Editorial Charter

EURACTIV is an independent pan-European online media network specialised in EU affairs. The Network provides EU news and policy analysis in 12 languages free of charge, reaching 800,000 unique readers per month and generating 2,3 million page views across Europe and beyond.

EURACTIV is recognised for its independence and its multilingual, unbiased journalism. The national teams of our Network are autonomous: they deliver both localised and original news and grow economically sustainable media.

Our guiding principles, spelt out in the editorial mission, are efficiency, transparency and balance.

Content is produced in full impartiality, without favouring the political views of any national or international institution, government, political party or pressure group.

This obligation of independence dictates the conduct of all journalists, editors and staff members participating in preparing editorial content, from news-gathering to publication.

At a time of growing and sometimes justified public suspicion about the impartiality, accuracy and integrity of the media, EURACTIV and its staff maintain the highest ethical standards to ensure continued reader confidence in our content.

We maintain our impartiality and independence thanks to diversified sources of funding and an innovative business model, which allows us to make our content 100% freely accessible. EURACTIV may seek private and public funding provided that it is in line with the spirit and substance of this editorial charter. We are grateful to our sponsors for supporting our editorial mission. While we listen to their views, we do not privilege them.

Thus, the journalists of EURACTIV undertake to “resist every pressure and to accept editorial orders only from the responsible persons of the editorial staff.” (Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Journalists, 1971).

EURACTIV’s editor-in-chief acts as the guardian of the media’s editorial independence and impartiality and is the guarantor of its editorial policy, including strict observation of this charter and respect for the principles of honesty and pluralism of information.

Any reader can at any time question EURACTIV, via its website, about its independent treatment of news and demand a right of reply.

“Efficacité et transparence des acteurs européens” has been our motto since EURACTIV started in 1999.

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