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Politics 06-07-2022

Varoufakis slams Mitsotakis’s ‘oligarchy’ in EU Parliament

Greek opposition leader Yanis Varoufakis slammed Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis following his speech in the European Parliament on the seventh anniversary of the Greek referendum on Tuesday (5 July) that saw citizens vote overwhelmingly against EU imposed austerity measures.
Politics 06-07-2022

Amid waning support for Ukraine, Germany dithers on delivering tanks

As international support for Ukraine loses momentum, Germany keeps refusing to deliver high-tech tanks to Ukraine and bets on “swap exchanges” with Eastern European countries to assist the war-torn country.
Technology 06-07-2022

Germany’s draft digital strategy prompts criticism over delays, vagueness

Germany’s digital strategy - promised for the first half of 2022 - has been delayed until the end of August. EURACTIV has seen the draft, which experts say falls short of expectations. The responsible ministry has promised further adjustments.
Health 06-07-2022

Health brief: The burden of war on Ukrainian doctors

Healthcare staff in Kyiv have reported increasing numbers of patients, with many struggling to access health services and medicines in the country that has been under attack from Russia since the end of February. 
Health 06-07-2022

Roe v. Wade: the ripple effect in Europe

As the US Supreme Court rolled back reproductive rights for women across the country in a decision that shocked the world, the fallout has sparked reactions in Europe, including protests, calls for more reproductive freedom, and even enshrining the right to abortion in constitutions.
Technology 06-07-2022

Microsoft-Activision deal subject of UK competition probe

Microsoft’s acquisition of gaming company Activision Blizzard entered the UK’s regulatory spotlight on Wednesday (6 July) after the antitrust watchdog initiated a competition inquiry into the deal. 
Technology 06-07-2022

Germany’s antitrust body tightens grip on Amazon over market dominance

Germany's competition authority revealed on Wednesday (6 July) its decision that Amazon is of "paramount significance across markets", meaning it will be subject to the extended rules of market abuse control, as has already been the case with Google's parent company Alphabet and Facebook's parent Meta.
Transport 06-07-2022

The Brief – Send in the army

Europe’s well-documented airport woes are upending air travel across the bloc, with no immediate fix in sight. In a move that reeks of desperation, the Irish government is now preparing the army to help keep passenger queues moving.
Global Europe 06-07-2022

Russians requested to work overtime under bills imposing wartime controls

Russia's parliament on Wednesday (6 July) rushed through two bills imposing strict controls on the economy, requiring businesses to supply goods to the armed forces and obliging employees at some firms to work overtime.
Central Asia 06-07-2022

EU plans investment in world’s tallest dam in Tajikistan to dent Russia’s energy clout

The EU plans to become the top investor in the world's tallest dam in Tajikistan, officials said, in a move aimed at helping Central Asia cut its reliance on Russian energy and part of EU's answer to China's Belt and Road Initiative.
Energy 06-07-2022

EU-Taxonomy: Berlin embraces ‘green’ label for gas, Greens dismay

The EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy is set to temporarily assign a “green” label to nuclear power and fossil gas – a move embraced by parts of the German government and industry. The European Commission’s proposal to include fossil gas and...
Global Europe 06-07-2022

Ukraine evacuates civilians as Russia advances in Donbas

The evacuation of civilians from Sloviansk continued Wednesday (6 July) as Russian troops pressed towards the eastern Ukrainian city in their campaign to control the Donbas region, as Ireland's prime minister visited Kyiv.
Global Europe 06-07-2022

How the US Treasury sank a small European bank

European companies have paid heavily for the US self-assigned right to adjudicate on a global scale on the activities of non-US businesses and individuals. The disturbing case of Banca Privada d’Andorra offers yet another striking example, writes Dick Roche.
Global Europe 06-07-2022

Kremlin slams Japan’s ‘unfriendly’ stance amid oil price cap talk

The Kremlin criticised Japan on Wednesday (6 July)  over what it called a "very unfriendly position" towards Russia, saying this hampered the development of economic relations, including in energy.
Central Asia 06-07-2022

Russia shuts down terminal after Kazakhstan offers to send more oil to the EU

A Russian court closed a key oil terminal for the export of Kazakh oil on 6 July, two days after the President of Kazakhstan told Council President Charles Michel that his country is ready to send more oil to the EU.

The Green Brief: A French miracle on climate?

Greetings and welcome to EURACTIV’s Green Brief. Below you’ll find the latest roundup of news covering energy & environment from across Europe. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter here. The French presidency had to perform one last miracle, said...

‘Moment of truth’: EU’s ‘green’ gas and nuclear investment rules head for final vote

A European Union plan to label investments in natural gas and nuclear power plants as climate-friendly will be put to a final vote on Wednesday (6 July) when lawmakers decide whether to accept or reject proposals that have divided governments and investors.
Global Europe 06-07-2022

Kyiv asks Turkey to probe three more Russian ships it alleges transported stolen grain

Ukraine has asked Turkey to help investigate three Russian-flagged ships as part of Kyiv’s efforts to probe what it alleges is the theft of grain from Russian-occupied territory, according to official documents.
Politics 06-07-2022

Czech presidency to face the music on EU enlargement

In today’s edition of the Capitals, find out more about Belgian ministers deciding on the next steps for a COVID vaccine strategy, the Slovenian state budget deficit seeing a dramatic drop since last year, and so much more.
Brexit 06-07-2022

Boris Johnson on the brink as ministers quit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face questions in parliament followed by a grilling by senior lawmakers on 6 July, with his premiership on the brink after a slew of resignations from ministers saying he was not fit to govern.

Foreigners look to invest in Hungarian real estate as national currency weakens

Foreign investors are increasingly interested in purchasing Hungarian property after the country’s national currency, the forint, rapidly depreciated, Telex reported. In just a few months, the forint has lost ten per cent of its value against the euro, making Hungarian real...
Global Europe 06-07-2022

Heavy fighting, widespread shelling in battle for Donetsk

Russian troops are engaged in heavy fighting supported by widespread artillery fire as they launch a major offensive for Ukraine's Donetsk region, Ukrainian officials said on 5 July, a day after Moscow declared victory in the neighbouring province of Luhansk.
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Health 06-07-2022

Ride for Vape – 700 km by bike for education about e-cigarettes

Last Saturday in Turin: Two professionally equipped and very well prepared cyclists started a long journey through Italy and Switzerland to Strasbourg. The 700 km tour across the Alps was anything but a pleasure trip. The riders have a mission....
Europe's East 06-07-2022

West urges Russia and Belarus removal from sport governing boards

Western powers on Tuesday (5 July) called for international sport federations to remove state-affiliated Russians and Belarusians over the Ukraine invasion, after leading events already banned their athletes.

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