Rebranding EURACTIV: the narrative behind the new logo

EURACTIV’s new logo

Many people say EU policy is boring. Or dull. Or lifeless. We beg to differ: Our mission is to make them change their mind. Since the beginning EURACTIV has delivered free policy news, contributed to the debates through events, reports and other services for EU stakeholders. We do this in 12 languages from 12 capitals. We reach 1.7 million users directly and indirectly via our media partners, every month.

Being pro-European is less obvious these days? Not for us: We were born European, It’s in our DNA! We are now changing and growing, to support Europe even better. “Pro-European” does not mean “pro-EU institutions”. When they get it wrong – and they often do – we say it and we write it. This is also the narrative behind the new EURACTIV logo.


  1. MULTILINGUAL reporting, across 12 languages from our capitals network
  2. fostering TRANSPARENCY in these debates and among the Community of EU actors
  3. supporting EFFICIENCY in policy-making. Saving time for readers saves EU process time!
  4. guarding MEDIA INDEPENDENCE at EURACTIV and cooperating with other media

COMPANY COLOURS & basic shapes: (more) modern, and still yellow!

Although we have taken on a more elegant, clean and modern look & feel, the EURACTIV network remains your favourite Yellow Team!

Yellow has defined EURACTIV’s identity and branding since its launch. Yellow remains our dominant colour. We have warmed up our yellow – easier on the eye, and conveying warm relations with “EU Actors”.

White is the main supporting colour. White stands for transparency in EU policy debates and also for media independence, ethics.

Black and Navy blue are two other supporting colours in our new EURACTIV branding palette. Black will be used mainly for textual elements as the most efficient way of communicating, while Navy blue will complement the black in more complex designs.

EURACTIV’s Star Bubble combines the EU flag’s star and a speech bubble. Its main design element is the 72 degrees inclined line that we will also be using in our overall branding concept.

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