Editorial Mission

EURACTIV is an independent pan-European media network specialised in EU policies.

We spark and nourish policy debates among stakeholders, including government, business and civil society. We cover policy processes upstream of decisions, summarising the issues without taking sides.

The EURACTIV Network of both independent and integrated offices provides free localised EU policy news in 12 languages, reaching 800.000 readers across Europe and beyond, every month.

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EURACTIV is recognised for its independence and its multilingual and unbiased journalism. The national teams are autonomous: they deliver both localised and original news and grow economically sustainable media.

Our guiding principles are efficiency, transparency and balance

  1. We are European, united in diversity, and seek to give the floor to as many voices as possible, including neighbouring nations and international actors.
  2. We provide multilingual, relevant, clear, accurate and in-depth coverage on European policies
  3. We spark debates among stakeholders, including government, business and civil society.
  4. We cover policy processes upstream of decisions, summarising issues without taking sides. News is clearly separated from opinion and commercial communications.
  5. We maintain our independence with an innovative business model and do not privilege views from sponsors. National media respect such ethics and daily quote EURACTIV and republish entire articles.
  6. We build trustworthy relationships and respect our sources. We uphold high journalistic ethics.

This editorial mission was prepared in collaboration with EURACTIV’s media network editors and it seeks to be an inspiration for their editorial guidelines.

EURACTIV has developed content exchange partnerships with a select number of national quality media like The Guardian, La Tribune and Der Tagesspiegel. EURACTIV’s network and content exchange partners are listed here.

Business model & media independence

EURACTIV’s sources of revenue are described in detail on the site under EURACTIV Media Network BV. Please also consult pages on Corporate Sponsoring, Euractor MembershipSpecial Reports and LinksDossiersEU projects, Stakeholder Workshops and Advertising for more detailed information about EURACTIV’s services. EURACTIV affiliates are transparent about their sources of revenue.

If EURACTIV develops new activities, relevant to EU actors, they may require other guidelines in order not to hinder our media independence.

Guidelines for news organisations in Brussels

EURACTIV participated in the drafting of the International Federation of Journalists’ professional guidelines for news organisations in Brussels:

Issued in Brussels by Journalists @ Your Service, a help centre supported by the European Journalism Centre (IFJ), the International Press Association (API), the Belgian Journalists’ Union, the Brussels branch of the British and Irish NUJ and the International Press Centre.

The expansion of news outlets in Brussels is recognition of the importance of the city as a hub for information on political, corporate and civil society affairs and further enhances the role of Brussels as one of the world’s main news centres. This expansion, including new electronic media, provides flexible and versatile ways of providing information services in the public interest,

The growth of new media services also provides a welcome opportunity to restate and reaffirm the values of independent journalism in a city where lobbying interests and political policymakers compete for influence.

All journalists groups and media working from and based in Brussels should declare

  • Their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of journalism, freedom of the press and pluralism;
  • That all issues relating to the ethics of journalism should be a matter for journalists and media professionals alone;
  • That the credibility of news and information depends on the highest ethical standards in the gathering, presentation and circulation of news material.
  • With these principles in mind, journalists’ groups and news media organisations working in Brussels may consider adopting the following guidelines to promote editorial quality and internal and external transparency over media activity.

Media should:

  • Define and publish, where appropriate, an editorial mission statement;
  • Establish an internal editorial charter, in line with international standards, that secures the editorial independence of journalists and respects the norms of ethical practice (concerning, for example, right to act according to conscience, policy on receipt of inducements, gifts and facilities provided by public and private interests, dealing with complaints, etc);
  • Develop and publish a code of editorial conduct regarding content quality (concerning, for example, respect for the truth, the need for clearly attributed sources, respect for non-discrimination and tolerance, the objective of doing no harm, protection of sources, etc);
  • Ensure clear separation of advertising material and paid for space from editorial content in all publications, whatever the mode of dissemination;
  • Implement internal standards for monitoring the personal interests of employees and owners that may compromise editorial independence and which must be made known to the Editor in Chief;
  • Make available information on the external interests and ownership profile of the organisation;
  • Make available information regarding any benefits providing a pecuniary advantage provided by public authorities, including information on engagement in projects or activities funded by international organisations;
  • Provide employment conditions and/or working relations that reflect adherence to national and international labour standards;
  • Set up and publish details of a mechanism for dealing with complaints and making corrections where errors of fact have been made;
  • Appoint or designate a member of the staff to act as an ombudsman or contact person to whom concerns and problems of an ethical and professional nature can be addressed.

“Efficacité et transparence des acteurs européens”
has been our motto since EURACTIV started in 1999.

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