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Energy 25-01-2022

US in talks with energy producers to supply Europe if Russia invades Ukraine

The United States is in talks with major energy-producing countries and companies around the world over a potential diversion of supplies to Europe if Russia invades Ukraine, senior Biden administration officials said on Tuesday (25 January).
Politics 25-01-2022

The Brief — Germany’s phantom chancellor

In the midst of contentious debates around mandatory vaccines and possible arms shipments to Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz seems to wish he could borrow Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility. But his strategy of flying under the radar might be a deathly hallow.

EU might propose freezing funds for Poland and Hungary before April

The European Commission could propose freezing European Union structural funds for Hungary and Poland over concerns for the rule of law before a Hungarian parliamentary election on 3 April, Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn said on Tuesday (25 January).
Global Europe 25-01-2022

EU reports ‘positive signs’ in Libya despite poll delay

The EU will continue to train the Libyan coastguard to control migration and border security, and sees ‘some positive signs’ despite the postponement of elections in the war torn North African state last month.
Global Europe 25-01-2022

EU to take a hard look at foreign interference in its democracy

EU ministers and European Parliament members are stepping up coordinated EU action to counteract foreign interference, with most fingers pointing to Moscow and Beijing.
Global Europe 25-01-2022

NATO takes control of troop movements in Ukraine standoff

The NATO alliance will make all decisions on possible movement of troops amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis, US Deputy national security adviser Jonathan Finer said on Tuesday (25 January).

No more delays: the Commission must publish new rules for corporate Europe

It's time for the European Commission to finally make good on its promise to regulate the supply chains that feed into Europe’s single market, argues Richard Gardiner.
Economy & Jobs 25-01-2022

Central and Eastern Europe needs a different type of eurozone

EU countries such as Czechia, Croatia and Bulgaria should have the courage to distinguish between the political realities of the European integration process and their own long term economic interests. They should leverage their future membership of the eurozone for significant structural change, writes Eoin Drea.
Transport 25-01-2022

Vălean’s valiant defence of the winter transport package

EU transport Commissioner Adina Vălean called in to the European Parliament's transport committee on Monday to answer questions on the Commission's winter mobility package.
Global Europe 25-01-2022

EU sees strengthened partnership with US vital for global recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the weakness of international organisations and the need for a stronger transatlantic partnership for a fair global recovery, the EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell said during a Foundation for European Progressive Studies event.
Economy & Jobs 25-01-2022

Skills – the currency of the future. How is the EU accelerating upskilling and reskilling?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference, the third event of the 'Future of Work Lab debate series', to find out where we stand one year after the launch of the Pact for Skills and how skills are becoming 'the currency of the future'.
Central Asia 25-01-2022

Mysterious power blackout hits Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

The central Asian nations of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan suffered electrical power outages in major cities on Tuesday (25 January), according to authorities and residents, after a major power line in Kazakhstan was disconnected.
Global Europe 25-01-2022

Court orders Turkey to pay damages to German reporter

The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday (25 January) ordered Turkey to pay damages in excess of €12,300 to a German-Turkish journalist, ruling that his rights were violated by a year-long detention.
Agrifood 25-01-2022

French agri minister manoeuvres review of pesticide residues onto EU agenda

The French agriculture minister’s ambitions to link the upcoming pesticides directive review with completely separate legislation on maximum residue limits has confused stakeholders, some of who see it as a covert way to overhaul the current framework on pesticide tolerances.
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Agrifood 25-01-2022

Specialty food ingredients: Innovating to meet consumer needs

Delivering nutritional, technological and health benefits, specialty food ingredients play a key role in the creation of safe, nutritious, tasty and convenient food and drink products.
Economy & Jobs 25-01-2022

Representative Action Directive: deficiencies that need to be fixed

The Representative Action Directive aimed to protect consumers from abusive trade practices still faces deficiencies that need to be addressed, writes Dr Polykarpos Adamidis.
Digital & Media 25-01-2022

EU must resist attempts to dilute Digital Markets Act 

The EU is on the brink of adopting new rules that will transform the dynamics of the digital economy and so significantly improve consumers’ experience. But it is crucially important that EU lawmakers resist last-ditch attempts by Big Tech companies to derail or neutralise these rules before they reach the statute book, writes Ursula Pachl.
Health 25-01-2022

Dutch beer maker enters fight against plastic in UK football

As the football industry continues to grapple with the financial implications of the pandemic, the Dutch beer maker Heineken has reignited the fight against plastic in UK leagues.
Elections 25-01-2022

Portugal’s flourishing far right target Roma ahead of vote

Portugal's far-right Chega party has adopted a harsh line against the country's Roma population ahead of Sunday's snap election, accusing the community of welfare benefits abuse and crime.

Fridays for Future activists call for exclusion of fossil gas and nuclear energy from green label

As the battle over including fossil gas and nuclear energy as “transitional” investments towards a sustainable Europe continues, Fridays for Future activists Luisa Neubauer and Dominika Lasota spoke to EURACTIV about why they think both energy sources should be kept...
Global Europe 25-01-2022

Mali asks Denmark to immediately withdraw troops deployed there

Mali's government said it had asked Denmark to immediately withdraw troops deployed to the West African nation as part of a French-led counter-terrorism task force because it was not consulted and the deployment failed to follow protocol.
Europe's East 25-01-2022

Ukraine’s Deputy PM: Unlikely Russian troops will ‘simply’ withdraw from our borders

Russia's military pressure at Ukraine's borders, targeted to destabilise the country and undermine its economy, is an illustration of the 'new normal' Vladimir Putin is trying to impose on world affairs, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna told EURACTIV.
France's Foreign Trade Minister Franck Riester in the Europa building of the EU Council in Brussels
Economy & Jobs 25-01-2022

Lawmakers criticise French EU Presidency for inaction on trade

Trade minister Franck Riester faced criticism in the European Parliament on Monday (24 January) for the "glamorous silence" of the French EU Council presidency when it comes to free trade agreements.
Politics 25-01-2022

Why Putin wants escalation with the West

In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Dublin raising concerns over Russian naval exercises set to be held off the coast of Ireland next month, Portugal possibly having to be brought to the EU Court in Luxembourg for delaying its 5G rollout, and so much more.

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