Western satellite operators were working for Russia's enemy - Ukraine.
Economy & Jobs 29-06-2022

Warsaw’s Ukranian ‘paradox’: The Polish capital’s long road to recovery

Inflation and war in neighbouring Ukraine have dampened the Polish capital’s efforts to rebuild after the pandemic while also tackling the city centre's long-standing challenges - depopulation and soaring real estate prices.
Agrifood 28-06-2022

EU auditors urge Commission to move into digital age on agri data collection

The European Commission continues to manually process agricultural data on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on Excel spreadsheets, a new report from the EU Court of Auditors said, calling on the EU executive to move into the digital age.
Technology 28-06-2022

Experts call for focus on quantum computing in Chips Act

Upscaling and investing in quantum computing should be integrated into the European Chips Act as the EU is a promising leader in this field, experts have urged.
Media 28-06-2022

French public broadcasting sector on strike, uncertain about its future

French public television and radio groups went on strike on Tuesday (June 28) against the planned abolition of the broadcasting licence fee paid by French households, which the service says ensures the proper functioning and independence of their newsrooms.
Health 28-06-2022

EU begins rollout of monkeypox vaccines

The first deliveries of a monkeypox vaccine bought by the EU's Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) have been sent to Spain, with shipments to Portugal, Germany and Belgium soon to follow. 
Global Europe 28-06-2022

Bulgaria kicks out 70 Russian ‘diplomats’ for espionage

Bulgaria has declared ‘personae non grata’ the record number of 70 Russian diplomats for activity incompatible with their diplomatic status, outgoing Prime Minister Kiril Petkov announced late on Tuesday (28 June).
Politics 28-06-2022

Sturgeon sets out plans for October 2023 Scottish independence vote

The Scottish government has put itself on a constitutional collision course with the UK government after it set out plans to hold a second independence referendum in October 2023.

G7 stress close alignment with non-Western democracies amid fears of bloc politics

Leaders of the West’s biggest democracies sought to demonstrate unity with non-Western democracies at the G7 summit that concluded on Tuesday (28 June), as the world heads towards a new era of bloc politics.
Transport 28-06-2022

Portrait of the countries against an ICE ban

In the dying days of their EU Council Presidency, the French are trying once again to pull off an impressive diplomatic feat - to get EU member states to agree a position on the Fit for 55 climate laws package.
Economy & Jobs 28-06-2022

The Brief – Austere identity politics is back, threatening the EU

While a purchasing power crisis unfolds and slowing gas flows threaten to shut down parts of European industry, austerity is back, hurting the EU’s ability to react to the looming crises.
Economy & Jobs 28-06-2022

Education Commissioner: teaching citizenship values a ‘common political responsibility’

Education around citizenship values across the EU is a “common political responsibility,” Commissioner for Education and Culture Mariya Gabriel told EURACTIV in an interview, adding that teachers can act as “real role models” for European students.
Technology 28-06-2022

Building a sustainable path towards planetary system of knowledge

The global internet that keeps our information ecosystem rich and robust is at risk. Policies aimed at ensuring technological neutrality, portability and interoperability are urgent, warn Juan Ortiz Freuler and Stefano Quintarelli. Juan Ortiz Freuler is a researcher at the...
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Becoming climate neutral by 2050: How Europe’s energy system has to change

In light of climate change and the war in Ukraine, the European energy system faces an unprecedented transformation. How can this succeed? Michael Jesberger is the COO of TransnetBW. Let’s assume we are in 2050 and the Green Deal is...
Global Europe 28-06-2022

Russian embassy in Sofia launches appeal for war donations

A blogpost of the Russian embassy in Sofia, inviting citizens to make donations for “the military participating in the special operation to protect the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics” is making waves in Bulgaria. EURACTIV Bulgaria took a closer look at the appeal.
Health 28-06-2022

Eating fat helps to loose fat, study found

A new study found that a non-calorie restricted low carbohydrate, high-fat diet improved diabetes control and reduced fat in the liver, contrary to what doctors previously believed.

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